Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pink and Puddy Tats. . . . . . . .The Sequel

Good morning my paddling chums. Hope everyone is well.
I'm looking forward to the mini heatwave we're supposed to be getting tomorrow before the arctic conditions next week lol!
I promise that I shall be getting round to your blogs this afternoon when I get home from work. I've been delayed by a combination of new shifts and blogger issues.
I think there's some weird things happening on tinterweb lately. I never used to get much spam but lately I am. Strangers are trying to sell me things to enhance body parts I don't even possess lol!

Now today is a continuation of the previous post and is the gifts and box for Lydia's birthday.

The hair clip is made from beads that I have woven together, using cube and seed beads then stuck onto a barette clip, then popped in a pink organza bag.

The sweeties are pink and cat related (a win win for Lydia, whose favourite things in the whole wide world are pink and cats)

All housed in normal handmade box, decorated to match the card from the last post.

Oh, to have the innocence of youth where pink and cats make everything all right with the world lol!!! 

That's me for today then. I am working on the fuchsia tutorial so it should be appearing at a blog near you sometime next week.

Take care all and be good!

Ang x


  1. Ang. What a lucky young lady to receive such a beautiful hair clip, I hope she looks after it, plus getting all the other goodies in that lovely box. Don't work to hard and enjoy doing your tutorial. Hazel xx

  2. Good morning Ang,
    What a fantastic "goodie" box for Lydia. I am sure she loved it and as you say "pink & cats" what more could a little girl want??
    Blogger is a pain in the proverbial!!! at the moment. Mine keeps freezing and loosing my comments.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang. What a happy little girl Lydia must have been to get all these pink, pussy cat related items. I'd have loved them myself. My birthday is in February hint, hint.
    Don't work too hard.
    Love Val x

  4. Hi Ang. The card, envelope, box and the goodies are all wonderful, Lydia will love them all : ) Take care.

  5. great card ,box and gifts ,She will love them ,Laura O

  6. What a fabulous combination of gifts and goodies for Lydia. She must have adored them. My great niece is a cat lover and she loved pink too. She is now 13, still adores cats, but has changed to purple for her favourite colour. A girl with taste!!! I am having strange things happening with blogger too. Grrr! Take care and see you soon! Christine xx

  7. This is gorgeous Ang, so beautiful, I am sure she will adore them. Great make on the hair clip.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Hi Ang, just popping in to say hallo, lovely gifts you have made for Lydia. One week to go before I am "of no fixed abode" but I will try and access you when I can. Take care, Jackie xx

  9. Hi, I love the idea of giving a box with lots of pretty things in it, especially little girls they squeal with delight, and the tubby cat stamp is lovely.
    X Ros H

  10. Morning Ang,
    Wow! every little girls dream, so lovely.

  11. Happy Birthday to Lydia Mrs. Duck. Love the hairclip and card, and I'm rather partial to cats and pink too (though not together, LOL).

  12. Good morning Ang,
    I bet wee Lydia's screams and squeals of delight could be heard all down the street at her beautiful card, box and presents. I love making for the wee ones of that sort of age because the pleasure on their wee faces is something that can never be bought. I bet i can tell what was her bestest present in the whole wide world with big shining eyes as she said it. Thank you Ang for showing us Lydia's set and for giving a wee lassie a big shining eyes,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  13. Hi Ang,
    what a very super creation.
    Fab designing, and a wonderful gift too.
    I bet the recipient was sooooooooooo! pleased with it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Hi Ang! Gorgeous matching box to house the gifts and I love the hair clip you made! You should take the spam as a compliment, spam follows high traffic, so it means you are getting good traffic on your site. Silly as it sounds and as annoying as it is...there you have it! hugs :)

  15. Afternoon Ang, love the box. I think it makes any pressie extra special if it's in a co-ordinating box. She must have been thrilled to bits. Have a good rest of the day. Janice xx

  16. Lucky, lucky Lydia! Your creations are phenomenal, Ang!! Happy Birthday to her! You'll have made her feel like a star!

    Have you used WIFI lately? I went away a couple of months ago with a girlfriend and used WIFI at the motel. After that I started getting oodles of penile enhancement emails and others along the same line, none of which would do me any good either! You sort of have to feel sorry for men, don't you, that this is such a huge industry and so many of them feel inadequate? Of course, we woman (some, not me, I'd like to get rid of some of mine!) have the need for boob enhancements, but I certainly don't see emails for that coming in ever. Interesting. And annoying. As time has passed it does get less. I only get one or two a day now instead of ten a day! Hugs, Darnell

  17. Perfectly pink and perfectly created!
    Sandy xx

  18. Wow what fab gifts and luvin the hairslide - she must have been over the moon - the box is great too - think I've got problems with blogger too says I need to check my blogs as they can't leave comments but when I click on it - nothing!!! Not sure if folks are seeing posts or not!!! and like you getting suggestions to enhance somewhere on my person that I actually don't possess!!!! xx GailT xx

  19. Oh wow gorgeous hairslide Ang! what lovely gifts...I've had problems with blogger for weeks but it seems to have calmed down now fingers crossed! huggles Sue xxx

  20. Morning Ang,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post, so nice of you.

    I would like to enter you for the draw, so generous of you not wanting to enter but everyone has the same chance lol! Would hate for you to miss out! Let me know.

    Have a good day, I am going to Norwich to day with my son for Christmas shopping, we are bound to come back empty handed as not got a clue what to get anyone lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. The barret you made is so gorgeous! Great choice getting Hello Kitty goodies. At age 25 my daughter still loves Hello Kitty! I have had isdues with blogger too. Seemed better yesterday. Have a great day Ang!

  22. Hi Ange,
    What a beautiful hair slide and such a prety card for little Lydia....I'm sure she will be absolutely thrill with her adorable gift and all put together in a gorgeous matching box.
    Congratulations to you blog candy winner, I have been away with hubby for the last 5 days to St Ives so wasn't able to comment when you announced it.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love Sheila xx

  23. This box is gorgeous Ang, and that clip is stunning, clever you! Michelle x