Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Happy 30th Birthday. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning blogging chums. Hope you are all tickety boo (saw that on a couple of your blogs recently and its a rather underused saying).
I've got a few days off and am quite grateful as I had a rather unpleasant day at work a couple of days ago (short explanation, I got threatened by two women, unprovoked, just launched at me whilst I was with a another lady). Was shocked, angry and upset all in equal measure, but hopefully a few days away from it will do me good and I'm sure our Kate has probably had to deal with worse.

Anyhoo, on to nicer subjects. Jackie. D, I think you may be back from your travels now? Can you contact Mynn at House of Cards as you won one of the blog hop prizes. I did tell Mynn that you were away so she knew there would be a delay with you claiming your prize. . . . . . . Congratulations and hope you had a super holiday.
Also, big congratulations to Jacquie and Janice who have been invited onto the Hobbycutz DT. Look forward to seeing what you create ladies. That's now 5 of us paddlers on the team now, hurrah!!!

Now, today's offering is very pink, I know. Nesta asked me to make one of her nieces' a 30th birthday card. Instructions were bright, pink and floral. Nesta seemed happy with the result and her niece apparently loved it (in fairness, I'm sure she wouldn't have said it was hideous, even if she thought so lol!!!) A couple of days before her birthday, she gave birth to her little girl, so there will be baby card and gift creations to follow on later posts.

A5 white card base
Pink PMD card
Pink Limetree Crafts card
Green PMD card
SB Bitty Blossoms (again, sorry)
SB Decorative Labels 25
HC Delicate Asters
SB M-Bossibilities, Enchanted
Versamark pad
Versamark pen (had to do the "30" freehand as my number stamps were too small/big)
White embossing powder
John's pearls
Pink bling
Hobbycraft corner punch
Distress inks

I know it will be a bit pink for some but its a while since I did anything too bright with a sunglasses warning at the start.

Thanks for coming for a splash and I hope that the sun is shining where you are (I'm sure the Spanish Posse will be a safe bet with that lol!!!).

Be happy!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang. Nice day here for a paddle in the pond. Love your card, yes it's pink but it's lovely, and your flowers are gorgeous. You filled the bill that Nesta gave you. Look forward to seeing the baby card. Sorry you had to put up with those horrible ladies, I hope they have been banned from the shop. Enjoy your few days off. Hazel xxx

  2. Good morning Ang, I will be joining Hazel for a paddle!!
    Your card is beautiful, it definitely will have been loved that's for sure. All the flowers are stunning as is the whole design.
    How awful for you, as Hazel said I hope they have been banned from the shop. Between them and the "loom bands" it's not been a good week!!!
    Enjoy your days off
    Hugs a plenty in hope they help

    Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang. Looks gorgeous, who couldn't like it. Love the flowers of course.
    How strange about the 2 women in the shop, but enjoy your time off, will you be crafting by any chance????? xxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful card, I love the bright pink and your flowers are gorgeous. There are some horrid people about these days, hope you are recovered. Enjoy your few days off.

  5. Hi Ang. Great card, it fits the brief perfectly. Not surprised it was liked so much.
    Sorry to hear that you had such a horrid time at work. I am new to your blog so don't know what you do, have gathered you work in a shop, but don't know what sort. Like Lydia says there are some horrid people out there, thank goodness there are lots more lovely people though. Take care.

  6. Pretty card, love the colour too. Sorry about your horrible experience at work, I do hope you reported it as bullying. Let me know who they are, and I'll go round and whack them with my cast iron frying pan!

  7. Hi Ang
    Hope you soon get over your ordeal, some funny horrid customers out there .
    Hey what a gorgeous card , your flowers Ang how do you do it gal ? i can almost smell them they look so life like .

    Just you rest up these next few days and craft .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  8. Morning Ang, I love the card the brighter the better for me!. Love the tonal pinks for the flowers and the splash (forgive the pun) of green. Have a good day in your pond and thanks for welcoming me aboard the ship of DT's LOL !! Janice x
    I think that's enough references to water Mrs Duck !!

  9. Good morning Ang, yes, like the bad penny I'm back!! Had an enjoyable cruise but not so the weather, up in the Highlands and Orkney it was grey and overcast most of the time as it was in Belfast and then it poured with rain in Dublin which was very annoying when I kept hearing it was wall to wall sunshine at home. Never mind. I found I had won a blog hop prize when I got back and emailed Mynn, I'm just waiting to hear from someone from Stitchy Bears called Mandy who will give me a code to use but thank you for talking to Mynn on my behalf. I thought you might be away at the GP this weekend - easier to watch on TV though!! I just love your card today so bright and cheery and hopefully gets you over the nastiness of others. Enjoy your days off. Bye for now, Jackie

  10. Gorgeous card, gorgeous design and gorgeous colours, wow Ang you have made this spectacular...xx
    The Journey is the Start

  11. Wow Ang, this is gorgeous, and fits Nesta's requirements perfectly. Gorgeous dies and those blooms are fantastic.

    How horrible for you Ang, it leaves you feeling shaken, I hope your manages did something about it and supported you well. Certainly some strange people about, hope your few days off help you get over the nasty event, hugs Kate x

  12. Hi Ang,

    Wow! This is fabulous, love the design but not the colour lol! You know I am not a Pink gal lol! Not that that is important, more important that the recipient loved it.

    Thank you for the welcome, yes us paddlers will soon be taking over the DT lol! Just hope I do them justice!!!

    I shall look forward to seeing the baby card too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Fab card & luv the composition & fits the request perfectly xx sorry to hear you had the misfortune to meet up with some of the nasties out there but hopefully like a few others have said they have been banned from the shop now xx enjoy your few days off xx GailT xx

  14. I do feel for you Ang nobody deserves to be treated like that Horrible horrible people! Good manners costs nothing What is happening to this planet at times? Thank goodness for crafting where we can lose ourselves for a while! The pond looks very inviting Just wish I had the time - long story but Hey Ho! Card is very bright so I'm not sure But I love the flowers Bitty Blossoms got Asters on my need list

  15. How awful for you! I hope you can put their actions behind you.
    You've used one of my favourite dies - the labels 25. Beautiful flowers and in lovely bright colours.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  16. Sorry to hear of the stress you have suffered at work and hope the matter has been put to right.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    Pastel person like me finds this a little on the bright side but love the design and labels 25 is now on my wish list.
    Margaret M

  17. Hi Ang! Got a little behind in my blog hopping. Went to visit my brother. Your card is lovely even if it is pink! (Still not my favorite color) So sorry about the ladies in the shop. Can't understand why people think they can abuse store clerks. Hope you've de-stressed from the situation now. Have a great day.

  18. Oh sorry to hear about your hassle at work Ang but I had that most days in my job at the relieved I'm away from it all..gorgeous card its lovely huggles Sue xxx

  19. I'think there should be a law to make peeps work in a shop for a min. six months before going off to other careers and this could also be done for other careers.
    'They' (the mean nasty women) can see how hard the girls and boys work and that way the b***ers that have never worked in a shop will know how much c**p shop staff have to put up with. Can you tell that I used to work in a shop lol?!
    Now onto the card - love it! Beautiful pink and white and being a pink lover I know it can be a struggle to balance that! Love those little flowers too and more dies to add to my wish list lol! Karen xx

  20. Ditto Karen

    Hi Ang, Beautiful card, I love the aster dies. have'nt used them for a while, but will definitely get them out again. Hope you take advantage of your days off to chill out and craft. I hope you get the back up you need at work.Such Plonkers out there!!
    Regards Tina XX

  21. Just beautiful! The flowers are stunning!!