Friday, 12 December 2014

Butterfly Thank You. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning my paddling chums. Hope you are all ok and not wind/rain lashed or under 2m of snow.
It has been a little gusty at The Pond (and not just remnants from last weekend's vindaloo). There's been a bit of rain but on the whole, blue skies (mind you, at time of typing, I think we're due an overnight deluge). 
I like to get washing out when there's a bit of a breeze but I don't like to risk me smalls when there's a chance of them ending up in another postcode (Sue, you still haven't returned that thong lol!).
Before I disappear on an underwear tangent, I would like to welcome Linda and D- to our happy band. Thank you for jumping in ladies and hope you will visit often.

So glad you liked my pouch (no, I'm not back on underwear again, I mean my last post). Kelly was pleased with it.

Now, today's card was born out of wanting to use a recent purchase of SB Diamond dies and also deciding that I should start using my rediculously large First Edition paper collection that has drifted into SABLE (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy. . . . . . a Darnellism) realms!

Cream card (Ross)
Black card (PMD)
First Edition 6x6 Noir et Chic paper
SB Classic Diamonds
SB Iron Work Motifs (the black die cut "hugging" the sentiment
SB Fancy Framed Tags One (the oval centre)
SB Butterflies (2 sets)
Splodgeaway Butterfly Masks (used to emboss)
Black bling and pearls

I am making some headway into the Christmas cards (I know, its getting late) but work and some sad news I've had about some friends recently, all pull me physically and mentally away from my craft room. 
On the upside, I had a fab afternoon at John's last Thursday with himself and Wendy (Spanish Crafter). We all exchanged gifts, some crafty some edible and lots of chatting and laughing. 

Look at what Wendy made for me. . . . . . .

Her beautiful pins. I said that she should start selling them again as they are magnificent. Here is the link for them. . . . . Wendy's Pins. And, they are a great price too. I have also put a link on my side bar.

I also had a bit of a Vicar of Dibley Christmas 1996 moment. . . . . . . . 
Mr D and I had some, friends also visiting from Spain, that we were going out with for a meal on Thursday night. Wendy and I weren't sure what the plan was about food with John so I had a good breakfast before I went.
Mid afternoon, John suggested going out for lunch so I thought I could just have a sandwich but we went to a Harvester and now, they don't do snack type things like they used to.
And where do you think me and Mr D were booked in with friends that evening????? Yup, you guessed it but I hadn't the heart to say anything to John and Wendy en route so I had what I thought would be the smallest thing on the menu but I couldn't finish it.
Fast forward 8pm. Still feeling full, I'm at another Harvester ordering grilled chicken breast and jacket spud (how bland can you get) and thankfully, there were no sprouts involved!!! Could hardly move when we left there.
Spent most of the night in and out of bed (you get my drift) and you could've played the drum beat from In The Air Tonight on my stomach, it was that taut.
Had to be out early to the airport sale at the NEC on the Friday morning and Nesta had to drive so I could sprawl in the passenger seat. Then, we were meeting some old work colleagues for lunch at a Thai restaurant. . . . . .didn't I just need that! It was a small red curry, unfinished, then nothing else until Saturday afternoon.
Never again!!!!!!!

Well, after you all thinking "greedy/daft Duck!" I shall sign off by saying . . . . . .


Ang x


  1. Tee hee, sounds like something out of one of those carry On films, can imagine your face, trying to please everyone but feeling extremely bloated at the same time lol! Glad you had a happy time with John & Wendy and Wendy's pins are gorgeous, I have told her I shall order some after Christmas.

    Love your card Ang, great use of all the dies.

    Have a wonderful day, I am off to work soon wearing my Christmas Jumper for Christmas Jumper Day and we are all meeting in the refectory for a cooked breakfast yum yum!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Hi Ang, well that really made me laugh this morning, wonder what the staff at the Harvester thought. Glad you had a great time with John and Wendy, both of them are very talented. Love Wendy's pins. Your card today is really stunning. love the diamond pattern down the side. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Hi Ang. I love this card, it is beautiful. I love how you have embossed the larger butterflies. Your poor tum must have wondered what you were doing to it! I don't think you knew that you can just have salad as your main meal there? That's not much help to you now I know, but bear it in mind just in case you are ever in that position again. I love their blue cheese dressing, yum. Take care.

