Friday, 14 February 2014

Thank You, All Of You Lovely People. . . .

Hello all my lovely blogging chums.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and sweet comments and also for bearing with me during this sad time. It was all such a big shock so it fair pulled the rug from under my feet. Getting back some sense of normality now . . . . . well, as normal as I'm likely to get anyway. . . but still get my moments.

I'm going to start doing the rounds of your lovely blogs again tomorrow. I apologise if I don't have time to comment on everything I've missed (I'm at work tomorrow too) but I will try my best.

Meanwhile, this card is for all of you lovely folk to say. . . well, its on the card lol !

I've tried to be as artistic as our John but I'm not quite there, especially when I remembered I had relieved all my lillies of their pollen lol ! (cream carpet necessitates this).

Have a great Valentine's Evening and weekend everyone and thanks again. . . . . . .it means a lot.

Ang x


  1. Hiya chuck, WELCOME BACK we have missed you. Glad your feeling better, fantastic card and Thank you! It all takes time and being so quick will be such a shock. Lovely card, lovely Lily, even without the stamens or whatever they're called lol!

    Take care and dont worry about trying to catch up with the blogs...start a fresh!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Aahhh Mrs Duck so glad you are back paddling xx and what a fab card to come back with too xx glad you are feeling a bit better about things - these events are never easy to deal with when it is someone so close to you but as someone once told me a very long time ago 'Time is a great healer' it doesn't go away - just gets easier xx Happy Valentines day and have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  3. Thank you ladies.
    I lost my Mum and Dad quite close to each other so I think it all came flooding back. There was also a cemetery visit for my late neice's birthday this week so the emotions were running high.
    Thanks again.
    Ang x

  4. Hi Ang nice to see you back and this is a lovely card:) It's not easy and I know what you mean by it 'pulling the rug' I lost my dad when he was only 62 he got alzehiemers when he was 55 and I still miss him every single day and it would have been his birthday yesterday. Lots of huge hugglesssssss Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ang, nice to see you back, and don't you worry about getting round the blogs all of us know what you have been through and we are here for you. Your card is stunning, oh yes the pollen and cream carpets don't go. The number of clothes that I have had pollen on I should do the same as you have. Take care and don't work to hard. Hazel xxx

  6. Hello my friend, glad to have you back (((((hugs))))) think you might still need a few of these.
    Your card is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity.
    Take your time we will all still be here.

    Patricia xxx

  7. Hi Ang -- very pretty thank you card and the lilly is pretty too! No use going to my blog as I haven't been downstairs much at all with the cast on the foot. Will have my card up for the DT and I saw yours while I was posting mine. It will get a lot of comments! Glad your back -- missed you!

  8. Hi Ang, glad you are feeling abit better, it takes time.
    I adore lillies, love the way they look and the scent on some is gorgeous. Keep safe and well. xxxx

  9. Hi Ang
    It sounds like it has been a very harrowing time for all of you. I do hope your pain lessons a little soon sweetie.
    A really beautiful card you have made, it is so very very elegant. I do love those lillies but the scent starts my and DH's hayfever - so can't have them very often lol. Take care sweetie, hope you have a good weekend and are dry and warm xx

  10. Morning Ang,
    Pleased yo see you back you have been missed. As they say time is a great healer so take as long as you need.

  11. Good morning Ang, so glad to hear that you are feeling a little better and thank you for taking the time to prepare this letter to us. The setting is so peaceful so I can assure you it is very artistic and such a lovely card. With my best wishes Jackie

  12. Welcome back - take things easy for a while, grieving isn't easy, and needs time. Lovely card,!

  13. Hi Ang. Glad you´re feeling a tad better. Grieving takes time so try and take sort time out for yourself.
    Love the card. Very artistic and yes, very John like.
    Love Val x

  14. Nice to see you back. Saw your post on Particraft so knew you were back. Take things slow and easy.
    Lovely simple card.
    Hugs Sue xx

  15. Hello Ang nice to meet you. Sorry you have been having a sad time lately. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have joined your followers so hope to see more of each other. Keep dry if that is possible. It has been a bit too hot for me over here but we had thunder storms last night and much needed rain and it feels much fresher now.
    Margaret M

  16. Absolutely beautiful ant classy and better than I could honest!

    John xx

  17. Hi Ang and welcome back. Your card is beautiful, love how it's been embossed and the colour of the lily is gorgeous.

    Don't worry about the blogs, we all understand.
    Have a great weekend, and Valentines' day of course, even if you have sadness, big hugs Kate x

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hugs!!

  19. Hi Ang so sorry to hear about your loss R.I.P. It will take time.i love your card today.
    Thank you for your message yerstday .I must try and do some blog posts.
    Hugs it
    P.S. I was delighted to win one of Sue,s cards.