Thursday, 17 September 2015

Moving Along With The Times. . . . . . . . . . Hats and Scarves

Good morning paddling chums. Hope that you are all well. I noticed things have been little quiet of late. Hope its because you are doing fabulous and exciting things (either that or I have bored the gilding flakes of ya lol!!!

Thank you for your comments on my last card. I'm not big on green normally but I do like the CE Brunswick Green for Christmas.

Now today we have the latest challenge over at MAWTT and the lovely Janice has picked the theme which is . . . . . . . . .drum roll . . . . . . . . .Hats and Scarves!!!
Your creation must feature both (greedy girl Jan lol!!!)
Hope that you can join in or that you can pop over to see what my fellow team mates have come up with.

I reached  for my trusty Hunkydory Christmas packs again as I don't think I have anything else featuring a hat and scarf (apart from a snap of Mr Duck last Winter).

White card
Red card
Hunkydory topper and snowflake paper
Docrafts snowflake embossing folder 
Mei Flower red ribbon
CE Dazzler (looks like a Jelly Tot)
Cosmic Shimmer Berry Red PVA Pearls

Now confession time. . . . . . . . . . . .they say its good for the soul.
You can see that the cute little fella is wearing a lovely hat and scarf ensemble. Well, on the original he wasn't. I thought that the stripey thing that the polar bear is holding was a scarf.
It was only when Mr D said "isn't that a sock?" that I had a closer look and heavens to murgatroyd it bloomin was !!!!!

Well, after a visit to Specsavers, I didn't have time to dig out something else so I used a bit of artistic licence (and red felt tip) to draw a scarf on the penguin. . . . . . . .well, I think its a penguin but with my eyesight, it could be a goat lol!!!

I hope you can forgive my little adjustment.

Please join us over at MAWTT. Would be lovely to see you there.

Well that's me off for a few days as, barring further incident (I did bump my head on a shelf yesterday but that's another story), I'm off to Ally Pally on Friday.
Plan is to maybe give the CE team a hand (may be more of a hinderance hahaha!!!) behind the scenes so if anyone is going, come and say "Hi". . . . . . . . . I'll be the one with long hair and a slightly bruised forehead lol!!!

So, be good and take care.

Ang x

Ps..........I have put this on a bit early. MAWTT doesn't wake up until 9am (having a lie in lol!)


  1. Hi Ang, Gorgeous card, so funny but the scarf looks like it should be there so well done. Congratulations on winning one of Sues dies on her blog and also for being allowed to join them all at AP, hope you have a fabulous time, what am I saying of course you will have a fabulous time lol!

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Great save Ang! I must admit that I thought it was a scarf at first glance (and I actually was wearing my specs!) I had a further, closer perusal and hey! Mr Duck, you are absolutely correct!! Go to the top of the class and sharpen the rubbers!!! Anyway a great card Ang. Have a great day on Friday. Hugs Christine xx

  3. As always Ang, your posts bring a smile to my face! I''m glad Mr D has got my back covered and has an eye out for challenge cheats!!! That said, if you hadn't pointed it out I too would have gone along with the cheeky polar bear pinching the goat's scarf!!! Love your card before and after alteration and hope you are enjoying your few days off, Jx

  4. The scarf look fin to me! A good job Mr Duck noticed.
    Jan and I will be a Ally Pally on Saturday so we'll see you ther.
    It was good to see a name I recognised in Sue's draw.

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Ang....... WHAT ARE YOU LIKE ? ...a walking disaster thats what you are )
    i do hope you take more care in future especially at Ally Pally, we want no more miss haps from you hun.
    A lovely card and i would never have known about the scarf , you did a good job there.
    Well done on your win from Sue .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang,
    Lovely card today, I must admit I've got tons of Hunkydory stuff and have slightly gone off it since discovering Sue Wilson dies and John Lockwood's stamps, plus I've discovered Heartfelt creations sets oh my there is no hope for me.
    So Hunkydory stuff is in my grandkids craft box except the card and snowflake acetate.
    Congratulations on your winning one of Sue's sets of dies.
    Enjoy Ally Pally and try not to hurt yourself, you remind me of one of my Daughters always one accident or another.
    Maggie in Solihull

  7. Morning Ang,
    Well done on your win, lucky girl enjoy your die set.
    Great card even if it's a sock.
    Hope you have a great day at Ally Pally too.

