Thursday, 10 April 2014

Party in the Pond. . . . .Anniversary Special.

Good morning Duckadees. Hope all is well in your bit of the pond. My head still has a dent but the soreness has subsided. Bumper pillow is staying put, just in case.
Now, as Im belatedly celebrating my one year blogaversary Im going to be a bit indulgent for the next couple of posts. 
John gave me the idea when he did his reprise of his favourite projects for 2013. I thought I would show the projects I loved throughout my blogging year but did try and be good, picking one per month ( though, I have been naughty and included two on occasion).
 I hope you don't mind, especially those who have been paddling for a while and will have seen these creations. I hope those of you who are newbies will like seeing some of my previous bits and bobs.

I had fun making this for my chum David's birthday last June. He still has it on display.

I think we all have created things that make us go "coo, I like what I've done with that" and I've enjoyed looking back at what I've done over the year.

This is one of my favourite, favourites. I made it for Nesta for her birthday last August  and she still has it on display now.

I had to include the anniversary card I made for Mr Duck as he loved it so much.

Well, that's enough reminiscing for now. Next time will be September to December.
Like I said, I hope you don't mind the recap. At the end of it, I shall be doing another draw for a bit of celebratory candy. I shall get Mr D to pull a name from the hat (well, bowl actually).
Once again, thank you from the heart of my bottom for all of your wonderful comments and for clicking on the little duck picture. . . . .its been a wonderful year.

Ang x


  1. Happy Anniversary (belated) wonderful stroll through your year with stunning creations. Keep up the great work.

    Wilma x x

  2. Good morning Ang,
    No problems here with showing "past" creations, have loved all you have shown on your journey. Had forgotten about the "fence & garden" card which I truly LOVE?
    Bought some new "feathers" for the pond party, will paddle and swim SLOWLY so I don't get them wet..............LOL!!.
    Hugs a plenty, have a great day

    Patricia. xxx

  3. Good morning Ang. I for one like big sister Patricia don't mind in the least you showing us your favourite posts, funnily enough I went back to the beginning of your blog to see what was the first card I had seen when I pressed on the Duck, and I have always loved your card you have at the top here. The work you had put into this is unbelievable - a labour of love. Have a good day. Hazel xx

  4. Love them all Ang, I love looking at other folks creations so suits me, congrats too on 1 year, here's to many more. xx

  5. Hi Ang
    I loves a party i do ,and i love all your cards ,i do remember the top one as i thought you had put in a lot of time doing all the little flower petals { a dedicated loving crafter Ang thats what you are } and i remember your Anniversary card too its so lovely , looking forward to more creations Ang
    Take Care
    Elaine H x

  6. Morning Ang,
    Well done on your first year of blogging and many more to follow. Love all the cards you have shown, it's nice to look back over your lovely creations.

  7. Thanks for picking some of your favourites. With some of the cards I have seen on your blog since I joined, it must have been hard to chose, and these look terrific, and such a variety of styles.
    Happy anniversary
    Janice W

  8. Happy 'blogaversary' - luvin looking at your previous cards brought back memories of looking at them when you posted them - all fab creations xx here's to the next year xx GailT xx

  9. Happy Anniversary from me too - long may your blog continue, I pop in every day to see what you have been up to.

  10. Oh wow I bet these looks so awesome in real life...stunning mrs D

  11. Gorgeous recap Ang, love all your wonderful flowers especially. They all brighten the day so choose away and keep blogging. xx Flora.

  12. Ang, if I hadn't been on holiday, and didn't have a sore leg ( long car journey would be painfull) I would have gone with them, mum would love me to share the driving, but I would have had to use my car - don't like the lowness of mums car. Lot of miles to put on mine. But would have loved to have gone crafty shopping, just bought another Sue die. So off to have a play. Thank you for your lovely comment on the girls board. Hazel xx

  13. some lovely cards here ,like the girly flowers ones ,sooo pretty .Laura O

  14. Happy memories Ang, what a wonderful year of blogging you have had and will hopefully continue to have, with best wishes Jackie

  15. There are some gorgeous cards here Ang and I hadn't seen quite a few so it was great for me. Congratulations on your blogaversary. Doesn't it come round quickly? Here's to the next year! Hugs Christine xx

  16. Wow some really beautiful cards , look forward to seeing more xx

  17. Stunning cards Ang! Congrats on your blogaversary and so glad your head is feeling a lot better!!!!! I've finally had time to sit and go round all my bloggin buds lol its been a hard couple of weeks with no sleep oh my anyway lots of huggles Sue xxx

  18. Hello Ang, and I love looking at your cards again, infact there are a couple here that I might have missed as I don't recognise them.. What a fast year it's been, and you've made gorgeous cards and been recongised for you talent by being asked to design for challenge, it's been a marvellous year for you in Blogland. So congrats and looking forward to seeing more fab creations, hugs Kate x

  19. These are gorgeous cards!! Love them all!!

  20. Fabulous collection of cards Ang, love all the flowers.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Since I started following your blog later in the year your cards today are new to me. I love the garden shovel card. All of them are amazing. Happy blogversary.

  22. Hi Ang. It´s great to recap as I haven´t seen a couple of them. All lovely especially the garden flowers.
    Happy first year Anniversary.
    Love Val x

  23. Hey Ang! I love your creations and I do have so much fun Paddling!! Is your birthday in April? Inquiring minds want to know!!
    Sandy xx