Monday, 11 May 2015

Weaving With Love. . . . . . .

Good morning my dear blogging chums. Hope you are all ok?

I'm afraid this is going to be short and hopefully sweet as I've a bit of a painful couple of days, with the anniversary of my Dad's passing (never gets any easier), being busy at work, losing my Blogger reading list (grrrrrr) and leaning awkwardly on my wrist and it bloomin aches!!!
Not good when there's typing to be done as well as cleaning windows. . . . . .thank heavens for a left hand too lol!!!

So apologies for being behind with comments and for the how late in the day they have been but it has depended on I can get into my reading list and when the painkillers have kicked in hahaha!!!

Now, today is another card showcasing John's stamps, both as seen on Create and Craft. Would love to say its Sue's weaving dies in the aperture but it was just hand cut strips of card. I staggered the weave to give a different look to the pattern.

Ivory card
Black card
Striplet outer edge die
John Lockwood Flower Heart Elements Stamps
John Lockwood Cheer Blossom Stamps
That Special Touch Elegance Border Mask (x2)
Black Archival ink pad
Black pearls

This was one of those cards that didn't quite come out as envisioned but I still liked anyway lol!!!

Thank you for your comments on my cards using John's stamps. I am very lucky to get to work with them.

Just before I waddle off, I just wanted to say congratulations to Jackie D and Karen for their wins on Sue's blog. You're lucky girlies!
Also, for those of you have not seen Jacquie's blog, sadly her Mum in Law has passed away so sincere and heartfelt sympathies to Jacquie and her family.

Will waddle now as this has taken an age to type two fingered (steady !!!) and left handed.

Take care all.

Ang x


  1. Hello Ang, oh dear you are in the wars, hope the wrist is better. Love this card, it is very elegant, especially with the embossed border. Sending you hugs, may the happy memories ease the pain a little. Take care. Bx

  2. Hi There, just found your blog have seen your comments on Sue,s blog and Julia,s and John showed some of your cards on his show on C&C but just noticed the link so will be checking in with every one else every morning as your cards are stunning I think John showed this one on tv and it it beautiful. Good luck with your blog.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Good morning Ang, your in a right bad way are your not?? Sending a few (((hugs)))
    Love your card different and shows we don't all have to rush out to get the "weaving Dies"
    Hope as the day goes on you feel better
    Patricia xxx

  4. Good morning,What a beautiful card ,very stylish,love it .have a nice day Jane B.

  5. Hi Ang
    Hope the pain killers kick in soon , nothing worse than being in pain , a very lovely card again i love your weaving,
    Elaine H X

  6. Love this elegant card Ang. The stamping is lovely. It's years since I did any paper weaving, and as Patricia said we don't actually need the dies, although dies make life a bit easier. Hope your hand improves soon. Hugs Christine xx

  7. Morning Ang, sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good, hope you recover soon. A lovely card today with the weaving looking great. Have a good day. Janice xxx

  8. Morning Ang,
    Sorry to hear you have been in the wars, take more card of yourself.
    Love your card, very classy.

  9. Morning Ang,

    Thought I would quickly comment, fabulous card my friend, love it all especially the embossing down the side so beautiful. Did not see this one on C&C I must have missed it, mind you I still have not got round to watching them all yet lol! Thanks for the mention, so kind of you.

    Take care and I hope the pain killers have kicked in,

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. This is a fab design Ang, loved the cards on Johns shows too, Try to keep well, xxx

  11. Hi Ang, I am not looking at my fav blogs just yet, need to go out for refills,but just wanted to say this is an absolutely stunning card before I go. I love the colour,the design of the stamps, and the embossing on the side. Love it. X Ros

  12. Hi Ang. Love the card, great weaving pattern and stamping too. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good at the moment. I hope the wrist heals quickly.
    Jacquie, my condolences to you on the loss of your mum in law.
    Take care x

  13. Hi Ang, I'm sorry you are having pain with your wrist, difficult to rest it when you have to work. Hope you have it well supported.
    No the anniversaries of loved ones like parents don't get easier, just have to find a way of coping, I hope that you can.
    Another gorgeous card, lovely technique and tha embossed strip is so lovely.
    You take care, hugs Kate x

  14. What a start to the week Hope the wrist has improved! Lovely card The weaving looks great I couldn't believe I'd won a set of dies on Sue's blog Striplet dies and John's Striplet stamps are my favourite at the mo
    I wonder if she's going to do a Christmas Striplet... ?

  15. Hope your wrist gets better soon Ang! and anniversary's of losing loved ones never ever gets easier ...your card is fab and love that weaving huggles Sue xxx

  16. Lovely card-very classy. Hope you soon recover from your injury.


  17. Hi Ang,
    oh you poor thing with a poorly wrist.
    I hope it gets better soon.
    Love this super creation today.
    What fab stamping and designing.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. I hope you're feeling better soon. This is a very beautiful card today. Thanks for the weaving inspiration.

  19. Hallo Ang sorry to be so late but it has been one of those days rushing here there and everywhere and so much paperwork to do. Had a lovely time on Saturday though seeing John at work so its a shame you won't be able to join him this week. So sorry you have been in the wars but hope you are feeling better tonight, can't have your crafting interrupted. Despite everything you have made a lovely card here so keep smiling. Love from Jackie xx

  20. Fab card Mrs D and love the weaving you have done - wow you are having it a bit rough at the mo chick - I know what you mean about anniversaries it is always hard but I just think that my parents are back together and take some comfort from that xx hopefully your wrist will feel better as quick as you hurt it!! Hope that makes sense!!!! Bummer about your reading list - makes you wonder what happens, do some little demons come out in the middle of the night when we are knocking out the zzzzzz's and play hide & seek in our iPads!!!! chin up girl you have lots of folk thinking about you xx GailT xx

  21. Love the whole concept of this creation and that embossed side is fabulous. xxx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  22. Thank you so much to going to the trouble to still post to us, even though one wing was out of action. I hope it gets better soon, not being able to fly must be aggravating.
    Love the card, and I couldnt justify my cash for a die that basically cut decent strips. I know they had a bit more to them, but even so.
    Love your card, and the staggered weaving. I really must try some recessed ideas one of these days.

  23. Oh dear, Ang, all these horrible things happening to you at once, but never the loss of your fantastic sense of humour. Hope your wrist is healing. My reading list comes and goes and is hugely irritating. Your card is fabulous as always. How clever to cut the strips and stagger them. Michelle x

  24. Seems like you are having a wretched week Ang. I'm so sorry to hear that. Love the card. Wonderful weaving and the black and white theme is very elegant. see you again soon, hugs :)

  25. Gorgeous card Ang - the paper weaving is awesome.
    Debs xx