Monday, 29 September 2014

Gone All Contemporary. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is good with you and yours.
It's back to work for me this morning, possibly for a rest, lol, as I haven't had much down time in my few days off. Didn't get through my chores list as others got added to it along the way (ain't it always the way?).

Thank you for your fab comments and good wishes for our anniversary and the card. Hello to Marie and Marci. Nice to have you with us ladies.

Well, yes it was an interesting trip with John but I can assure you, the guy doesn't need a manager (especially me hahaha!) as he is very astute. My role is more that of groupie/roadie so I will make sure that his diva requests for his dressing room are adhered to. . . . . .fridge full of Pepsi Max and cheese, teal cushions, Robson and Jerome on the stereo and two live swans. . . . . . . you know the kinda thing lol!!! Seriously, I was very chuffed to go along for some moral support.

Now, today's card is one that Nesta asked me to make for her brother in law's birthday. You may remember the elephant card I made him last year (if not it's here) I knew I was never going to top that one for him (apparently, it's still on their mantelpiece to this day) so, as he likes elephants, I decided to go with a contemporary looking Lord Ganesh for him (Lord Ganesh is the elephant god and is auspicious to put on a card for Hindus). I also managed to incorporate the Om symbol as his headgear as that too is a good thing to include.
It's a very simple card, except for having to hand draw the design (and there were a few different sketches I can tell you lol!!!). Its just layers in black and cream, edged (carefully-ish) with my lovely Krylon Gold Leaf pen

Cream card base A5 in size
Black PMD card
Krylon Gold Leaf pen
Pearls coloured with the Krylon pen

I enjoyed doing something different but it's a bit nervy when you're doing it for someone else. I'm assured it was very well received and is likely to be keeping last years company on the mantel for a while yet. I'm also loving black and gold as a combo at the minute too.

Well, here's hoping for a quiet Monday at work. With all the Christmas stock making an appearance (yes, I know we are still only in September lol!!!) its going to be busy with popping it out but its nice to see what I'm going to buy lol!!!.

Have a great week folks, whatever you have planned, and. . . . . . . . . be good!!!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang. Another fabulous card, the black and gold contemporary theme is beautiful. Oh back to work to Christmas stock unpacking? Not so good!!! Have FUN. Hazel xx

  2. I'm impressed! Great drawing! Lovely card.

  3. Good morning Ang,,
    Love your elegant card, great design. Different but very effective.
    Don't work too hard

    Patricia xxx

  4. Morning Ang, fabulous card and well done for the drawing, brilliant.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi there, brilliant card, so very unusual, the image I mean and so glad you said what the image was as I was looking at it from all angles and couldn't guess. You are a super drawer Ang. wonderful colour theme too. I'm sure this one will be on the mantlepiece for a while too.
    Don't work too hard today, hugs Kate x

  6. Lovely out of the box card wish I could draw like that. Can't even draw the proverbial straight line myself. Hope your work doesn't involve any heavy lifting.
    The wind has died right back now and the sun is out but spring is the time for us to have the wind. Yesterday there were 50 fires burning across Tasmania very early for bush fires shows how dry it is everywhere. Still if there has been a burn off now it might mean less fires in the heat of summer.
    Margaret M

  7. Hi Ang. So sorry, just realised I missed your last card, which was very pretty by the way.
    Love the drawing today. The black and gold look great.
    Bye for now.
    Love Val x

  8. Morning Ang,
    This is so different, I glad you told us what the image is as I had no idea. A very striking drawing. Well done to you.

  9. Card is unusual and I,m glad you told us what the image was, looks good.
    Great day with John, love your description of it, DIVA LOL

  10. Wow, so different. I only saw the face to start with, then when you were talking about elephants, I could see that too - how clever!

  11. Mrs Duck you are a clever clogs lol no way could I draw this or make the card to display it.It is stunningly
    Love the comment about John,both of you must have thought I lost the plot yerstday.
    First I thought it was Saturday,then John's news about C.C.
    I had read his post and left a comment ,and have no memory of it.

  12. Lovely lovely lovely That Krylon pen has gone to the top of my Need List! I'm glad you told us what the symbol meant I thought it was a piece of modern art Going to go look at last years card now

  13. Beautiful card and all the more so because of its significance - very brave to hand draw your design but it looks really good - well done you xx GailT xx

  14. Wow Ang, I'm going to have to try the gold pen on black paper after seeing this! Wonderful little sketch you artist you!! What a fabulous masculine card, love it! hugs :)

  15. Hi Ang. What a beautiful card, and so personal, that must mean so much to Nesta's BIL, you are one clever lady. I love the elephant you did for him last year too. Have a good day unpacking the Christmas stock. I know it's early but I love seeing it all in the shops, but DO NOT want to hear the Christmas carols and songs being played until much, much closer to December! I hope your shop doesn't play them too early. Take care.

  16. good morning Ang, sorry I have been missing, been down with mum. I must confess I'm not too up on arty stuff so it is a good job you explained what I was looking at!! However, now that I know I must say I'm very impressed, really clever. Don't work too hard and when you have finished unpacking boxes at work perhaps you'd like to come and help me start packing. Not sure if I have said I have had an offer accepted on a new home, the thought of what I have to do is frightening enough and the stuff in my craft room..................still, I'm sure I will find lots of things I have completely forgotten about!! Bye for now, Jackie x

  17. Very artistic Mrs Duck! Your post is very interesting, didn't know about Lord Ganesh being the elephant God. You learn something every day!!! Love the gold and black, very striking. Michelle x