Saturday, 15 March 2014

Here's Pinky. . . . . Are You Perky?

Good morning blogging chumsters. Hope its all hanging well. I'm still sniffy and chesty (steady!!!) and feel like sticking my Dyson up my nose to clear it once and for all. . . . . . .wonder if that would invalidate the warranty? and who would clean the filter?
Thank you for your kind wishes for my health.
Shirley, I'm interested to know if that's a cold remedy or just a Saturday night at the Terretta's hahaha!
Val, whose Vick and why would he want rubbing on my chest? (hope today is a better one for you chuck).
Jackie, the vest is still on. . . I jest not. Only for work though as I like a barrier between the polyester and me lol!
Lesley, Jo is just 21 and has left as she was not a happy girl. . . . . the grass always looks greener when you're that age eh?

Now, today's card was an experiment. I have been playing with my Embroidered Striplet (oooh err) and have made a few cards using it in different ways (my post for HOC next Monday, I am particularly pleased with) so I made my cut out piece into a simple card. That's why its high on cuts and low on embellishment I'm afraid.
Its a 6x6 white card base edged with black felt tip again. I then topped this with some fuchsia pink PMD card I had left over from next Monday's card.
I had already cut the next layer as part of my playing with the die. I cut into each corner then the in between areas and it made a pretty pattern.
I stuck this flat to the pink layer then topped it with a couple of pieces cut from SB Decorative Labels One, top one stamped and blinged.

I like dies that are not one trick ponies and this one is turning into a gem so thanks Ms Wilson (not that she probably reads this hahaha!)

Anyhoo, you may have noticed the revelation on other blogs that myself and Wendy (Spanish Crafter) have been chosen for the Hobbycutz DT. We had been waiting for it to be formalised and that's all done now so happy days.
First creation due next week, so keep em peeled.

Have a great weekend and hurrah for the return of F1. . . . . was it Val who thought the Hungarian GP was my doctor last year hahaha? (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

Ang x


  1. Well didn't you do well. Congrats on the new DT position. And this card is a very clever use of dies. I like the black round the edge, really makes it pop! Hope you feel better soon - without resorting to the Dyson! Lol! Hugs Christine x

  2. A very pretty pink card Ang, would fit our challenge at Allsorts this week.
    i,m feeling more perky this morning as my back is deffo easing, last injection today. !!!! xxxxx

  3. Congrats on the DT position Ang. Your card is so pretty, and I love what you have done with your dies. Sorry to hear you are still suffering too with this cold!! Know the feeling thought mine was getting better to wake up this morning with the drippy nose again. Now I don't want to read or hear in the news of " Women admitted to hospital with Dyson Hoover pipe stuck up her nose". Ha ha . Now that mr Vicks is meant to be good. A little bit in a basin pour boiling water over and then one should inhale the vapours" I have tried it did work a bit and I think I might have to give it another go. Hope you feel better soon. Hazel xx

  4. Pretty card, and congrats on joining the design team Get well soon!

  5. I love your heading !
    Well im pinky and perky this morning , and just love your card ,many congrats on joining the team
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang. Yes it was me. Fi is not my thing obviously but it´s amazing what I´ve learnt from blogging. It´s a real education.
    I love this sort of card and I also like it that the die can be used in many ways and the black around the edges looks great. Sue Wilson is also expounding (is that the right word? ) the use of black card making the rest of the card pop today. Great minds heh!
    Glad you´re feeling a bit better.
    Love Val x

  7. Morning Ang,
    Fab card, the black edge makes it pop. Congrats on the DT, clever girl. Hope the pesky cold clears soon.

  8. Hi, well done getting on hobbycuts DT. New goodies to play with.
    love this card, I am just waiting for this die to arrive. It is a great collection.
    Hope the cold improves, you had me laughing out loud at the thought of the dyson.
    Janice W

  9. This is fabulous Ang, love the design. BIG Congratulations on being in the design team you must be well excited, looking forward to seeing what you come up pressure!

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments you always add to my blog its very much appreciated and a joy to read.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, keep that vest on!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Hi, Ang please be careful with that hose up your nose a bit drastic I feel but there you go,.......!!!!!
    Love, love, love what you have done with that Die, I have resisted it so far BUT ........ I feel a purchase coming on. Great card and colour.
    Congratulations on the DT position.
    Enjoy what is left of the weekend

    Patricia xxx

  11. Hi Ang, bit late today but have been out with friends and then I had to watch qualifying before putting the computer on!! Going to be an interesting start to the year if today is anything to go on. But to matters equally important namely your card. You are certainly finding ways to get the best out of your purchase and I love the idea of using the black pen rather than introducing an additional layer of black card so I will give this a go sometime. And finally many many congratulations on being selected for the Hobbycutz Design team. I shall look out for Monday's episode with interest. Enjoy tomorrow's race, best wishes Jackie

  12. Congrats on your DT Ang!!! your blog post made me chuckle especially the Hungarian GP LOL fab card and gorgeous die...look forward to seeing you next Friday!!! huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hi Ang, Big Congratulations on your DT role, well done you!!
    Lovely card once again, looks complicted die work, but gorgeous design, and PINK.
    take care of yourself, hugs Kate x

  14. Sorry to hear you are not well shame as it seems you are beginning to get some warmer weather. We are having an Indian summer but badly need rain as we are now the driest state in Australia.
    Lovely card. Congrats on your new DT post.
    Margaret M

  15. Hi Ang,

    Have got this die - its so pretty as is your card. You got it about our house on a Saturday night but miss out the beechams and whiskey and insert Baileys instead!!!

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  16. That is gorgeous Ang and I want that die, beautiful layout and wonderful colours!
    I hope your bug goes real soon - nasty things them 'fections are. Congrats on the DT position - I regularly play Hobbycutz challenges and I have a voucher waiting to be spend at the end of this month - yay!!!
    Hope you have a really good week xx

  17. I am always shocked when I see how far behind I really get -- oh woe is me. Now this is what I call a pretty perky pink paper creation. Why did I not realize that you are this girly girl!!! Very nice Sugar.
    Sandy xx