Sunday, 19 April 2015

Crazy Daisies. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope that this finds your tickety very boo. My voice has now evolved to a cross between Norman Collier and Frank Ifield. In fact, if I speak for long enough, dogs appear on my doorstep lol!!!

Firstly, I extend a very warm welcome to Anneke who has kindly pressed the follow button. Only another 3 to go to 100 lovely followers and I have a super paddle prize to send when we hit those dizzy heights.

Donna, you be careful in that snow
Jenny all dittys gratefully received chuck.
Elaine, me, write a book? Yikes! Well, I suppose I could make it available on the NHS as a cure for insomnia hahaha!

Now, today's card was born just out of having a play with John Lockwood's Daisy Corner Elements stamp set.

I made a mask for each of the three flowers I used and just went on a stamping frenzy.
I stamped the daisies in Memento London Fog as I thought black may be too harsh. I then coloured the centres in black to make them stand out.

The sentiment from the stamp set, is recessed into the card.

White card (6x6)
Orange and black card (Lidl)
John Lockwood Daisy Corner Elements stamps
Card-io stamps (the butterflies)
X-cut circle die
Memento Dew Drop inks
Staedler Tri Plus Fineliners
Royal and Langnickel Watercolour Pencils
Pound shop felt tips (just being honest lol!!!)

Hope that I have managed to do my matey's stamps some justice, as you all know I am not a colourist by any stretch of the imagination.

I popped in on John at his demo day at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts (rather appropriately) yesterday, where he was doing his thang with Hels Sheridan and Pauline Wheeler. He is there again today if anyone is in the vicinity.

Well, its another day let loose at the shop on my own. I guess they figured I didn't manage to destroy the place last Tuesday, so they'd give me another chance to do it today hahaha!!!
This was bad rota-ing by my manager as its a live F1 GP from Bahrain this afternoon, and I shall therefore be having to drive like Lewis Hamilton to get home after closing time so I don't miss too much of the race. . . . . . . . . . . only joking if any of you fine people happen to belong to the local constabulary!

Should be interesting at work if my voice is no better. . . . . Lord help anyone who comes in with a hearing aid, they'll think the battery is on the blink lol!!! I may have to resort to hand gestures. . . . . . I bet you can guess a couple of them already hahaha!!!

Anyhoo, enjoy your Sunday folks and be good.

Ang x


  1. Love your daisy card, I like how you have recessed the sentiment, might try that! Gail xx

  2. Super bright cheery card Ang. I'm chuckling imagining the hand gestures .......!!
    Hope your voice improves and that you have a good day. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Gorgeous card Ang, nice and flat for posting too. You have done Johns stamp perfect justice, looks great and a fab idea doing the masking too xxx

  4. Ang, a beautiful cheerful card, love sunflowers and you have just got the right balance on your card. Oh dear not good about the voice! Can't believe that your shop is open on a Sunday? Yes bad day to be working when the F1 is on??? Hazel x

  5. Hi Ang, hope your day goes ok and you get home in time for the GP, try rest your voice as much as you can, I am sure hand gestures will work. Love todays card, as it is sunny and bright to brighten a rather dull day, like the layout with the circle in the corner. One to try methinks. Take care. Bx

  6. Just had a catch up on all the lovely cards on your blog that I have missed. Love them all great work.
    Got back early today from the aged care facility as my eldest daughter and I took hubby out shopping this morning and he was shattered by the time we got back. However tired he was his face fell when we left, just like leaving a child in kinder. They do tell me that he is better when I am not there!

  7. Love the card, a bright splash of sunshine, guaranteed to cheer the dullest person.
    What have you done to have your voice at this end of the scale? Surely you were not shouting at Mr Duck?
    Janice W

  8. Morning Ang,
    Sorry to hear you are still suffering with your voice, must be annoying for you.
    I love you card, bey John will love what you have done with his stamps as well. I great idea, may pinch it if you don't mind.
    Hope you don't miss too much of the GP.

  9. I missed commenting yesterday (where was I, who am I) and can't remember why I live this summery card and you've done a perfect job using John's stamps they look like sunflowers which adds to the stamp's versatility I'm surprised that the shop is open on a Sunday Hope you get home in time to see race Do what my son in law does - record it and ban the tv radio and talking/texting his mates until after he's watched it

  10. Very pretty Ang.
    Hope the sniffles get better soon.
    Mentioning Frank Ifield takes me back to my youth when i was one of the screaming teenages watching him ar the Liverpool Empire. I went round to the stage door to get his autograph and actually kissed his cheek -sigh. Those were the days!
    Have a quiet day at work.
    Love Val x

  11. A beautiful card Ang, you did John's stamps justice. The colouring was fab too. Hope the voice gets back to it's loud volume soon !!! Lol x . Have a good day at work. Janice xxx

