Monday, 8 June 2015

Evening Acceptance. . . . . . . . .

Good morning blogging chums. Hope you are all well? To poor Jacquie, who I know is not a well girlie, mega get well wishes chuck.

I did go back to work on Tuesday but as suspected, my boss kept me behind the scenes so I didn't scare off the customers (Well, I was more scabby than Mrs Scab of Scabsville !!!). 
So, I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom (something I've been itching, pun intended lol, to do since I started there) and also tidied the tagging/steaming room.
Consequently, I went home exhausted as I did too much too soon. Luckily, I wasn't back in until Friday and as the concealer was now able to be deployed in copious amounts (think like plastering a wall), I was in the shop so more able to pace myself. I never imagined how bad Chicken Pox could be in an adult.

Now, one of the sad consequences of my poxation was that I had sent the above but then we couldn't attend.

Nesta's niece and her fella were getting married and myself and Mr D had been invited to the evening do with this lovely invite. . . . . . . . 

So, I decided to make an acceptance, in the same vein but not as an a direct copy.

White linen card (PMD)
Sue Wilson Gemini Cygnus die
CE crocheted ribbon
Pink satin ribbon
CE heart gem
Cosmic Shimmer Pastel Lilac PVA Pearls (they come out baby pink)
Computer generated sentiment

I felt so sad that we couldn't go as I've known Julie since she was knee high to a grasshopper but I was in full throttle fever in bed, with swollen joints, wondering what was wrong with me (the spots hadn't appeared at that point).

Fortunately, I had already made the wedding card so that was able to be delivered to the happy couple. That will be on my next post, if you can pop back later in the week folks.

Well, that's me for today. Here's hoping that this week is kind to you all.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, glad to hear the chickenpox is finally taking its leave and you get your strength back. I had German measles when I was about thirty and boy did I know about it, children are so resilient with these illnesses. Looks like a nice day here so might get the garden done
    Your evening acceptance card is beautiful and a lovely idea to tie it into the invitation, such a lovely idea.
    Take care
    Jean x

  2. Awe!! Ang that's a pity you did not manage to go after making that stunning card.
    The design is brilliant, love it.
    John Jnr had chickenpox when he was Approx 40 and ill for quite a few weeks. His spots were also on his face ..... he just grew a beard to hide them. Something that would not be on the cards (no pun intended) for you so just keep using the concealer!!!
    Hugs. Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang. What a shame you had to miss Julie's evening do but they will have loved the pretty Acceptance card that you made. I love how you made it similar to their invite.
    Sorry that you tired yourself out on Tuesday but I'm glad that you are feeling much better now : ) Take care x

  4. Shame you missed it but I bet you will see lots los pics. Stunning card though, my friend bought this die for me for Xmas, it is gorgeous, xxx
    Chicken pox is awful for adults, I was about 25 when I caught it from the boys and they just sailed through it!!!

  5. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful, what a shame you missed the evening do. Pleased to hear you are better, bet it knocked you for six.

  6. Sorry you couldn't attend, but so glad you are on the mend. I know what you mean about getting CP as an adult, one of my children gave it to me and her sister at the same time. I have never felt so ill. Get well soon, and don't overdo it!

  7. Good morning Ang, so glad to see you are on the mend - next time you feel a cleaning frenzy taking over may I be the first recipient on the list!!! So sorry you had to miss the reception and after making such a wonderful acceptance card. I think you should go into wedding stationery. Well what did you make of yesterday, quite an eventful race compared to some others, pity Jenson is having all the bad luck though. Make sure you rest a lot this week, don't want it flaring up again, love from Jackie xx

  8. Hi Ang,

    Stunning card, love how you have sort of mimicked the invite.
    Thank you so much for the mention, lovely of you, getting there slowly though today is a bad day!
    So glad you are on the mend, surprising how some diseases affect the body isn't it? Don't over do it, follow your own advice my friend lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. What a truly elegant way to accept an invitation Ange, such a pity you couldn't attend.
    Glad to hear that you're on the mend, never had chickenpox myself and after hearing of your experiences I hope I never do!!
    Take care
    Lynne x

  10. So glad you are nearly over your chicken pox Mrs Duck! This is such an elegant card, the crochet ribbon is stunning. What a pity that you couldn't attend the wedding, look forward to seeing the wedding card. Michelle x

  11. Pity you missed the celebration Ang, but the card is really lovely. Glad you are better but do take it easy!! Hugs Christine xx

  12. Hi Ang, good to hear your still improving, even although there is now a shortage of concealer around.
    What a shame you had to miss the wedding, but your card is absolutely gorgeous, love the border, and the embellishments.
    Still take it easy though, and don't overdo things, hugs Kate x

  13. So very happy you are feeling much better! Pox in adults can be deadly, for real, so you are one very immune healthy adult. That is great for you! Now don't work too hard too soon. (Giggle)

  14. So elegant Ang and so glad to hear you're feeling better
    Hugs Carole x

  15. Hi Ang, I'm pleased you are feeling much better. Your acceptance card is beautiful and elegant, such a pity you couldn't go.
    Love Maureen xx

  16. Hi Ang really glad your feeling a lot better but it does take it out of you I remember that too...wellllll this is gorgeous and dying to see your wedding card so sad you couldn't go:( Me and Sue P really behaved..ahemmmm we were good as gold honestly LOL huggles Sue xx

  17. Mrs D so pleased that you are now nearly 100% and unlike Patricia you haven't lost your mojo - your acceptance is gorgeous as, is the invite and can see where you got the inspiration but have put your own twist on it - it is truly lovely xx what a shame you couldn't attend maybe a catch up later to look at photos may be in order xx take care and try not to do too much too soon xx GailT xx

  18. Hi Ang, I really like this card, it's a great use of edger dies that makes it stunning.
    X Ros

  19. So beautiful and elegant Ang - love it.
    Debs xx

  20. So dainty and beautiful - how clever of you to match the invitation!
    Sandy xx

  21. What a gorgeous acceptance card, so sad you weren't able to be there. the fancy border is so intricate and perfect for the occasion. Hopefully they sent you lots of pics and texts to keep you updated during the event...I know that's what I would do! haha! Glad to hear that you're on the mend. hugs :)

  22. So stunning Ang, the perfect invite and acceptance...hope you are better too..
    thanks for the info re my old account. Someone from Indonesia hacked into it 12 mths ago hence why I had to 'close' it down but obviously someone is using it still....any idea how I complain to google about it as I have no{aNNie My Personal Blog}