Thursday, 16 October 2014

You're Simply the Best. . . . . . Good name for a song I reckon!

Good morning my dear blogging chums. Hope you're all healthy and happy.

I have another new follower to welcome, Beryl. Thank you for joining our happy paddlers at The Pond. I try to please, so I shall do my best to inspire lol!
Thanks also to Toni and Judy for popping by.

Dear Ita what are you doing to that Grand Caliber? Have you tried contacting Christine Emberson? She is usually a great help with all matters Caliber and is now a Spellbinders International Ambassador. I notice there is a new GC in the pipeline, a grey one that is supposidly stronger.

Now, today is a picture heavy post. . . . . . . .blame Karenlotty lol!!! Your pics on how I did John's birthday card are at the end chuck.

This is another of my CEDT application cards (don't worry, there's only another two to go lol!!!)

The sentiment could so easily apply to all of you!
I love doing these channel set flower cards and decided on this design and the partial embossing to try and add a little interest. The embossing is actually a mask, rather than a folder.

White card
SB Bitty Blossoms
SB Matting Basics A & B
That Special Touch Elegance mask
CE sentiment
Black Archival ink pad
Spun Sugar DI pad
Pink bling

Thought it may actually make a nice sympathy card (with a change of sentiment of course lol!!!)

Hope you like it and as I said, 3 down 2 to go hahaha!!!

Now Karen, I have sort of re-done my steps using some black paper and silver pen to show how I did John's card (here for those who are wondering what I'm wittering about). Hope it makes sense. . . . . . . 

A single piece of card, scored at a third of the way across.

The middle page, cut to size and scored at 5mm along the edge. This will form the "hinge".

I used 3mm red liner tape along the "hinge" and then adhered it to the right of the score line on the base card (do the to the right of the line so that you can still fold the front over)

The real thing again . . . . . . .

Hope the instructions make sense or that I'm not in a Granny and eggs sucking situation lol!!!

Hope you're all going to be watching our lovely John on C&C today. Sadly, I will be at work for both of his shows (curses, drat and double drat!!!) and sadly, they don't class "me mate's on the telly" as an emergency, which is dashed inconvenient!
I will catch up on the app thingy (not the same, as I can't email in and heckle him, lol!!!)
I've got Mr D, Nesta, the girls at the Charity shop and some from work all primed to watch (although Mr D did confess, he may not be able to watch for a whole hour).

Sorry its been a long one (I'm sure there's a bishop and actress joke lurking in there somewhere) but go have a nap to get over it, if you're not asleep already, and then have a great day!

Ang x


  1. Watching Sue as we speak, John may have given me the wrong times LOL.

    Gorgeous cards too Ang, xxx

  2. Beautiful card Ang, this could do for many occasions. thanks for the directions on Johns card, must give it a go when I have time lol!

    I am taping all of the shows today as, like you, I am at work then out this evening so I probably wont even get chance to watch until the weekend!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Thanks Ang for details I really appreciate it I hope to watch John later and by the looks of things his demo is going to be brill Today's card is gorgeous All this flowers, the channel, the partial embossing - stunning

  4. Morning Ang,
    Love your card, very original design.

  5. Morning Ange,
    Such an elegant creation how you've added a touch of embossing and love the way you have channeled the roses....gorgeous!
    You always bring a smile to my face with your post as there is always something funny in rude of your workplace not to give you the day of as an emergency to watch your lovely friend, John, having his debut on C&C!! LOL!
    Take care.

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Fab card and luv the layout with the flowers (think I've said this before but you must have the patience of a saint to die cut and roll all those flowers) well worth it though it is so unusual xx like you will have to catch up on Johns appearance as not about but will hopefully catch up with the shows over the next few days xx GailT xx

  7. Love your card Mrs. Duck, and thank you for the explanation of John's card, I 'got' it straight away, so your pics and explanation are great. Looking forward to seeing John too.

  8. My Ang, it must have taken you an age to make all those flowers, they are beautiful, love your layout and design. Hazel xx

  9. Gorgeous card Ang! I can't believe you made all those flowers, you must have been toting some serious hand cramps by the time you finished! Thanks for the tutorial on how you did John's card...I pondered about that one. Have a great day! hugs :)

  10. Oh Ang - your card is beautifully designed and made. So elegant! Really outstanding!
    Sandy xx

  11. Beautiful flowers Ang and a lovely layout. Been up and down the ladder clearing the loft out all day but finished just in time to sit down with a cuppa and watch John. Jackie xx

  12. Thanks so much for a new hinge idea! Am going to use more flowers also!

  13. Gawjuss card Ang its beautiful! your blog always makes me smile lol huggles Sue xxx

  14. Hi Ang, beautiful card, would suit many occasions. The embossed background is lovely and your blooms are so pretty, how long did they take to do!, hugs Kate x

  15. Lovely card & thanks for the instructions on Johns card. Am hoping to catch up with viewing tomorrow & Saturday!


  16. hello Ang , your card is beautiful .The embossed background is a very good idea. And thank you for a tutorial on Johns card.

  17. Lovely card Ang. Very pretty. Seem to be a day late commenting again. Must have been the excitement of John's debut yeaterday throwing me into disarray. You've probably watched his shows by now-the lad did really well.
    Love Val x

  18. Love all the roses on this card Ang. I still don't get how they didn't pick you for their DT. Have a great day!

  19. Hi Ang,
    fab card again today.
    My all those lovely roses, and your design is wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing the instructions on John's card.
    Didn't the maestro do well yesterday.
    I bet his Mum is so proud of him, and hes a natural on the TV.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Good morning Ang,
    Maybe just as well you were working when poor John was quivering in the wings and i agree i think that it is dashed inconsiderate of them not to take your mate on tv debut as a reasonable excuse for the day off.
    I really like you card as i have had to look at it 3 times now to realise that you have just inked around the edges with a beautiful pink and not made a pink mat and layer at the back of the card. It is so very different and i think that it could be for a whole lot of lovely celebrations as well as for sorrow. Your flowers make a beautiful cross and so different from the normal ones.
    Thank you for showing us how you did Johns' card, another crafter that thinks differently from the norm. I think CE are missing a great addition to their team but will keep my fingers crossed for you for next year flower,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (glenochil)

  21. Now I'll be singing this all night!!! Especially since Tina Turner is John's all time favourite!!! Anyway, a great card - and all those fabulous flowers.....! Really beautiful! Hugs Christine xx

  22. Hi Ang and everyone,thank you for the step by step for John's card.
    I only saw a few mins,of one shoe,but have them all re order.I hope to see them so one.I am in a lot of pain,and I have two choices,1. Back in Hospital to have ?? Injections in my spine,but the risk is infection.,so I would be on a cocktail of antibiotics.Or wait and have this done in Nov.,as my daughter,hubby and baby Áine will be here for a week,the Christning is on Nov.,the 1st,any advice would be very welcome Ang.
    I did contact Christine,and a new Handel is on its way.
    Have a great weekend everyone,sorry for the long post.

  23. Thanks for the details of Johns card, very clever. The rose one is again absolutely fantastic and yes it could very well be a sympathy card without that sentiment! Michelle x