Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dearest Friend. . . . . . . . .

Good morning my blogging chums. Hope you are all well.
Well, cor blimey me, did I bump my head (would explain a lot lol!!!), lose two months and wake up in Winter? I have had to go from my Summer flip flops to socks and fluffy slippers as my feet were colder than a penguins chuff! Here's hoping for an Indian Summer in September.

Bank holiday Monday was very busy at work and I'm doing extra and altered hours this week to cover some leave so spare a thought for lil' ol' moi having to do two late shifts on the trot, with 20.15 finishes, boo hoo! This means I won't be able to get over to John's this week to nosey at admire his craft space.

Now, that brings me to today's card. I made this card for John as a kinda "welcome back to Blighty" card and gave it to him on our first meet up. I did ask him if he would mind me showing it on my blog at some point and he was very happy for me to do so.
I was a bit worried it may look a bit girlie for him but our John's a modern man and was fine with the pink bows (they are duskier in real life). Some of you eagle eyed folk may have spotted it above his desk in his craft space photos.

It is a pressure making a card for someone who makes them so excellently themselves.

Cream card for base and top
PMD Ruby Red card
First Edition Love Letters 6x6 paper
SB Botanical Swirls and Accents
Sissix Square dies
That Special Touch Elegance mask
Dusky pink satin ribbon
Crafters Companion sentiment stamp
Bundled Sage DI

Done with different layers for dimension and interest.

Jenny, I thought you would be in crafty heaven in Kent with Christine Emberson and Oyster Stamps.
Lydia, the Spa Circuit stopped having part of it as a public road around 2000 but I hope you weren't speeding around there lol!
Jackie and Karen, what a can of worms eh? I too thought it was a silly racing incident but Lewis is really milking this one; even the team are saying he's taken Nico's explanation out of context.

Well, that's it for today folks. Thank you kindly for your comments on my birdcage card. The Hobbycutz laser cuts are very good and very inexpensive and I do enjoy using them.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, whatever you are up to.

Be good.

Ang x


  1. Gorgeous card Ang! I am sure John will treasure it. So sorry you have to work late. Have a great day.

  2. Morning, yes I agree with you, winter seems to have arrived earlier. I too have swapped flip flops for slippers yesterday, although the sun is shining this morning here in Kent. Smashing card and I don't think it's too girly. I'm sure John loved it. Janice xx

  3. Morning Ang,
    Just to say no we were not speeding around the Spa circuit as we were in a coach.
    Love your card for John, very pretty. I too would have been full of trepidation making a card for him as he's such an accomplished crafter himself, bet he really appreciated it.

  4. It's a gorgeous card Now back at home I checked my matting basics and I have the 5x7 set B I'd been promising myself for ages to get set A so I closed my eyes and hit "buy" I hadn't realised that A2 was different etc so I'm glad I read your post that showed this I must have decided 5x7 by chance thinking that as an occasional card maker that's the size of card blanks I buy (back in the distant past!) Thank you - great blog too

  5. Brilliant card, love everything you have done on this one.
    I am sure John just loves it as well.
    Yep!! winter has arrived, frost on the car this morning.
    Looked out the UGG slippers last night. Will leave the boots for a little while in hope that we get that Indian Summer you mention.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  6. Lovely card Ang. Really like the cut out triangles at an angle. Another thing for me to copy er have a go at.
    I don't know whether I'm making you jealous or just glad you don't live here but yesterday was the hottest day of the year. We've bought one of those temperature thingies that show what it is inside as well as out by means of a very becoming lead dangling out of the window (technology eh) Well yesterday lunchtime it was 29 inside and a staggering 49 outside. My daughter took a photo and put it on facebook. Of course it would be the day that I had to walk to and from Tai Chi. Got home in a right frazzle and stood under the cold shower for 5 minutes. A bit too hot even for me.
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Val x

  7. Such a beautiful card Ang i love the style and the cut out squares , i am sure John will treasure it ,
    I hope we have an Indian Summer too , the dark nights are drawing in and seem to be upon us far too quickly .
    Take care
    Elaine H . X

  8. Weatherwise, it seems we did go almost straight to winter, but I'm hoping for an Indian Summer!
    Love the card! Those corner dies are sooo useful, and the three squares are inspired. Hope you enjoyed your visit with John - look forward to seeing if you bought anything too.

