Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pokey Tool, Wherefore Art Thou? . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Summer with these downpours that are forecast. Its Nesta's 60th birthday tomorrow (and no she won't thank me for telling you that) and I am taking her out for the day. May have to revert to Plan B if its going to be wet (not sure what Plan B is yet either lol!!!)

Firstly, a warm welcome to Mary Ellen, follower number 49. Hope you will stop by again and please leave a comment if you have time as its nice to here from you all. Also, "hi" to Pamellia and thank you for your comment. Pamellia has a blog and makes some gorgeous cards.

Well, didn't I have a crisis on Tuesday. Got up early as I had a sympathy card to make and get in the post but could I find my bloomin pokey tool? Could I eck!!!
I had drawers out, boxes out, stuff off shelves and went through my bin with a fine tooth comb (not pleasant when I discovered Mr D had been throwing his ear cleaning cotton buds in there rather than the bathroom bin eeewww!!! and no, he won't be doing that again!!!)

I didn't realise how much I use it until I couldn't find it. A new one had to be bought. Luckily, we had a new delivery of them at work a couple of days before so off I went, to get a new one.
Then, yesterday morning, I decided to clean the blinds in my craft room, which are in front of one of the desks, when what do I find? Yep, you guessed it. . . . . . . . Lord Lucan and Shergar! Lol, only joshing, they weren't that dusty hahaha!!!
Mrs Pokey had obviously rolled off the desk at some point and wrapped herself around one of the cords.
So now, I have 2 to lose in future.

Now, today's card is one I made for my sister's birthday in June. I seem to remember someone (possibly John) had done one similarish with cut out hexagons at the time so I held this back.

A5 sized white card base
Pink PMD card
First Edition Love Letters 6x6 pad
Pink pigment ink
SB Butterflies
Pink bling

Sort of CAS. I'm trying to get over my fear of too much white space on cards. I have done a couple recently where I have had to restrain myself from filling a gap.

Well, whatever you are up to today folks, hope you have fun and sun.

Be good and hold onto those pesky pokeys!

Ang x


  1. Such a lovely idea Ang. Saw a similar card done with a snowflake die last year and thought at the time that I must have a go. Unfortunately the old brain cells don't remember things as well as they used to and i forgot, so thanks for reminding me.
    Glad you found your old pokey tool. It's good to have two, just in case.
    Hope the rain stays off your way.
    Love Val x

  2. Good sunny morning Ang,
    A beautiful card, I really like using that method it is so effective. I like to do it with Leaf Dies as well. Happy Birthday to Nesta have a fantastic day together.
    Now yes, I know you can't live without a Pokey Tool that's why I have far too many. That way I can always find one.......well I can at the moment till another goes missing.
    Have a good day and I hope the sun shines for you

    Patricia xx

  3. Fab card to go with the fab weather xx lie you I'm hoping it holds out cos we are off to the coast on Saturday for an overnight stay to celebrate our anniversary!!! Forecast is rain so Plan B for us too - but like you not sure what that is!!! Have a fab say with Nesta xx GailT xx

  4. This is a gorgeous card and I like CAS cards They look very classy As they say "Less is More" I have the Les Papillion dies but not the others Off to investigate Glad Mrs Pokey reappeared and isn't that always the way, you find the missing item when you're not looking for it I hoping a pack of vellum I have stashed somewhere (and some acetate) shouts "I'm here!" and I can see it

  5. Morning Ang,
    A lovely card, like this effect, just don't use it enough. Pretty colours too.
    I have a great pokey tool I got from Christine Emberson's shop it has a wooden handle, her Dad makes them, she has a great blog too.
    Enjoy your day out.

  6. Loving your cad Ang, very pretty
    Elaine H X

  7. Beautiful CAS card,It is very elegant with its butterflies.

  8. Good morning Ang, and yes back again. Very pretty card though I'm glad you include the ingredients as I thought at first you had torn a piece out of Mr Duck's newspaper to make the background and stamped some pink hearts on it!!! Hope you have a lovely day with Nesta and wish her a happy birthday from us all, best wishes Jackie

  9. I lose my pokey tool more than any others, so I have about 6 around the place - I swear the Leprechauns move mine during the night, just to cause some havoc. Well done on the Clean and Simple card, I like it.

