Sunday, 8 March 2015

Blue Birthday. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everybody. How's it hanging? Fandabidozi I hope?

Have to say, its been lovely to see a couple of the ladies who have been missing from their blogs for some time (Ita and Wilma) back in the crafting saddle again. You have been missed ladies.

Also, a splashy welcome to Amy who has dared to push the followers button. Many thanks and I hope you enjoy the ride. Thank you also for all of the comments that seem to have risen of late. I know that we can all be time poor in our busy lives so I do appreciate them, from the heart of my bottom!!!

I hate to mention this in front of my Scottish chums but the weather here has been glorious the last few days. Yesterday, I managed to get 2 washes out and dried in gorgeous warm sunshine. We also haven't had the heating on for 2 days, hurrah!!!

Now, today's card is one I made for my nephew, who was 14 and doesn't really have any hobbies. He just does a bit of everything lol!!! so, I decided just to do something simple and general in blue. I decided to use a happy birthday embossing folder with a sort of letter pressing technique. Instead of covering the folder in Versamark, I just kinda dabbed it all over to see what would happen and after heat embossing with clear powder and inking over, you can see it achieved this mottledy effect. . . . . . . . . .I think it looks allright and different.

White card
Peacock blue pearl card (Lime Tree crafts)
Silver mirror card
Papermania 5x7 "Happy Birthday" embossing folder
Krylon silver pen
Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Broken China and Tumbled Glass DI

Nothing flash but he's not a flash lad so it suited him. I got a "thank you" but you don't get much more out of teenage lads do you, hahaha!!!

Would be a very easy batch card to do for a stall or charity and you could obviously change the colour to suit.

Well, I saw the disappointing news that Sue J and Paul are not coming to the NEC boooooo hooooo. I'm just beside myself that Christine and I may have to cope with Sue P, her apple catchers (still trying to figure out what they are) and vibrating foot ooojit, unaided lol!!! 

I also wanted to say that I hadn't given up anything for Lent (even housework!!!) but I do try and do, what I call a "random act of kindness" whenever I am out and about even if its just smiling at someone (did think about doing it with some black chewing gum just to spice things up a bit) or reaching up to a high shelf in the supermarket for an elderly person. Seems to be good for the soul as it makes me feel better for doing something like that.

On that note, I shall bid you adieu and all the best.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . T-7 for new F1 season. . . . . . excited girlie!!!


  1. Morning Ang,
    Great boy card. and as you say good for batch card making.

  2. Good morning Ang, I for one think your card is just brilliant mottled or not.....!!!
    Joking apart it is perfect for any male, you know what they are like.
    Now apart from yesterday when it rained,rained, and even more rained we have had wonderful sunny weather for the past 2 weeks. Blooming freezing yes!! but hey! ho! we can't have everything now can we. Washing dried outside, brought in, ironed and put away all in the same day ... fantastic.
    Hope the sun is shining for you today .. it is dry here but the Sun is not quite "up" yet however it's Sunday maybe having a wee lie in.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Good morning Ang,

    Like the random effect your achieved with your dabbing, makes the most of a simple theme embossing folder...I have a Cuttlebug HB folder that's very similar in look and must try this technique with it...tfs


  4. Great card for a teenager Ang. You are lucky to get a thank you - these days manners seem to have flown out of the window. People seem to take things rather for granted. Maybe not taught at home when young which is when it counts. Gorgeous here yesterday too - but still lit the woodburners early evening! Hugs Christine

  5. Hi Ang. Love this card, perfect for those lads that are not "into" anything in particular. I really like the mottled effect, will have to give that a go. Have a good day. Take care.

  6. Hi Ang, yes I agree with the previous comments, a good card for a lad and great for batch cards, I like how you have created the mottled effect. Regards,

  7. Morning Ang,

    Gorgeous card, love the effect you have made, very different. I am sure he loved it even if he didn't say much, I think kids are more interested at what may be inside rather than the card itself lol!

    Have a fabulous time at the NEC, wish I could make it, one day...why do they not have these things in school holidays lol!

    Have a great day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Hi, great male card, I always struggle for male card ideas but this is so effective. Have a lovely day Gail xxx

  9. Great card for a youth that isn't into anything, So hard to make one for, xxxx

  10. Your just "kinda dabbed" worked fantastically! Really gorgeous card, love the colours too. Michelle x

  11. Hi Ang, great card for a teenager that does not have a specific interest. Love the vibrant blue. Must try this technique. Have a great day. Bx

  12. Success Ang, you got a thank you! Brilliant card though, very good idea. Been lovely and sunny here for a few days, yesterday I scrubbed out the wheelie bins I inherited when I moved here as there is no wheelie bin washerer around here. They are not the easiest thing to do I can tell you!! But I feel better for doing it! So, prediction time, who will triumph this year.....Daniel??...Lewis?? looking forward to next weekend. love from Jackie xx

  13. Great idea for somebody that doesn't have specific hobbies and I like the mottled effect - Well I've gone and done it! I have created my own blog. Got a bit confused with settings and stuff, so I hope I haven't made a real booboo and get lynched or something. I haven't got my head around how to advertise other people's blogs even though they're on my reading list. Would you be kind enough and visit and see what you think

    1. Tried to find your blog but nothing comes up when I search, is the address correct?


    2. Just copy and paste Michelle.That's the easiest way

  14. I'm one who definitely appreciates random acts of kindness, as I sit in a mobility scooter a lot of the time. I can reach the high shelves, but it does entale me having to get everything off my lap and stand up (with the aid of a stick, so its quilt involved.

    So thank you for highlighting what you do. Not that I've ever been refused when I have asked, so people are definitely kind to me, especially when they see my predicament.

  15. Lovely card &very useful for those difficult to make cards for people!


  16. Hi Ang. Neet technique. Very rustic. Great masculine card. Have a great day.

  17. Awww Ang I have a lump in my throat reading this..I'm so sorry we can't be there I was really looking forward to it just make sure you keep that Sue P in check! lol and I can't wait to hear that she told you what her apple catchers are because she was going to leave me the job hahahaha...fabulous card love the colour lots and lots of huggles Sue xxxxx

  18. What a fantastic card for a teenager or any male, love as its different yet very effective. Hazel xxx

  19. Great look to this card, a bit different, and perfect for the boys.
    Janice W

  20. Brilliant card for a teen guy, love the gorgeous colour too. Love it all, hugs Kate x

  21. Hello Ang,
    What a simple card for a "young" man. I don't mean that as an insult!! it's great for that awkward "in-between" age when boys get too old for childish but not old enough for more sophisticated.
    I think I've managed to dig that hole deep enough now for me to jump in lol!!!
    I do love it xxxx

  22. This card is fab - love the emboss folder and the technique you have used ( a bit frantage-ish) like you say brilliant for batch making too xx GailT xx

  23. Is that a mixed media card I am seeing right now?? Awesome!! Love the colours and your use of embossing, both dry and wet! Love me some Duck-ish mixed media! haha, hugs :)

  24. Ang, what a fabulous design...embossing and mixed media...awesome.xx{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  25. This is a great card!! Love the embossing technique!!