Saturday, 19 July 2014

Season's Greetings. . . . . . . . Silly Season in My Case!!!

Good morning one and all. Hope all is well with you. What a beautiful couple of days we have had and an overnight torrential downpour in the early hours yesterday kept the garden fresh and watered.
However, what sadness at what has happened to flight MH17. It made myself and Mr Duck thank our lucky stars. As some of you may know, I'm half Malaysian and when we go to visit my family, it tends to be at this time of year. When next we go, it will be with some fear and trepidation after this. My thoughts are with the poor lost souls and their devastated families.

Thanks for your enquiries about my Bevelled Glass Striplet cut. I'm going to rename it the Slicing Striplet as I have managed to cut the same finger with it again but in a different place!!!
They are similar to paper cuts. . . . . .don't look much but hurt like h**l.
If it happens a 3rd time, I shall contact Craft Lawyers 4 U hahaha!!!

Now, today's card is the first festive card at The Pond this year. I was trying to be ironic by photographing a Christmas card with my beautifully fragrant Amber Queen rose lol!!!
It was born out of the card I showed here as I used the circle of stripletting cut from the centre to make this one.
I did take a pic of the process on my phone but that is away for repair but it is similar to this snap that I took for another card.

I cut a circle the same size from a 6x6 cream card base I had made and stuck a piece of double sided sticky sheet to the back of the aperture than stuck the stripletted circle onto this.
Indigo Blu Royal Peacock gilding flakes brushed over and rubbed in.

I then peeled the backing off the double sided sticky sheet and stuck another 6x6 piece of card to it to neaten the inside.
Bit of bling coloured with metallic Promarkers added and a sentiment.

I must confess,with the sentiment, I did do it on the actual card base in Versamark and mica and it looked lovely. I then reached for my trusty hairspray to "fix" the mica and proceeded to spray it with. . . . . . .shaving foam!!!!!!!!!!
After a few naughty and unrepeatable expletives, I had to re-do the sentiment, this time on another piece of card in copper embossing powder. Not how I wanted the card to look but I wasn't going re-do that lovely centrepiece again

Right then, before I forget, Karen (Karenlotty) sorry, I thought you sussed the edges on the White on White card but I misunderstood so I've taken the following snaps to show how I line up my Striplet on the card and cutting plate to get the edge that way. . . . . . . 

Hope that now makes sense chuck? You could obviously cut the entire die along the edge and then cut off what you don't want but that would waste card (and we don't do that folks, do we lol???)

Jacquie, Stoneleigh Park is in Warwickshire, in between Coventry and Leamington Spa. I'm lucky as its only just over 10 mins by car from me.

Ita, so sorry you're back in hospital matey. What on earth has that GP been doing to you? Take care chuck. We are all wishing you well.

Have a great weekend folks. German GP for me but only highlights boohoo.

Be good.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    A stunningly beautiful card, just love what you have done with that "bit" you clever girl. I think I might have cast that aside without a thought of using it.
    Your Rose is beautiful, when the picture popped up I thought you had been having a go at making Roses.
    I would be taking that Die back to the shop where bought. It really should not be cutting "you" When I got mine out of the packet I ran my finger round it. Mine is very rounded and certainly would not cut. I think Sue would be rather annoyed if she knew about it.
    Gave a great weekend, sorry it is just the highlights you will see.

    Patricia xx

  2. Gorgeous Ang, you have the eye for design , like John, xxx

  3. Beautiful card ,It is a very good idea the circle in the Middle.

  4. Morning Ang,
    Lovey card, you and John are on the same wavelength today showing similar designs.
    Like you my heart goes out to the families left behind, such a waste of life, and there so many children on board. Senseless.

