Friday, 14 November 2014

Let it Snow. . . . . . . . Well, Not Literally!!!

Good morning afternoon all.  Hope you are well.
Well, I don't know what's going on with Blogger This is the second post in a row that I have scheduled and Blogger has not published (and yes, I did check the date and time were correct).

Had to go out first thing so this is the first chance I've had to be at my laptop to sort it. I was going to re-schedule for tomorrow but not sure I trust it so I shall just apologise for it being late today and hand over to what I had already typed. . . . . Have a good day all. Ang x

Now, today's card is my first official foray into Christmas. I decided it was about time to play with my LiS die and as I said on a previous post, I'm experimenting with some different bow/ribbon bits.

The LiS was brushed with mica. I've used different colours, just tapped at random over the Versamarked die cut, then blended with a brush to give different shades (fixed with hairspray).
I cut a piece of acetate bigger than the aperture and to get the "snow" I dabbed a Tippex pen all over the back and let it dry. I then stuck the mica-ed die cut to the front and added some pearls.

White card
Blue card
Silver mirror card
Sue Wilson LiS die
SB Labels 25 die (Aperture)
SB Snowflake Pendant dies
X-Cut Snowflakes embossing folder
Mica powders
Silver satin ribbon

I like the way this bow experiment turned out so I shall be making some more like this. I wanted it to look snowflakey (if this not a word, it should be lol!!!) and think it kinda does.

I think this will be going to our friends who live in Spain but will be visiting before Christmas.

Norah, just wanted to say no need to apologise chuck. It must have been an almighty scare for you all but hopefully everything will go smoothly for Kirsten from now on.

Pamellia, thanks for the red Krylon link matey.

Tina, thanks for popping by. Unfortunately, as I explained to Hazel, yours is one of the blogs I cant comment on, something to do with Google + apparently. I can look, but not touch (a bit like Colin Firth. . . . . .ooops, sorry, I digress)

And a truckle is a small waxed ball of cheese. . . . .sorry, can't remember who asked, maybe Michelle?

Now, onto the next tutorial. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Look familiar Patricia?. . . . . . . . . . .Hahahahahahaha!!!

Ang x


  1. Gorgeous card Ang and the ribbon looks fab, xxx

  2. This is a lovely card Ang The LiS die is gorgeous on on my Need List The bow is a great success

  3. Hi Ange,
    Oh what a beauty!!!! I love the let it snow die it's so very pretty.....and I love the bow flower Ange as it's so different and gorgeous.

    Love Sheila xx

  4. Hello Ang!

    Regarding your card...GORGEOUS! I love that die and the mica tinting is stunning! Love how the bow turned out, looks perfect as a store bought one! Very elegant!

    Regarding the pen are welcome!

    Regarding blogger...maybe you already know this, but the way blogger scheduler works is doesn't publish a scheduled post at the time you schedule it for, it publishes the post at any time AFTER you schedule it for, ONLY when someone visits the blog. The first visitor actually activates the publication. Does that make sense? It's a chicken and egg sort of thing. How do get people to visit your new post, when they have to come visit you to activate the post???? They didn't really think that one through, did they?

    Anyway, have a great weekend, big hugs :)

    1. I forgot to add that if you have blogger set to NOT count your IP as a visit, then you can't activate the post yourself. This means if you check in before anyone else has been there, it will look like the scheduler didn't do it's job. sad face

    2. Hi Pamellia
      Didn't know anything about that. Haven't got it set not to count me as I only check it once to see its appeared. So, that said, I had looked and it didn't go live and I did check my stats at the time and there had been visits to my nlog . . . . . .perhaps something went askew last and this time.
      Keeps eating my reading list so nothing would surprise me with it!
      Ang x

    3. Hi Ang! Thought I would touch base about the question you asked me regarding what type of paper I use for my flowers. I use whatever I have on hand, but mostly just a plain white 65 lb or 80 lb card stock. The trick is in softening the paper. I run it through my crimper a bunch of times, turning it 90 degrees every time. It makes the paper more pliable and the flower petals look soft and full of texture. Careful not to run it through too many times though, or the petals won't hold their shape. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my Mom's frame. It's a special project for me, so the thumbs up really means a lot! big hugs :)

  5. I love what you have done with the LiS die, it's a gorgeous card. I had to laugh with your pic of your back seat of your car, but there is something missing..... Hahaha. Hazel xx

  6. Great card Ang. That die is gorgeous! Hugs Christine xx

  7. Hello Ang, love the photo of the back of your car, I can still see Patricia and her long legs!!
    Gorgeous card, love your colours and the beautiful die.
    Thank you for the email with the recipe, tipical Alistair said a recipe was no good he needed the chocolate. I'll maybe give it a go for his xmas gift, hugs Kate x

  8. Fab card and love how you have made the snow it definitely looks snowflakey!! and like you think this should definitely be a word xx GailT xx

  9. This one is a true gift in itself, Ang! I am gaga over the way you've done your 'snow' die and the snowflakey (which IS a word in the Darnell Dickshunary) bow is THE perfect bow for this work of art!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Brilliant card, love the "mica" effect, beautiful bow and the design.
    Did you remember to press the "publish" button. That was the thing I could not get my head round ... press publish even it was a scheduled post!!!
    Yep!! the "missing" would be ME!!!
    Have a great weekend.

