Friday, 28 November 2014

Just For You Gift Bag. . . . . . . . . .

Good evening folks. Hope you're all well. 
Sorry if I appear to be MIA. Its been a bit of a manic week here in The Pond. Changed shifts mean I work one less day but longer hours on the days I'm in and my goodness, I have felt those longer days. I've ached in places I didn't know existed lol!!!
I've also had two of the box frame photo holders to make for Nesta, urgently, a birthday card and a few Christmas cards on the hoof.And, the dentist, shopping and the last bit of gardening before the last brown wheelie bin collection of the year. . . . . . . .pauses for a breath!

Now, just a quickie for today, which kinda fits in with the Friday Oldie theme that some of you guys follow, as its a gift bag I made house some birthday goodies some time ago.

White card
Pink PMD card
SB Classic Ovals
SB Captivating Squares
SB Medallion 4
SB Fancy Tags 3
Embossalicious EF
Pink Satin ribbon

Not too ornate as the recipient isn't a gal for all the whistles and bells.

I will be attempting to get around everyones blog tonight and tomorrow to catch up with you as I've got a little behind (in the blogging sense. . . . . I can only wish in the other sense hahaha!!!)

Hope you all have a super weekend and I shall be back on Monday with a House of Cards Blog Hop and there's some cracking prizes so hope you can all join in.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . Anyone, apart from the Scottish Posse, tried the Thank Crunchie its Friday recipe yet? I have a tray in the fridge for us to to troff whilst watching I'm a Celeb later. . . . . . . .yummmmmm! Wendy, would you like some next Thursday or are you still at diet club?


  1. Beautiful and classy gift bag! Sounds like you've had a very busy week, I've had the dentist too! Enjoy the weekend and I'm a celebrity!x

  2. Hi Ang,
    what a very fab Oldie for Friday.
    Love this fab creation.
    What's this I hear about yummy goodies.
    What have I missed, but then again I'm on a diet again. Boo Hoo.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Oh Ang I feel exhausted just sitting here reading all you have fitted into your very busy week! I hope you are able to take some rest and recover this weekend with your yummy sounding treat. No \I have not tried it yet as I am trying to shed a few pounds before Christmas but will be making some for then to share with the family.
    Love your bag a really lovely way to give a present that extra special look.
    Take care
    Margaret corgi owner

  4. I like the gift bag being a pink gal myself. did youeven have time to draw breath.!! Wot a lot you got done. Hugs Ms A.

  5. Love your gift bag Ang, I made your "Thank Crunchie it's Friday". Tammy told me I had to keep it away from her as it was so yummy she wouldn't be able to leave it alone. Anna said to tell you " it is so Morish and yummy". She is hiding the box I gave their house as mummy would eat it all. Beth I am afraid said " yuk" it's got nuts in it! She loves crunchies and said it was such a waste to mix them with nuts. Told her I will make her a nut free lot. Will do as you said just add a little salt into the mix. Anna is so right it is " morish" trying to be good and not keep going to the fridge.. Enjoy your weekend. Hazel x

  6. Yep, made it, ate it ..... And it was supposed to be to give away!!!!!! Now I'll have to make more - do you think it will reach the recipient this time? A bit doubtful. Lovely gift bag Ang. Hope you soon get used to your change of shifts. Hugs Christine xx

  7. Hi Ang, beautiful gift bag, looks really elegant, love the dies with the sentiment.
    Gosh you are one busy lady, I can sympathise with the tiredness after longer hours, hope you don't have to do too many, have a super weekend, hugs Kate x

  8. Hi Ang,

    Gorgeous bag, hope you get some rest for those aches & pains?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Evening Ang, as they say "the old ones are the best". A lovely gift bag, that isn't too OTT but is adaptable to expansion if needed.....if you get my drift LOL !!. You must be exhausted doing longer hours. Put your feet up when you can with a nice glass of something and relax. Janice xxx

  10. gorgeous bag and yes would love some. Diet gone out of the window while I,m here LOL

  11. Fab oldie for Friday and luv the combo of dies xx not tried the Crunchie for Friday cos I know I would probably pig out on it - i may make some for Christmas as a treat xx know what you mean about time - I really truly cannot believe where the time is going - enjoy your weekend, hopefully you aren't working xx GailT xx

  12. Fab gift bag Ang! and I'm making some of crunchie for Friday for our party at our crafty club on 13 Dec soooooooooo looking forward to tasting it...mind you looking a my behind I could do with eating nothing but lettuce for a few month hahaha huggles Sue xxx

  13. Lovely bag Ang.Pretty die you've used.
    Just off to the Airport for my weekend shop in UK. Hope there's something left in the shops!!
    Love Val x

  14. Hi Ang. I love the bag, and the embellishments. I have lots of friends that are not into all the pink and flowery bits so with a change of colour this would be great. We(!) have yet to make any, mainly because although my hubby loves Nigella and her food he hates Crunchie! You can tell from this that I am not a lover of cooking/baking, he is the one to do most of it, so I am still waiting. Enjoy your Thank Crunchie : ) Take care.

  15. Hi Ang, love this gift bag, and yes some people don't like anything over the top, so this is perfect. Have not tried the recipe yet, but will do, just not had time. Have a great day. Bx

  16. Love the bag I will have a go at the Crunchie thing but I'm diabetic so will have to wait for an occasion where I can give most of it away! Notice I said "most" hee hee!

  17. Morning Ang,
    A very pretty gift bag. Not tried the crunchie recipe maybe for a Christmas treat to take to my daughters.
    Enjoy your viewing, I can't stand I'm a celeb myself.

  18. So gorgeous card .As always it is beautiful.I love your dies.

  19. Loving your bag Ang and the jungle , no not tried to make the crunchie yet but hope to before Christmas ,
    Ang do you have to have a blog to enter the House of Cards ? { to make a card i mean } ??
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  20. What a great bag Ang! Love the pink! Haven't tried the crunchie recipe, not much of a baker, although I do like to dabble during the holidays, might give it a go then. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog while I was on holiday! I had a great time with my Mom, although the week flew by way too quickly! Hope you had a great week too! big hugs :)

  21. Another great project!! Love this gift bag too!! Hugs!!

  22. Brilliant Gift Bag, not too much decoration but extremely effective.
    One lot of Friday Crunch made and eaten. Took some to the Craft Class and they all loved it as well. Another lot to be made soon, for my Christmas Gift Boxes.
    Have a fantastic weekend ... try to S L O W down just a little.

    Patricia xxx

  23. Love the gift bag Ang - really pretty and I can see it filled with the TCIF recipe (in cellophane of course) yum yum. Needless to say I have copied the recipe and will try it some time! Looks heavenly. As for Donny - he's official 'cos he is now chipped as well as walnut-less! Oh and the other one should have run 35 years ago!!

    Hugs to you and can you warm the pond up a little please, me flippers are cold.

    Sue Pxxx

  24. Love it! Clean and simple and beautiful!
    Sandy xx

  25. Hi Ange,
    Really gorgeous bag to put some lovely goodies in. Try and get some 'me' time in that hectic life of yours.

    Love Sheila xx

  26. I'm easy (hey, watch it!) and I'd like just the bag as my gift!! It's really gorgeous, Ang!! I'm sorry you are discovering extra places about your person! That can only be a good thing for doctors, so don't find any more 'kay?! And don't forget to stop and take a breath once in twile!! Hugs, Darnell