  10. Ha Ha! Ang you do make me laugh. I am so glad your hubby will not be using your craft bins again yuk! I too have lost my pokey tool, hunted high and low only to find out that my son had borrowed it for something he was making! He got the lecture if you can't put things back...know what I mean? I do have two butt hat was the one I am used to using more lol!
    Your card is gorgeous gal, love the butterflies, I did a card similar to this a couple of years ago. it is so hard not to fill the space up isn't it but then my next DT card I didn't have enough space lol!
    Hope you and Nesta have a great day despite what the weather will be, wish her a Happy Birthday from me.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. butt hat????? should have been but that. Cannot type these days lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. Hi Ang, beautiful card, love how you use your dies and the design and colours are wonderful, love butterflies.
    Happy Birthday to Nesta and I hope you both have a lovely day whatever plan is used.
    Naughty Mr. D, be he got a telling off, quite right too. Oh you really make me chuckle, Hugs Kate x

  13. Just love this Ang!! What a great way to use die cuts in the negative! I'm the same as you with regards to white space on my cards! I've yet to get over it, but you've done it swimmingly! Hugs :)

  14. What a lovely card!! Very creative and elegant!! Hugs!

  15. Afternoon Ang, just got back from having a couple of days at my brothers, (he lives near the new forest). Washing on full steam ahead today, so in between putting washing on the line and the next load in the wash i'm catching up with all the blogs that I follow. Love the simple idea of using the SP dies as a cut out on a card. Glad you find your pokey tool, I'm convinced that I have a spirit in my craft room who keeps moving things so that I think I am going mad LOL !!. Weather still warm and sunny here in Kent. Have a good day out with Nesta. Janice xx

  16. like this card ,love the newspaper with heart stamped on it too .Laura O

  17. Hi Ang! I love the butterfly cutouts on this card. I too have done the "hunt" for lost tools and the find it after I've purchased another one. Definitely"murphys law." I like the paper you backed the cutouts with. Hope you and Nesta have a great time!

  18. Love this card, great way to use up the "negative" piece. I have my Poney tool & my Tool n One so hopefully I won't struggle but as things move themselves overnight in my craft room I can't be sure!!


  19. Hi Ang
    I love your card. I never think to cut out shapes in this way - it works so well. Poor Mr Duck! I bet he never saw his telling off coming! I too have the mysterious power that moves things around on my crafting desk, casts an invisibility spell over them and generally leaves me perplexed until I finally spot them right under my nose! Best wishes,
    Anne O

  20. Hi Ang,
    what a super card. I love that fab design.
    Just lovely that small amount of pink peeking at the sides.
    So glad you found your poky tool, just didn't want it to jump up and bite you in the rear end. lol.
    Why oh why does that always happen once you have bought a new one the old one rears it's naughty head. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Hi Ang. I love the card, it is hard to stop adding isn't it! Sorry you lost your pokey tool. I would be lost without mine too. It's so annoying when you hunt high and low and you know it is just inches away but you just can't see it! Have a great day tomorrow, I hope the weather is kind to you. Take care.

  22. Hi Ang,
    just popped over from John's blog to wish you and Mr Duck a very Happy Anniversary.
    Hope you have a wonderful day both of you.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  23. What a hoot read that was, Ang!! I'm sure all of your readers inserted themselves as the first person in your story (and, yes, with husbands the same, too) as we've lost and gone to search for something more times than we can count! And it's true, the lost is always found eventually, unless it's diamonds out of rings, of course!

    Nesta's card is a dream! I love that you are trying to get over your CASaphobia! And I love how card makers are so different. I have Foofoophobia myself, ha! Any road, she'll treasure this!!

    My eye caught Jenny's comment above as I settled in. Happy Belated Anniversary! I hope the Ducksters paddle happily along for many, many more years!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. Thank you for the warm welcome. I found my way here via John Next Door (isn't he wonderful?) and now I'm working my way through all your blog entries, and loving it. You are so clever, and your cards are lovely. I would love to have a blog, but I spend so much time looking at others that I don't have time to try to build one. By the way, I can't find my bone folder. Maybe if I go buy a new one, I'll find it.

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  26. Wonderful card Ang - quite unique. Hey,60 sounds pretty good to me. I will be 70 in a few months!!
    Sandy xx