Friday, 19 June 2015

Oldies for Friday. . . . . . . . .

Good morning my paddling chums. What a glorious few days of weather we have had.
Hope its been lovely where you are (I'm guessing you folks in Spain and other exotic climes will definitely be basking in the warm stuff)

We have another Wendy who has kindly clicked the "follow" button so welcome to Wendy Thompson and thanks for following the fun.

I also believe congratulations are in order for our Norah, who, if I've read correctly, has become a Grandma. Good wishes to you and your family chuck and of course wee Harry!

Thought today, I would feature the very first 3 cards I blogged when I started 2 years ago, as part of the Oldie for Friday funfest.
I don't think they look too bad (she says looking squint eyed between her fingers) but I hope I've moved along in my crafting journey (sorry, that's a bit X Factor isn't it hahaha!)

I still love the buddleja and have made various versions over the years 

As you see, there is still a definite floral theme running through my repertoire lol!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my last post  if you are a follower, by Sunday 21st June at 12pm BST for a chance to win a thank you prize.

Here's wishing you all a happy and sunny weekend.

Ang x 


  1. Good morning Ang, I do remember a couple of these and they stil look good. No need to squint or look through the fingers. We all make progress as time passes no matter how good or not so good when we started.
    Great colours and pretty flowers.
    Have a great day
    Patricia xxx

  2. Hi Ang, I love your flower cards, they are always so pretty and colourful, and we all make progress, it is all about trying and trying again. Have a lovely day. Congrats to Granny Norah and the family. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Morning Ang,
    I too remember a couple of these, are lovely. You do make lovely flowers.

  4. These card are very like some that I made many moons ago. Must look out some of my old photos as I don't think any of them got onto my blog.
    Margaret M.

  5. Hi Ang, i do remember a couple of your cards with such pretty flowers, it is nice to look back and see the styles and theme you did then and what you are doing now { a bit like fashion really ,always changing } ....Huge congrats to Granny Norah give him a cuddle from me.

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. I think they look pretty good Ang, 1st and 2nd especially, xxx

  7. Hi Ang, wonderful Oldies, I especially love the first one, with that gorgeous die in the background, love your shades of purple, hugs Kate x

  8. Oh yes these are the ones that I found when I clicked on to the little duck picture 2 years ago. Ok you have come on a bit, but doesn't everyone? But it's good to look back at these oldies. I loved what you had done then, and especially the buddleje one I still love it. Hazel x

  9. Hi Ang,

    These are gorgeous, love the Buddelia one, so, so pretty. Love the background on the first one too, yes you have moved on from then beautifully. Have a fabulous weekend

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Like the first one the best, the background is great.
    Have a good weekend.
    Lynne x

  11. Morning Ang, for "oldies" they are really good. I would be pleased to do them today !!. A bit cloudy here in Kent this morning, but hay fever still at high levels, Got watery eyes and itchy throat. Have a good day. Janice xxx

  12. HI Ang, I think these are really pretty cards, especially the first one.

  13. Hi Ang,
    I wish my first cards had been as good as these.
    Lovely cards Ang.

  14. Hi Ang send some sun over! It's not cold but has been grey and overcast for a few days now. I love your buddleia and it looks as nice now as it did the first time I saw it. Only highlights again this weekend unfortunately. Never mind we can still enjoy it. Have a good weekend love from Jackie xx

  15. Hi Ang,
    What do you mean these are oldies, I'm still making cards like that today !! lol
    Maureen xxx

  16. Wow Ang, how very interesting to see projects from way back. Looks like you have always had the same attention to detail as well as a bit of an addiction to fancy die cutting! HAHA!! Hope all is well in your neck of the pond, weather had been just dandy here, rain, sun, rain,'s like a game of weather tic tac toe! Have a great weekend, hugs :)

  17. Seems to me you've had the knack right from the start! Lovely cards all of them and my favourite would be the Buddleia, great work.

    Mary Mac

  18. Three fab cards that stand the test of time - nothing wrong with floral xx lol xx have a good weekend and fog lad I made you chuckle xx GailT xx

  19. Fab card Ang and your comment on my blog about Woody and his prick tomorrow LOL have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

  20. Lovely cards especially the first one.


  21. Love your blog, have been having fun looking back. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Stunning cards Ang - love the floral detailing and beautiful colours.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Debs xx

  23. They're all lovely Ang I have that lattice die and have only used it once (my MIL's birthday card this year) Now I've built up a stash of flower dies I think, after seeing your creation, I'll be using it more often - especially now that I'm not afraid to make boxes!
    Well the sunshine has disappeared and it's been raining Perfect weather for ducks I suppose

  24. PS I love the buddlea is it a die or flower soft Can't tell on my little iPod yes iPod not iPad screen

  25. You are making such pretty cards - lucky recipients have real keepsakes!
    Sandy xx

  26. Good evening Ang and little waders and paddlers,
    I do love the buddlea just might just pip it to the post for me.Boy you must have has some amount of patience a) cutting them all out and b) making them all into the shape of the stock/flower head. Just think that if this was you at the start of your blogging journey and you have got into more detail and designs since but i don't think that anyone could not wish for one of these delights today as they are all so lovely and i hope that the people that you took all the time to make these for still look at them with the love that went with each part and every minute in the making.
    Quack,quack for mentioning my little grandson and for all the lovely people that have wished him well since coming into the world on Tuesday, not quite expected this early but he is so cute. I have just had to make up wee tiny booties for him as he keeps losing his socks and booties that he has the now. Having seen how tiny his wee hands and feet are i think i will knit up a batch of them for the baby care unit as normal booties are no use, i have seen smaller wellies than them.
    Sending quacks to all at the duck pond,
    Norah (Granny/Nanny McPhee)

  27. Three beautiful cards Mrs Duck, well done you! Michelle x

  28. These are all very pretty cards!! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  29. Hi Ang,
    oh these are gorgeous.
    I love the Bud one it's fantastic, and my fave.
    Hope all is well on the pond these days.
    Love and hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  30. Jenny beat me to it. I also love the buddleja and it's my favourite of the 3.
    Hugs mrs A.