  4. This is gorgeous Ang, fantastic design, love the embossed butterflies along with the dies cuts.
    Thanks for the link. xxxxx

  5. Lovely Ang. Love anything to do with butterflies.
    You made me laugh with your Harvester story. Hope your tum's settled down now.
    I'm out tonight with our local group for a Christmas meal and a bit of dancing afterwards. I bought new shoes so I've been wearing them in the house all weeke to get used to them but I can see them being kecked off when i'm dancing.
    Bye for now.
    love val x

  6. Wow Ang! My favourite butterfly card ever! The black and yellow are dreamy together! Love the debossed butterflies and the diamond peek holes are genius! Sounds like you had a good time with John and Wendy, the pins you got are fabulous! Hope your tummy is feeling better. holiday hugs :)

  7. fab card Ang ,love the butterflies embossed and cut ,sounds like you had a great time with John and Wendy [apart from the too much food bit ].Laura O

  8. Morning Ang,
    Your post today gave me smile, I could just see sprawled out after eating too much.
    Love your card, great use of the diamond die, very clever.

  9. Hi Ang,
    Me again I forgot to say that I purchased some of Wendy's pins a while back they are really pretty and inexpensive, well worth buying.

  10. Beautiful card Ang ,i love butterflies....
    Elaine H X

  11. A really beautiful card Ang I do so love butterflies reminds me of summer. I really do feel for you after all that eating, goodness you must have been full to bursting! Sounds like a real call for Gaviscon to me hope you have recovered, I suppose you could say it was training for the 25th perhaps.
    Margaret corgi owner

  12. Beautiful butterfly card!! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  13. Hi Ang! Gorgeous cards! Love the butterflies. Perhaps you were inspired by my recent card? I don't know how you even managed to eat all that food. Sounds like you were miserable. Typical of the holiday season. Then diet time in January LOL. Have a great day Ang!

  14. Hopefully 3rd time lucky with this comment.
    A stunning card, love, love, love everything about it.
    Those "pins" are beautiful, lucky you.
    Hope your tummy is getting back to normal once again.
    If the "pond" was in this neck of the woods we would need "skates" to get around!!!

    Patricia xxx

  15. Brilliant card and so unusual - luv the embossed butterflies and the paper is lovely too xx can just imagine how you felt after eating all that food but at least it has given you some practice for Chrstimas day!! xx the stick pins are fab too - what a lovely gift from Wendy - have a lovely weekend xx GailT xx

  16. Evening Ang, you had me smiling when I read your blog.... At this time of year we are all about to eat more than we normally do, so good on you for getting in practise early LOL. I have also bought some pins from Wendy, they are so nice that I'm afraid to say I haven't used them yet as they are too good to put on a card. Love the way you have done your card with the paper behind the main card. - Thanks also for the kind comments on my blog. Have a relaxing evening and weekend if you're able to. Janice xxx

  17. This is such a gorgeous card. I love those diamonds. A tad but chilly for thong wear isn't it! Hugs mrs A.

  18. Good morning Ang, Your card is beautiful, and good for using some of your beloved first edition papers. Have you learnt from your foodie few days??? No you will do it again at some point , we all do!! But when you stop and think there are folk out there who eat like that all the time, and a lot will do it over Christmas.
    Hope work isn't to manic, was in the store in Dundee during the week and it was busy, thought of poor you and all little darlings that will be touching everything!!!
    Take care while driving in this awful weather. Glad the winter tyres are on the cars is all I can say. Hazel x

  19. Helo Ang, oh I do sympathise on the stomach front, I went through a spell where I seemed to be doing nothing but eat, and felt awul and raging high BG wasn't the least of it, I won't go any further as it's tea time.
    Now your card is truly so elegant, what a beautiful design and colour theme, I just love everything about it.
    Keep safe and warm, hugs Kate x

  20. Hee hee! I can just imagine your expression when you were presented with all this food! I bet your feathers had a slight green tinge too! Today's card is gorgeous So effective Thank you for Wendy's link I love to see the hat pins but never knew where to look Hayley West osted a site where we can sell crafting goodies and you only pay a sellers fee - not like eBay where you have to pay listing...? I don't sell so can't say which/what is good Bur it may be worth a look