  12. Hi Ang
    A lovely card, yep you did Johns stamp justice ,he will be proud of you.
    Sorry to hear about your voice { i bet Mr D is in heaven from all the clucking }
    Hope you get home in time for the race .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  13. Hi Ang you've done John proud with your use of his daisies, very cheery card. Make sure you give your manager the rest of this year's F1 schedule can't have you missing any more races love from Jackie xx

  14. Lol! Brilliant post, great use of John's stamps and beautifully coloured.

    Hope you made the Grand Prix lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Hi Ang,
    Wowee, this is a belter. And I know at least 3 people I could send my version of this to, so thanks for that!!!
    Now don't worry about losing your voice, just do the usual hand signals and people will get the message lol.
    F1 - I can think of a gesture for that. Don't worry, I'll sit and watch some paint dry and tell you all about it - same thing really. (Ooh I do love to wind you up - I had better watch out though because you'll block me from your blog). I love, love, love what's his name who drives that thingy, I think his name is Sterling Moss. ha ha got you going there didn't I?
    Maureen - ok I'm going into the dog house now - xxx
    P.s. I hope the shop survives and do drive carefully home.

  16. Hi Ang, so sorry about your voice, hope it gets back to normal soon.
    Gorgeous card, I love John's stamps and you have used them fabulously here, lovely shades of yellow and a great design.
    Hugs Kate x

  17. Ooh, dear, you are the third one not well this morning (I follow several blogs), so please get well soon. Love the card, very sunny - I'm wanting to get his latest cherry blossom acessories ( I think that's what he called it). Cant find it for sale anywhere yet, so I presume C&C will have it in the week - but I don't like paying their shipping costs - it could come in the ordinary post for less than half of their charge. (and none of their free P&P was free for us in Ireland this weekend).

  18. Beautiful card Ang, you really did an amazing job with the masking, I thought it was one big huge stamp at first.

    Perhaps you should just make 3 cards that you can hold up to customers. One that says YES, one that says NO and one that says OVER THERE. That should about cover it. Give you a little peace and quiet to boot! hugs :)

  19. I love how cheerful your card is. It could be used for several occasions. Thanks for the tips of how you made it. I'll have to try it soon. I hope your voice improves soon. My hubby says it is so quiet around here when I lose my voice. haha

  20. What a beautiful sunny card, love it!
    Lynne x

  21. Hi Ang
    Love your card - so cheerful. Someone recently gave me tHe tip of using grey for stamping outlines. It makes it look like a pencil drawing. Looks very effective. GP is just about to start. Come on Lewis! Shocked the Jenson's car isn't even starting. :(. Hope your day in the shop went well.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  22. Hi
    pretty daisies , welcome to the spring. hugs

  23. Beautiful card, perfect for a day like today. Dull to start but brilliant sunshine later.


  24. Hi Ang,
    oh what a very super creation.
    I think you have done a superb job of the daisies, and they are coloured so well.
    Lovely design as always.
    Oh that demo sounded wonderful, and it's great pity I don't live anywhere near.
    I may live in the heart of Kent but my part of Kent is so hopeless for anything like that, and now our useless craft sore has closed, so it's just the internet for me, but there are some things that need to be seen.
    STEADY Now on that drive home we are not going to see you on caught on the camera, haven't you heard of Catch Up TV. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  25. Good evening Ang, love, love, love your stunning card. The Sunflowers/Daisies are beautiful and a great design.
    Hope you managed to get home on time and one piece to watch the Racing!!!
    Patricia xxx

  26. Fantastic and as Patricia says could be sunflowers! Love it! Xxx

  27. Think you did your matey proud - this is a stunning card and you are definitely a colourist!! hope yiu didn't miss too much of the F1 xx GailT xx

  28. Fantastic and colourful card so spring like and I am sure John will be pleased to see his beautiful stamps used this way! Take care Jane B.

  29. Stunning card Ang. My favourite flowers! Hope your voice is back to normal. Michelle x

  30. HI Ang! Wow -- I love what you did with this daisy stamp! Gorgeous card! Sorry you had to work today and your voice is gone! Snow's all melted now and were back to spring weather! Have a great day!

  31. Beautiful stamping Ang and the colours are perfect.
    Debs xx

  32. Fab bright & cheerful card, love the way you have added the sentiment.
    Carole x

  33. This card is so pretty and happy! Love the flowers!! Hugs!

  34. Good morning Ang,
    Such a bright, cheerful card, it would brighten anyone's day!
    Sandra xxx

  35. Oh, my, Ang, your stamping frenzy ended up creating the most breathtaking daisy card! Complete with butterflies, no less! It's fabulous, darling!! Sorry to hear about your voice and your rude hand gestures which will clear out the place, thus making it easy solo duty for you. Hmmm? I know, I'm a genius! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  36. Just love this fabulous creation...very well displayed.xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  37. You are bringing sunshine into your lives with that fab card of yours! You'll get 3 more followers in no time! Unfortunately I can only follow you once...