  9. Hi Ang. Love the card, can understand the pressure you felt making it for John : )
    I am hoping for an Indian Autumn, Winter and Spring! Do you get the impression that I prefer the hot weather : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  10. Love the card Ang and I'm sure John did as well. Super paper so will have to have a look at this pad sometime. The weather man said yesterday it is going to warm up next week so I hope he is right as I'm going to the south Kent coast for a few days. Hope you had a good day at work, best wishes Jackie

  11. Hi Ang, oh I do feel for you having extra shifts and being late ones too, I'm going back tomorrow to a late and cooking, hate it.
    Anyway to your car, it's gorgeous, love the dies and the style, I can see how John loved it and hase iven it pride of place in his studio, which is fab, by the way.

    Truly gorgeous morning here, but chill in the air, my fav, season coming in now, hugs Kate x

  12. So gorgeous Ang! You are the master of die cuts! I love that background paper, it really draws the eye to those gorgeous corner dies! Love the little bow embellies too, what a great touch! hugs :)

  13. lovely card bet John was delighted ,Laura O

  14. This is lovely Ang love those dies I bet John loved it! lots of huggles Sue xx

  15. This is an absolute stunner Ang. Well thought out and arranged. The colors are perfect. Artisan excellence for sure. - Jim

  16. Hi Ang,
    what a super card.
    I love your perfect designing as always, Great paper used and fab use of those lovely dies.
    I bet John was so pleased with it.
    No luck with either of those wonderful craft shops, as they are a good 40to 50
    miles away for me.
    Still waiting to get to Maidstone Hobbycraft to spend my birthday voucher I had in March, and that's 30 miles away, and they have a Range close by too.
    Oooooooooooo I'm in heaven in those 2
    My daughter took me to Dunhelm Mill this afternoon as we have just had one open in Ashford.
    Well you now the reels of ribbon that are £1 in the Range are £4.99 there.
    Well I don't mind paying a little more, but I draw the line at over double.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Your card is stunning. Love the cuts and papers you have chosen x

    I know what you mean by this weather!!!! I had to turn my heating on for half hour last night, couldn't bear it no longer, lol.

    hugs sally x

    ps .. I am a new follower. I do hope you will pop on over and visit me too.

  18. Hey Ang! I don't know why but your posts have bee going to my spam box. I just don't understand computers! You card is lovely! Anyone would be thrilled to have it!!!
    Sandy xx

  19. Hi Ang I did post a comment here this morning,but It is not ,god only knows where I put it ,?? All cards fab.,

  20. Not my day Ang ,did reply or part of it on my blog,I wanted to say,I hope I do not loose my sence of houmour,or I am finished,
    We have lots of rain here,so I think I will we are a hat WITH a bow,and dark glasses!in case some one sees me lol

  21. Lovely card Ang, very a well put together!xx

  22. Sorry the late comment, but blogger has been playing up and I just couldn't be bother trying to find blogs, a very long week last week and this week hasn't been to easy either. So patients has been very little. Love your card for John, I am sure it will remain in pride of place. Hazel xx

  23. What a pretty and elegant card! Love the design!!!

  24. Hi Ang,

    A bit late commenting on posts but better late than never lol!

    Love your card, beautiful design, love the corner dies. It may be a lot of pressure doing a card for John whose cards are always perfect but you done yourself proud gal! Beautiful creation.

    I got 5 more days before work yet still loads to do lol! Oh well guess it will be more added to my list for next hols lol! Time goes by so fast.Too fast!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  25. A really gorgeous card Ang and I love the pretty paper behind the die cut corners which are stunning in by themselves.
    It really has turned into a silly and petty game and I'm sure we're only hearing part of what is going on between Hammi and Nico. We'll have to wait and see at the next race Karen x

  26. Really lovely dies used on this creation...beautiful colours too along with those papers. have a great weekend.

    The Journey is the Start

  27. In real life this card is even more beautiful! It has pride of place above my desk along with a card from Val and one from Wendy! Don't know why you were concerned ang it is stunning and mr ND thought it was one of mine so you are, at least, as good as me if not better!

    Thanx for being a friend,

    John xxx

  28. Beautiful card! Such a clever use of die cuts. I have become a follower of your blog, I love good banter and I couldn't stop laughing at your description of your cold feet!! Also any one who calls herself Mrs Duck has to make you smile! Michelle x