    Patricia xxx

  11. Hi Ang! Beautiful card! Love the sparkly snow effect! Now we know how hard it was for Patricia to get out of your car. I think I would have had the same problem. Have a great day!

  12. Good evening Ang,
    I really do love your beautiful card that you have made for us today. I can now finally make one up as well since I have now received my let it snow die. Thank you for bringing such beauty to us and I love your bow that you have put with it. A beautiful gift for anyone,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (glenochil village)

  13. Lovely card Ang. Was looking forward to more pics in your tutorial, but guess I can use my imagination,
    Janice W

  14. Hi Ang

    Really love your card today, and the bow is gorgeous.

    Miss seeing you on my blog, maybe it will sort it's self out one day. Would love to know about the episode in the car, it has to funny as you reminded Patricia again.
    I know I wouldn't have been there to witness what went on in car, but really sad I didn't get to meet you all.

    Tina XX

  15. Fabulous die the colour tones and the design is gorgeous.thanks also for the tutorial below, love making flowers so will have a go at this...sorry not been around much, am with dad most days all day....[yawn]..have a great weekend...
    aNNie xxxx
    The Journey is the Start

  16. Morning Ang,
    Love how you have used the die cut, very pretty, and the mica adds a nice touch.
    Good bow too.

  17. Love your card and the bow is gorgeous, thanks for the tip ex idea .
    Elaine H x

  18. Good morning Ang
    What a beautiful and elegant looking card absolutely gorgeous and super instructions too.
    I too have heard all about your car and the happenings after you night out with Patricia and co!
    Margaret corgi owner

  19. Hi Ang, fabulous card, love the effect with the mica on the 'snow' die. Adore your ribbon snowflake, looks ace, brilliant to put on top of Christmas presents.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Wonderful card , i love his design.

  21. Bonsoir Ang - I heard you had a fab time at the NEC although you missed the BOGOF Sues of course - lol!!!! Lurve your Let it Snow card very muchly - can't beat a good snowball or two. Great die as well, think I might have this one somewhere!

    Lots of hugs to you Sue Pxxx

    PS I really enjoyed your tut on the fuschia flowers - ain't it easy when you know how!!! I shall be having a go at these tout de suite!

  22. Hi Ang,
    oh you are a wicked lady Ang.
    Poor Patricia, I can sympathize with her as my daughter who takes me everywhere has a 2 door car too, and I'm not as slight as Patricia.
    Next year you had better get a roof rack to house me, and lots of ribbon to hold me on. lol.
    Love your superb creation by the way, and it's colour is fabulous.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  23. Hi Ang. What a lovely card. The Let it Snow die is gorgeous isn't it. Take care.

  24. Hi Ang, what a fab card, love the mica on the die cut, and the ribbon snowflake is stunning. I can just see someone at 5'8" unfolding out of that back seat. Must have been a sight to behold. Have a grand day. Bx

  25. Beautiful card and thank you for showing the Lis die. I have this die and love any idea showing me how I can use it. I also have the embossing folder so this is one to try this afternoon if I get time.

  26. Really beautiful card Ang. I am still trying to clean up little bit of paper stuck to the carpet. The lace die was just too complex to attach the Jac paper before cutting out.
    Poor Patricia is she not going to live it down.
    Margaret M

  27. PS Pop over today and see what I have left for you.
    Margaret M

  28. A beautiful card Ang, love the bow, I think you can buy a gadget to help you make bows like this, not that you need any help, your bow is very neat. Glad you have started making your Christmas cards ..... not long now. Janice xxx

  29. Gorgeous card Ang! Love the die cut and how you have used it!x

  30. A stunning card Ang, so classy! Thanks for letting me know what a truckle is! Sorry that I haven't been around for a while but its that time of the year again when I leave for Cape Town and I have tons of things to do, finishing scrap books, jewellery and quilts etc. and of course I leave everything to the last minute! Michelle x

  31. Beautiful, beautiful card Ang - one of your prettiest I think. You are so fancy!
    Have I told you how very much I would love to live in Scotland?
    Sandy xx