Thursday, 17 April 2014

When You Need A Job Doing . . . . . . . . .

Good morning my lovely Duckadees. Hope you have been enjoying a paddle in warmer waters. Patricia did promise not to splash too much whilst she was speeding about.
Thank you all so very much for your fantabulous comments on my tiptoe through the archives. Its been a wonderful year and I have met some fantastic people and made some amazing friends. Here's to the next year and beyond!
I would like to give a big welcome to The Pond to Kristie and Irish Cherokee. Both have blogs to visit if you click on their name. We are a friendly bunch and like to have a chuckle so enjoy.
Also, lovely to see Ita back. I hope that your recovery is progressing well chuck.

Now, I shall make an apology before going any further. I was going to be announcing a blogaversary pressie winner, as drawn by my handsome assistant. However, as my post title states, if you want a job doing. . . . . . 
I was in a bit of a rush for work yesterday so I had thrown your names in a bowl and as I was half way out the door, I shouted "do your stuff with the bowl please" I had mistakenly assumed that he had been listening during the 5 minute conversation, on the lines of my writing out 40 odd names, folding the bits of paper, putting in a bowl and he draws a name. . . . . .simples!. . . . . . . Or so you would think!
Apparently, I had been conversing in Serbo Croat as I came home yesterday evening to discover Mr D had disposed of the bowl contents into the recycle bin, without pulling a name! He thought my "do your stuff" meant tidy up and put in bin! I give up!
So deepest apologies. I will reorganise the draw for Easter Sunday as I hadn't got time to write everyones name out again in time for this post as I've had this plus two DT posts to organise too. I will get Mr D to pull the name, but in my presence!

Now, I'm showing a couple of cards today as they were easy peasies and I didn't want to short change you lol!
The first card at the top, was a bit of a practise that I thought looked quite good. I bought some Card-io stamps at the NEC and one of the sets were daffodils. I cut a wavy shape from a piece of copier paper and popped it onto my A5 white card base to use like a stencil. I then stamped the daffs and the leaves using a variety of distress inks so they kinda waft across the card.
I then stamped the sentiment, another NEC purchase from Inkylicious, in black ink and that was it.

The next card is one I made for my cousin in Malaysia. I made it relatively flat and non fussy due to postage costs. Its 5x7 but still cost £2.15 to send. They nearly had to get the smelling salts to me in the post office. I usually send all the birthday cards and Christmas cards all together as its heaps cheaper but had forgotten this one.
When the postmistress said the price, I did say its just a card, not a bag of sugar but I think she thought I was joking.
Will definitely look into those e-cards now after that shock.
As I said, its a cream 5x7 card base which I inked around the edges with Spun Sugar Distress Ink. I then cut the largest of SB Decorative Labels 8 out of cream card and onto this I stamped a Kanban roses stamp with Versamark and heat embossed with clear embossing powder. I then lightly inked with the Spun Sugar over the embossing and added the sentiment, stamped with Victorian Velvet Distress Ink.
This layer was then thin foam padded to the base.

As I said, easy peasy cards but serving a purpose. 

Before I go, someone asked (I think it was Anne O but forgive me if not) how I had cut the paper from my 12x12 Desert Blooms pad when I did my Hobbycutz DT card. I thought the easiest way to describe it was to show it.
This is the original sheet of paper. . . . . 

And this is how I cut the sheet to fit my card and also leave usable pieces for another project. 

Hope this makes sense but I know what you mean when you hesitate to cut a lovely piece of paper.

Anyhoo, time marches on so time to bid you adieu.
Hope you all have a great day and I shall get that draw done for Easter.
Enjoy your buns (hot cross or otherwise!)