  5. Good morning Ang. Love what you have done with that centre pierce!!! Your card is stunning. Like you, our sister and her family could have easily been on that flight, going to see family - such a sad time for so many. Also thank you for your well wishes for Chris, haven't heard how he is today, but hopefully his blood count is still going up. Enjoy your high lights of the G.P. Hazel xx

  6. A lovely card Ang , i agree with Patricia no way should the die be sharp enough to cut you ,Send it back with a letter to Spellbinders Ang .
    It is so Tragic what has happened with MH17, we have in laws in the Philippines and i will be very wary on the next trip later this year ,{ just so many wicked evil people in our world Ang }
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang. Great card, I don't often stamp straight onto the card base because I usually manage to smudge it or something so you have my sympathy!
    May all lost in the MH17 tragedy rest in peace.
    It sounds like you have a bad die, contact your supplier for a replacement. It might be worth contacting Sue too as she would not want her name connected to any shoddy goods. Sure it's just a one off but if we don't let the suppliers know they can't take it up with the manufacturers to rectify it. Can you put some tape or something over the sharp bit without affecting the (proper) cutting bits until you get a replacement?
    Your rose is stunning by the way : )
    Take care.

  8. Morning Ang from a hot and humid Kent. Thunderstorms last night didn't clear the air - need to stand under an ice cool shower. Love the card the gilding flakes set it off really well. Most artists "suffer" for their art but I do think you have a good case for compensation as you are running out of fingers !!!. I agree with you at the loss of the passengers and crew on flight MH17. I looked at the atlas to see their flight path and I don't think they could have changed it without having to re-fuel somewhere else and that would add time and money to what should have been a routine flight. The world seems to have gone crazy just lately - maybe everyone should take some time out and craft - they would feel so much better ! Have a good weekend. Janice x

  9. Lovely card Mrs Duck - I too was horrified that a large, civilian passenger airliner would just be shot out of the sky the way this one appears to have suffered.

    I hope your fingers heal soon, I live the idea of Craft lawyers 4 U. Love the card BTW.

  10. Stunning and very creative. It is deceptively simply in appearance but what a result.

  11. Hi Ang! I love the metallic flakes behind your die. Gorgeous! So sad about the Malaysian airlines flight. Hope their families sue the pants off of Russia. Have a great day.

  12. Hi Ang,

    Gorgeous, gorgeous card, love it and your rose is beautiful too. I love Yellow & Orange roses.

    Oh dear another cut finger can't Mr Duck file it down with a metal file or something, not good if you keep cutting your finer on it. Or better still send it back for a replacement, health & safety and all that, you never know they might send you a new die and a refund!!!

    So sad about the airline, I understand your fears and everyone else who flies near there, hopefully they will find out who is responsible and make them pay. My heart & prayers go out to their families.

    I could just imagine your face when going to spray a fixture only to find its spray foam lol! Nice mess I bet?

    You take care Ang,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Hi Ang, for got to say thanks for the nudge on the House of cards challenge but as I did not read your post till this morning sadly I am too late lol!

    Thanks again.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Fab card and fab technique - luv it xx enjoy the highlights and the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  15. Lovely card, if I had done what you did with shaving foam I think I would have had a tantrum! I was very cautious taking my bevelled glass striplet out of its packaging-seems ok.


  16. Hi Ang, Super card,love the way u used the flakes,and Mr Duck,could use the having cream,and shave with the Striplet.
    Mind your fingers,and I also think you should e.mail Sue.
    It was a sad day for the world,when a pass anger plane is shot out of the sky.
    What a terrible time for all the family's.R.I.P.

  17. It's me back again ! Congrats on being a winner on Sue Wilson's blog!

  18. Hi Ang,
    what a great card. Love what your have created with these fab items.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. A lovely card and one I'll definitely have a try with (notice I said try coz I'm not convinced I could copy! My good intentions never come out as I anticipate) Thank you for showing how you line up your Striplet die off the edge Makes perfect sense now but then I am a bit blonde My hair's mousey brown though! I love your sense if humour It really cheers me up Craft Lawyers 4 you lol!

  20. PS what happened to the flight is so upsetting Awful awful awful

  21. Ang awesome card using your bit's n your rose bet it has a gorgeous scent...xx
    The Journey is the Start