Saturday, 1 March 2014

Begorrah and All That. . . . . .

Good morning my paddling chums. Hope all is calm in your bit of The Pond. We have had some lovely sunny days of late, amidst the odd splash of rain (and teeny tiny hailstones on Thursday). So much so, that some of my daffs are out. I took a few snaps in the garden yesterday and will pop them on my next post. I still have geraniums that are still in leaf and shooting begonias so I hope they survive for another year.
No more pilates as Mr Duck was north of the border again for a couple of days. Poor soul went to a chippy for his tea Thursday evening and ordered a cheese burger supper, which he (and I too) thought would be a bun (roll/cob/bap. . . delete as appropriate for your area of The Pond) filled with a cheese slice topped beefburger, served with chips. Well, the chips were right but what passed as a cheese burger just outside Glasgow, was a beefburger, topped with a cheese slice, then dipped in batter and deep fried. He was quite crestfallen and concerned that he may have to have the paramedics on standby as he could feel his arteries contracting just looking at it lol!
Perhaps the Scottish Posse can advise if that's normal or did he just happen to stumble across a chippy with a penchant for the experimental?

Must say, before I forget, Happy Anniversary Shirley T. I saw your comment on Sue Wilson's blog yesterday. Hope you and Mr T (not that one!) had a super day.
Also, Sue (Snowqueen62) enjoy your break in Devon.

Now, today's card started as a bit of a challenge to myself. I did a swirly finger thing (technical term) over a colour chart and where my finger landed, would be the colour I had to use. Lucky me eh? Slap bang on green!

Its is just simple layering so the ingredients are. . . . . . 
Dark green PMD card
Mid green card that someone gave me a few sheets of
Lime green PMD card
SB Filigree Delight die
SB Scalloped Ovals die
Kassies Brocade embossing folder
Green satin ribbon
Green bling
Peacock Feathers DI

Sorry this pic turned out a bit washed out. Think the camera was struggling with the light a wee bit.

I have decided to give this to our Irish friends for St Patrick's Day (hence the "Begorrah" in the post title) but Happy St David's Day today to anyone of Welsh descent. 

Wonder what colour the finger will end up on next time?

Ang x


  1. WOW that green really hits you in the face but the design is gorgeous. Your hubby was unlucky, if he was in the west this is a favourite way to cook anything, cover it in batter even Mars Bars get this treatment. Not my idea of a cheesburger we are more refined in the east LOL.


  2. Good morning Ang, this is a brilliant card. Love all the details, colours and your lovely bow.
    Have not been dipping my toes in the pond.........far too cold for me. I am still wearing my UGGS.
    Now about that "deep fried" burger never heard of that but Mr Duck was in the Glasgow area where..............anything goes even "deep fried" Mars Bars..........LOL!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend

    Patricia xxxx

  3. Good morning Ang, I to also thought a cheeseburger was as Mr Duck was hoping to get. Never heard of a deep fried one!!! But he was over the west coast and things are often done different there. I just hate to think what it looked like let alone tasted-and oh my goodness the grease? Then again the west coast has a very high heart death rate. A beautiful green card, love the layout with those different layers and all you bits of bling etc. glad you didn't go doing those Pilates while Mr D was away. Have a good weekend. Hazel xx

  4. Lovely card Ang, beautiful bow to complete your card. Enjoy the weekend.x

  5. Hi Ang. Very green! I too thought of St Patricks Day when I saw it. Love the die you´ve used and the ribbon matches perfectly.
    I can´t say the beefburger idea appeals to me either. Would be interested to know if its the norm in that area.
    Have a good weekend.
    Love Val x

  6. Stunning card Ang. great idea for colour theme, perhaps we should all have a go and have a rainbow of cards on show lol!
    Love the design on this and colour, great use of dies and embossing folder.
    Can't say I wuld have fancied that 'cheeseburger' sounds full of grease but then I don't like the idea of battered Mars or Twix either but people love them lol! Hope the rest of your time has been good.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Morning Ang,
    My this is green, not my cup of tea but I love the overall design.
    Deep fried cheesburger never heard of that and I don't think I would like to try it either.
    Have a good day.

  8. Cheeseburger sounds disgusting YUK, but they do deep fried Mars Bars too.

    Card is stunning and very green, perfect for St Patrick. xxx

  9. Hi Ang, like your other paddlers I thought of the fact that Mars bars get deep fried so perhaps it is a local delicacy. I don't "do" burgers full stop unless I make them myself and know what is in them!! Anyway, to your card and my, it is green but having said that all the shades and the design sit beautifully together. have a good weekend though Mr Duck's Sunday lunch may have to be a salad to compensate.....! best wishes Jackie

  10. Since I am living in Ireland, I immediately thought you had made this card for Paddy's Day - so it was interesting to read that you really just picked the colour randomly. No matter how you chose it it's still a really pretty card!

  11. Hi Ang,

    Love the card - green could pass for St. David's day too as we live in Wales. Many thanks for your good wishes for yesterday. Had a lovely day - hubby at work so had a girlie day with my best friend. Chinese for tea was the treat. Hey ho - not a candle in sight!!!!

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  12. Hi Ang,
    Is it OK if I come back to the pond from time to time?
    Love the card.
    Happy Saturday
    maggie x

  13. What a fab card and so vibrant and luvin the bow xx not a lover of burgers at the best of times but Mr Ducks sounds revolting (did he eat it)!! I have heard not sure whether it is true or not that they batter and deep fry Cadburys Crème Eggs too!!! - Gross!!!!!!! xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  14. Hi Ang
    Not normally a "green" person but actually really like this one. The shades go perfectly together. A lovely St. Patrick's Day card.
    Weather here in Devon has been pretty awful today rained all day so spent most of the afternoon in the pub! Now OH is sound asleep in bed totally drunk!!! (He's not normally a drinker but whilst he's on holiday ......) Luckily I don't drink cos I don't know how he'd have got back to the guesthouse without me! Just hope he feels ok tomorrow for the journey home. But having said all that he has had a wonderful birthday weekend with his daughters and grandchildren so that's the main thing. I don't think I have eaten so much in a long time seem to have spent the last two days just eating! (Definitely back on the diet Tuesday)
    Hugs Sue x

  15. Awesome cards my friend. Don't do green or red much but now and again it's essential...catcha lata.xx

  16. Hi Ang,
    what a very stunningly beautiful card. Love the fab design and colour.
    Would be very appropriate for St Patrick Day as that is what came to mind on just looking at it, because of that wonderful colour.
    Your picture doesn't look washed out to me. The colour is extremely bright and beautiful.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Oh WOW this is very green but very beautiful. I envy those who can work with bright colours like that, pastel person that I am.
    Hope your weather continues to improve it is still warm over here but cooler night and morning now that Autumn is here.
    Margaret M