Ang x

Ps. . . . .if you're reading this Jackie D, have a great break on the IoW (saw your comment on John's)


  1. Good morning Ang. Oh dear Mr Duck is in your bad books again I see, I am sure it's a man thing, as my husband suffers from it and so does my bosses husband, I had made stock ready to make soup , asked him if he could put it in the fridge when it was cold enough to do that, came in the next morning went to get it out - yes it was gone he had thrown it away.
    Two great cards you say quick and easy but they are beautiful and some times we do spend a. Lot more time on a card than we need to. Have a good day. Hazel xx

  2. Good morning Ang,
    OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that had "hired help" like that!!
    Two stunning cards, I remember the second one I really liked it and made one similar. I felt it was the "paper" that made the card, loved the idea.
    I know it was a lot of money to post your card BUT it was going a long way...........trying hard to justify the cost of the postage. Your cousin will love and treasure it.
    Have a fantastic day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Lovely cards Ang. I bet you chewed his ear off, xxxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Well you gave me a good chuckle this morning, this is just the sort of thing that happens in our house, with himself being a bit deaf. If you are going to look at e-cards, then have a look a Jacquie Lawson's site her cards are amazing and it's a very small yearly fee.
    Back to your cards I love the first one so pretty and I should think quite quick to make, the second one is also pretty but it's not showing very well on my screen.

  5. Morning Ang
    Why is it that our other halves always seem to 'misunderstand ' what we want even with a thorough explanation? It's definately a man thing lol!
    Two lovely cards today. You sometimes just need to do these quick cards don't you. I love the daffodil one, such a pretty stamp.
    Hugs SueC x

  6. Haha , Men Eh ? what would we do without them ? { no don't tell me } ahem........... i had better get on with what im replying

    Your cards are beautiful as always Ang, im loving the first one so subtle and pretty
    Elaine H X

  7. You have just given me a good chuckle because that is exactly John!! He never really listens to what I am saying, just nods and says yeas I'm sure! Anyway lovely cards today. Hugs Christine xx

  8. ooooh ooohh hope Mr Ducky is oky dokey lol...
    great cards and awesome images and dies.x

  9. Lovely cards and your story made me laugh this morning!x

  10. Fantastic cards, made me laugh about the names going into the bin. Men do not listen lol

  11. Glad that it isn't just my OH that doesn't listen!! Luvin the cards but in particular the first one - it is a fab technique and very spring like - perfect for Easter - talking of which have a fab Easter weekend xx GailT xx

  12. Pretty cards Mrs Duck - love the daffodils in their wavy line. Hope Mr Duck is back in favour now.

  13. Loving both cards. Love the wavy daffodil path in the first one and the subtle coloring are amazing.

  14. Hiya Ang, wow, wow, wow! These are STUUNNNINNNGGGG!!! Love them both but If I had to chose it would be the daffodils one, just love daffodils and love what you have done with the 'wave' lol!
    Typical Hubby, just can't get the staff these days can you lol! You should go into your blog list, highlight all names and copy and paste, if it works will be a lot easier than writing all names out again lol!

    On that thought I best go, got a lot to do as we are off to Cornwall in morning.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Fabuuulous cards Mrs Duck! now that sounds exactly like Paul you think they are taking it in but nooooo LOL have a lovely Easter and lots of huggles Sue xxx

  16. Hello Ang
    Your blog really made me chuckle! Poor Mr Duck! I love the effect of the masking with the card-io stamps. I have a set and have not really managed to achieve a finish I liked. Thanks foe the inspiration! Happy Easter! Anne O

  17. Hello Ang, I am really laughing at your post, I think is a man's things,sort of thing my Alistair would do, co he does'nt listen either.
    Two gorgeous cards, I really love this first one, stamped you see, wonderful design and colours, and your second one has beautiful dies, and the center is part is gorgeous, Have a lovely Easter Holiday, hugs Kate x

  18. I'm glad you explained the ruminations of the first card as I was wondering (as one does ) how you had done it. Very effective. Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. If you start buying e cards you'll do yourself out of a job!! Lol.

  19. Stunning cards and designs.

    Hugs Diane

  20. Boo on e-cards! Nothing says love like a handmade card and the postage to mail it! Love your cards today. Have a great Easter weekend.

  21. Absolutely beautiful mrs d love the first card such a clever idea!

    John xxx

  22. Both are gorgeous! I love the freshness and clean lines of the first and the lovely soft vintage style and colours of the second one!
    Oddly enough I have sat and done some stamping tonight with a new set of stamps that I won - yep they are a set of the Card I O stamps - have really enjoyed playing with them - I've been grabbing apertures to work around as well as other things to play with mine will hopefully share in a couple of days. Have a lovely and Happy Easter Karen x

  23. Did you think I forgot you? NEVER - I really enjoy following your blog and seeing all of your creativity. The colors on the second card are really quite heavenly!
    Sandy xx