Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Thanks Ever So Much. . . . . .200, Not Out!

Good morning everyone. I hope, if you have hatches, they are well and truly battened down. The remnants of Hurricane Gonzo (or whatever its called) have certainly battered my poor garden and launched the top of next doors soil pipe onto their kitchen roof!!!
I did take advantage yesterday with a line of washing, that fortunately didn't blow into another postal code, lol !!!
Nesta's niece has her English wedding on Thursday (the Hindu ceremony was in August. . . . . remember the bangle box I made? (click here for a reminder) in a gazebo in the grounds of a hotel. Could well be a gazebo in the River Avon at this rate!!! 

I am so pleased to welcome two new followers to The Pond, Kim and June. So lovely to have your company ladies. 

This has now taken me to 60 lovely followers. I was going to do a little pressie at 50 followers but it seemed to scoot past quite quickly but as this is also my 200th blog post (and they said, or hoped, it wouldn't last lol!!!) I will get Mr Duck to draw a name from the hat, well bowl, and I will send the lucky person a gift to commemorate the momentous occasion.
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this post before midnight (GMT) on Saturday 25th October. Good luck and thank you all for your support.

Now, back to the card. Its my final card from my CEDT application and possibly my favourite.
There was a happy accident with this card. After I inked the edges of The Striplet layer, I glued it to the layer underneath and decided to run it through the GC to make sure it stuck properly.
I forgot, that the effect that has, is to push the die cut layer into the layer below in a kinda embossing effect. Half way through the GC, it dawned on me and it was a real, what Mr Duck calls, squeaky bum moment until it had gone all the way through.
Well, I was delighted with the effect (seemed to remember John having a similar thing happen with a patchwork card). You can sort of see the effect on this snap. . . . . .

Cream card
Pink card
The Striplet
SB Bitty Blossoms
SB Botanical Swirls and Accents (centre piece stamped with sentiment)
Sissix Squares
CE sentiment stamp
Victorian Velvet and Spun Sugar DI s
Pink satin ribbon
Pink bling

I know I've channel set my roses again but I thought it looked pretty.

As the card says, "Thanks ever so much" and that's to all of you who support my little blogging meanderings and for your lovely encouraging comments. As has been said, there's always next year so onwards and upwards.

So remember all, to be in the draw for a thank you pressie, please ensure that you are a follower and you leave a comment by Saturday night. . . . . . . .this is where I hope I don't suddenly get a new follower from the MIR Space Station; imagine the postage lol!!!

Before I waddle off again, how great to see our John on the box again so soon. I think it was a bit last minute but he has really settled into it and the show with Martyn raised a laugh or two (yes, that was my email that got read out and no I have never met Martyn at the NEC or anywhere, and no, my hair is NOT "reddish" or "strawberry" thank you very much John! lol!)

Right, enough of me. Enjoy the rest of your week and time to behave as our Patricia is back from Drayton Manor.

Ang x

Ps. . . . .I,  like others, have been having Blogger issues, mainly a disappearing reading list. So, if I'm late getting to your blog, I humbly apologise. x


  1. Hi Ang. What a stunning card! I love it. The semi embossed effect is lovely. I must remember that one. Congrats on your 200 blog post and thanks for offering us a chance to win a pressie : ) Good luck everyone. Take care.

  2. Good morning Ang, 200 posts! And to think if I hadn't pressed on that little duck pic on Sue Wilson's blog away back about 196 posts ago I wouldn't have found your wonderful blog and most of all a lovely friend. Oh I can just hear and see you when you had those plates half through your GC? But as you say the effect is lovely, your channel of roses is another work of art. Just love the whole design.
    Like you I put washing out yesterday, granted double pegged everything or it would have ended up in St. Andrews, I think John was on pay back for you saying he was older than he is. Hazel xx

  3. lovely card Ang ,well done on 200 blogs ,Your blog is one of my regulars love looking at your fab creations ,Laura O

  4. Morning Ang,
    A beautiful card, love the way you have used the roses. I agree John did very well.
    Congratulations on 200 blogs.