  8. Hi Ang, love your card, bit of inspiration there, drawing in the scarf. Well done on your die win, and hope you have a great time at Ally Pally. Take care and avoid shelves. Bx

  9. Another lovely card. Well done for winning one of Sue's dies - good to see a familiar name.
    Will hope to see you at Ally Pally as coming with Anne.

  10. Hi Ang, i dont know where the time goes to but it sure does fly by....dont seem to have enough hours in the day to do all that i want to do......and i dont even have to fit in going to work LOL!!.... all your projects are fab, luckily (or not) that you have Mr Duck pointing out your errors (just what you need eh???). Have great time at ally pally. I'm not going this year as ive not long been to sandown craft show and also i have my son coming down for the weekend. Say hello to John for me. Janice x

  11. Mrs. Duck, it's not that obvious that it's a sock - so don't worry, congrats on your win too.

  12. Well done Ang, never had know had you not told us. Gorgeous anyway though.
    Can you let me know your them on MAWTT I will add for you if pushed for time,xxxxx

  13. hi there Ang, well I would not have noticed, even on enlarging it still doesn't look all that much like a sock, but your little adjustment is fab. I love your card, such cute creatues and a wonderful layout too.
    Have a brilliant time at Ally Pally, and it's quite right that you've been invited to appear on ther stand, LOL afte all the marvellous samples made for John. Congrats on your win too, Kate x

    1. That's very kind of Kate to say but I think "appearing on the stand" is probably bigging up my part hahaha! I'm just helping behind the scenes lol!
      Ang x

  14. Hi Ang,
    I look at your blog everyday, but up until now I have never commented, I just can't hold back any longer , you crease me up with your wording and phrasing, you are like a good tonic and you never fail to make me laugh....Long may you continue.
    So I am now officially paddling with you.
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  15. Haha! You do make me laugh I love the card I had to do a double take like all of the others You've done a grand job giving the penguin a scarf Lucky you going to "help" at AP Will you be there on Sunday to "help" with the packing up coz that's when I'm going Would be lovely to meet you

  16. You do make me laugh! Clever you adding the little scarf. The image is so sweet and the layout of the card is lovely. Michelle x

  17. Hi Ang,
    what a wonderful card.
    I love that fab image and your wonderful designing too.
    Oh you do make me chuckle so with your way with words.
    I do hope your visit to Specsavers went well.
    I too thought the bear had a scarf in his hand till you said.
    Now that's the both of us off to the said opticians. LOL.
    Enjoy Ally Pally.
    Oh I do wish I could go this year, but I am not able too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Hi Any
    You do make me laugh xx
    What a lovely card I did not notice the little overlook until you pointed it out Lol.
    I'm really looking forward to going to Ally Pally this weekend I hope I get to meet you.
    I have now just started to blog myself now as I have been inspired by your blog.
    I would appreciate any comments and help

  19. Hi Ang,
    My eyes are so bad that I couldn't see the bear, never mind the penguin with hat and scarf!!!!
    No, that's not true, you've made a super little card that's cheerful and puts me in the mood for Santa.
    I once bumped my head on the top of the car door (don't ask) which immediately came up like an egg. That was ok, it was when the black, blue, green and yellow bruising appeared around my eyes that I felt very self-conscious!!! Of course, I blamed George ha ha.
    Enjoy A.P. you'll be safe as I can't go.
    Maureen xxx

  20. Ang, you are going to have to start wrapping yourself in bubble wrap. Great card,and well done for saving the day by just doing s little adjustment here and there. Hazel x

  21. Very pretty card! Love the image! Hugs!

  22. I think I will forever be playing catch up - wonderful card. These little fellas are so sweet I would just love to have them as pets!
    Sandy xx