Saturday, 22 November 2014

21st Birthday. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Ita, I hope your hospital stay is not a long one chuck.
Sue, poor Donny. cold and Trossachless. What's a cat to do? lol! 
My Trossachs are still having to be heated at the moment and I think its set to get cooler. . . . . eek!
Had to get a new battery for Shaun (my car) this week as he was struggling to start. I think its the shortish journeys to and from work and as 2 of my shifts are lates, they are journeys with lights and blowers going. Didn't fancy being stranded in a dark empty car park on my own so new battery it was.

Before I forget, the sweet treat I made for the girls for the NEC is called "Thank Crunchie its Friday" in this house. The recipe is Sweet and Salty Crunchie Nut Bars and is a Nigella from her Kitchen recipe book and its here if you would like to try but they have made a typo, as you only need 4 Crunchie bars. Its very easy and very tasty. Due to the butter and golden syrup, the chocolate takes on a fudge like texture.

Now today's card I made for my mate Roxy who was a colleague but she has now moved onto pastures new. I had forgotten that I hadn't shown her card and pressie to you all (her present will be my next post)
Roxy's favourite colour is red so that had to be the main theme and yes, I did go mad with the die cuts lol!!!

White base card
Red PMD card
SB Decorative Labels 28
SB Elegant Labels 4
SB A2 Bracket Borders
SB Fancy Tags 2
SB Imperial M-Bossibilities
Hobbycraft corner punch
Red satin ribbon

A bit OTT? Welllllllll, you're only 21 once (although I may have been 21 several times lol!!!)

Well, thhhat's all folks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. No work for me, hurrah!
The last F1 GP this weekend and the championship is down to the wire and I'm off to Daisy's, my local craft shop today, to heckle John (I am taking him lunch and some Thank Crunchie its Friday)

TTFN and be good!
Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    Love this bright and beautiful card. Getting a special card made in your favourite colour what more could one ask for??. Awww!! poor Shaun glad he is back on form. Maybe he spent longer secretly laughing at my antics!!!
    Enjoy your weekend of Motor Racing

    Patricia xxx

  2. Morning Ang,
    A great card, I love red too. That choc recipe looks good. Enjoy the G/P, go Lewis.

  3. Gorgeous bright card to wake me up this morning Ang,
    Love to John and see you soon, xxxx

  4. Good morning Ang. A beautiful card for your friend, and rightly so as it was her 21st it had to be in her favourite colour. Poor Shaun feeling a bit down, and your are so right for the cost of a new battery it wasn't worth getting stranded in that dark car park, and having to get the likes of AA out. Enjoy your time off and the racing. Hazel xx

  5. Lovely card Ang and no you can't use too many dies.
    Love the sound of your chocolate treat. Must be good if there's Crunchies in it.
    Enjoy your time with John.
    Love Val x

  6. Hi Ange,
    Another wonderful card today, your friend was so lucky to recieve such a beauty.
    Have fun today and don't forget his bacon bap!

    Love Sheila xx

  7. Wow what a fantastic card so beautiful I do hope your friend was pleased with it after all your hard and very thoughtful work.
    So pleased you got Shaun sorted before winter truly begins, hope you have checked his 'feet' too better to be safe than sorry.
    Thank you so much for the recipe, off now to get 4 crunchies!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Margaret corgi owner

  8. Lovely Card Ange , have a good weekend
    Elaine H X

  9. Hin Ang. Love the card, sure Roxy loved it too. Thanks for the recipe, it would be rude of me not to try it out as you have taken the trouble to share it with us, wouldn't it : ) Have a good weekend, enjoy the GP. Take care.

  10. Hi Ang! Just taking a morning break, thought I would pop in. This is just amazing! I love you go mad with the die cuts, you have a real knack for layering these gorgeous pieces. I think I actually own that set, and I have never used it! I just don't have the patience for poking out all of those pesky pieces, PASS! I look forward to seeing the present you made. Have a great Saturday! hugs :)

  11. Good morning Ang,
    Awh poor John, he is under stress Ang so please try and be nice to him as his fingers are all thumbs at the moment. I bet Roxy loved her card and she wouldn't have had another one like it that's for sure. There is nothing wrong in a few extra layers to a card our Ang, as it makes for even more beauty than a skimped card and we'll leave the skimpy cards to the cheap card shops eh!
    I bet Shaun is raring to go now that he has been treated to a new ticker as it can't be any fun sitting out there all on his own in the darkness with a ticker that is miss firing or having trouble starting his chassis. A new ticker and good shoes on his wheels should see him through this coming weather.
    Have a great day with John and thank you for showing Roxy's lovely card and just remember you 21 with years of experience, how many years is of no consquence,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  12. The red and white is fabulous. What a great creation Mrs Duck! Michelle x

  13. Fab card and like you say you are only 21 once (or twice)!!! Lol xx so why not pull out all the stops xx enjoy the GP and Daisies and your weekend off xx GailT xx

  14. Hi Ang and everyone,I love,love,this card and that is a lovely red,thanks for the link for the recipe.Glad you got a new battery for your car.When my daughter was home a few weeks ago,they left here early afternoon,4 hour drive to the ferry,time to board,the car would not budge,so small baby,2 dogs etc.,they contacted A.A. Car had to be Towed on board,when they arrived in Pembrook,A.A. And man from a garage,had to board the ship,to sort the car,yes battery was dead.They were able to buy the battery from Garage man,£60.00 they got to Swansea 3.30 in the morning,
    I am home and I hope this is the end of it.
    I have to wear a monitor,It looks fantastic,size of a mobile phone,in a plastic bag,tape for around my neck,and wires and more wires,and pads etc.
    this adds glamor to any outfit lol .
    Trying to hide it is impossible,sorry everyone and Mrs Duck for the long post.
    Big Hugs,

  15. What a fab card Ang! love the red and white together. I was laughing at the trossachless cat hahaha and that crunchie treat sounds gorjussssssss huggles Sue xxxx

  16. Hi Ang
    What a lovely card. And I agree with earlier comments - you can never have too many die cuts! Hope you had. Good day today! Best wishes, Anne O

  17. Beautiful card Ang, the dies look fabulous together.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  18. Hi Ang, a really lovely card, I love the red and white together but the best bit for me is the Happy Birthday.
    X Ros

  19. Hi Ang, this card is awesome, with the various die layers. I love red and white too, it is a striking combo. Look forward to seeing the pressie. Enjoy the GP. Bx

  20. A lovely card in red and white. Hope you have a good day with John. Janice xxx

  21. Hello Ang, lovely card, your choice of dies is fab, and they go so well together, super colour, Im sure your friend just loved it. Oh to be twenty one again, but with the knowlege I have now, enjoy the remainderf of your weekend, hugs Kate x

  22. Pretty card in a fab colour I'm not surprised she loved it I feel for you Ita I wear an insulin pump which Is prob a lot smaller than a monitor but still not easy to disguise at times Take care all x

  23. Beautiful card! I love red and white together.
    Sandy xx