  5. Lovely card Ang, love how you have used the bitty blossoms.
    John settled in perfectly yesterday, much more relaxed and I thought it was your email. xxx

  6. Congrats on your entertaining 200 blogs.
    A lovely card again Ang ,i do think the striplet so versatile and well done on your happy accident i love it .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Good morning Ang, what a charming card, just love your roses. Congratulations on you 200th episode, you have given everyone such entertainment as well as some beautiful projects so here's to the next 200 by which time you will have been a DT member for all the big names and be getting ready for the next Mrs Duck and John show on TV . See how my mind, back to the sorting and stuff, bye for now Jackie xx

  8. Hello Ang, this is such a pretty card, and although only found your blog recently I am looking forward to the next milestone's you set yourself. Keep up the great work
    X Ros H

  9. Ok, I left a comment, pressed enter and it disappeared! Anyway, lovely card and congrats on 200 blogs

  10. Hi Ange,
    Another of your elegant cards and I do love your pretty roses and how you channel them into shapes...a square this time...they look so effective. Cogratulations on your 200th blog I'm also glad I preesed the little duck on Sue's blog.

    Love Sheila xx

  11. HI Ange,
    Your card is beautiful and so elegant .

  12. This is the most exquisite card Mrs Duck! I love the way you have put the roses in the channel, absolutely fabulous. I am having such trouble with my reading list like many others and have missed some of your cards, but am off to comment now! Michelle x

  13. Wow Ang, this is one of my favourites to date!! Love your happy accident and the soft hint of colour around the edges! Your roses are stunning!

    Hope the hurricane didn't do too much damage, that must have been kind of scary. We don't get that sort of weather where I am. We had a bit of an tremor a couple of years ago, just enough to lightly vibrate the floors...I though I was getting dizzy...didn't understand what was causing it! What a rookie!

    Big hugs, happy day! :)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous card. Love the way you channel set the roses. Will definitely have to try this technique. I have been following your site by email but just became a follower. Congratulations on your 200th blog. Such an accomplishment.

  15. Hey Ang! I don't think my comment took!! Absolutely without a doubt gorgeous card. You have been so creative and productive. Congratulations on all your posts. I can rely you really like what you do.
    Sandy xx

  16. Hi ang,
    Now we know how my mind and brain has a wild imagination running riot most of the time well it has escaped again into your blog because i think your lovely card reminds me of water lilies in a "duck pond". I have seen some lovely ones that like your card has a centre that is risen with slabs or fancy bricks well your lovely card reminds me of this or like those gardens that have the fancy set out squares that all match and form a design when looked on from above, well you get where i am going with it i hope. I will try and get the imagination back under control again but i wouldn't hold my breath waiting. I think the sandwiching together the top die cut and bottom full layer makes for a beautiful rich embossing unintentional or not, it looks lovely and with the beautiful flowers around the diamond it is beautiful. So glad that you have gotten a few more of us to see your creations as they are beautiful and give us inspiration as well.
    A happy day to Nesta's neice on the 2nd part of her wedding ceremony. I wish the couple every happiness and failing that, make sure she knows how to use a frying pan and rolling pin, hee hee hee
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  17. Yee haa Ang - this is a gorgeous card and I have never seen the channel set roses before - might have a go missus! Being a tad dizzy - I don't understand the bit about the 'squeaky bum' moment, I just can't see what has happened! Well you know what I'm like!!! I do love everything about your creation though.

    Oh btw - just been back to check out the bangle box - oh my! My mum always said I was born into the wrong culture, what with me loving saris and now these bangles - know I should be looking at the box here - they are glorious, she is a lucky girl!!!

    Oh well I will also waddle orf now - not because I am a duck but because me backside tends to sway in the wind!!!!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

    PS Are you sure you didn't lose any washing - I found a thong with an applique duck on it this morning - it was draped round me lilac tree!

  18. Good evening Ang,
    I just LOVE your stunning card, absolutely beautiful.
    John did so well yesterday, missed when he was on with Sue.
    Glad your e-mail was read out, pity you did not win the card though.
    I thought of you when I was on the Floida Swamps ......... (NO!! not when we saw the Aligators) the Water Lillies ....... were spectacular would have looked fantastic on the pond.
    Enjoy your evening

    Patricia xxx

  19. Hi again Ang
    I am not sure that my previous attempt worked. I love what your happy accident achieved and I also like the inset roses.
    Very pleased to see John on TV I think he did really well and looked very professional.

    June x

  20. Fantastic card today, really lovely!


  21. Hi Ang, your card is absolutely beautiful, I love the roses and your soft colours.
    Well one on reaching your 200 post. I remember I was in Iceland when Hazel mentioned your blog and to have a go see, I did and have never regretted it. I always enjoy visiting, your humour is infectious, and your work teriffic, bug Hugs Kate x

  22. Oh my, another really stunning card! Congrats on reaching your 200th post and your followers - I still get thrilled when I get a new one - daft but oh so true lol! I will have to look out for this John as I don't always watch C&C - love this card so much! Karen x

  23. Another lovely idea with the channel of roses I've got my fingers crossed It's my birthday on 29th and would make a lovely pressie to me! Make up for all this miserable rain in Mexico too!

  24. WOW! Ang, this is stunning gal! My favourite too I think, love the roses, so, so pretty. The embossed background looks fab even if it was an accident lol!

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my post.

    I will have to finish watching that episode of John with Martyn, only get chance to watch a bit at a time lol! He did do good didn't he, such a natural I would be speaking gobbly gook if speaking at all lol!!!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Forgot to say Congratulations on getting 60 followers and for reaching 200 posts!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  26. Hi Ang to his is a very beautiful card,I love the way you did the roses,congrats on all your
    Posts,and followers
    John was fantastic yerstday.
    Thank you for the work on your blog,and it is a joy to read it.

  27. Hi Ang, this card is really lovely, the channel set roses are perfect. Congratulations on 200 blog posts and 60 followers. Love your blog. Bx

  28. Beautiful Ang. I-ve had this happy accident as well. Love the roses.
    Congrats on posts and followers.
    I-ve had trouble with blogging as well/I-ve blamed my Google account again.
    John was really great, only saw the afternoon show and muted when John wasn- talking.
    Love Val x

  29. Good morning ginge - oops sorry I mean Mrs D xx I did make me smile when Martyn asked if you had red hair and John said strawberry-ish!!! men!!! Congrats on 200 posts and congrats on the card it is fab and the squeaky bum moment worked a treat and your channel set flowers are gorgeous too - luv it xx GailT xx

  30. Fabulous Ang, wonderful flowers. Love your wonderful creation, the colours, papers and the design..xx

    The Journey is the Start

  31. Hi Ang,
    trying to play catch up on my comments again.
    OOOOOOOO I love this superb card.
    Great idea channeling the roses.
    Love your design idea.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  32. Want a gorgeous card! Love everything about it!! Hugs!

  33. Hi Ang,
    What a gorgeous card! I love the ides of the roses in a channel like that. Lots of rolling up of petals, congratulations on your 200th blog. Always entertaining and always inspiring! Best wishes,Anne O. Ps I recognise the blogger above me -I think she's on the heartfelt. Creations design team! Check out her blog !

  34. Hi Ang,
    Another stunning card.
    Well done on 200 blogs. That's a lot of cards.
    Janice W

  35. Hi Ang, This is a lovely card. I love everything about it.I'm in Portugal at the moment getting some late sun but I still manage to pop in a see what you have been up to. I also like the two flowery cards on Fridays post. Beryl xx