Thursday, 15 October 2015

Boo!. . . . . . . . MAWTT October Challenge

Good morning one and all. How's it hanging? On that note, I think with the colder mornings, I will have seen the last of Flash for a while.
I really don't think he knows I've seen him as I am behind blinds and goodness knows what his wife thinks. 
Elaine (Nattyboots) I don't think your suggestion of wielding a "chopper", under the circumstances, would be a good one......................I think there has been far too much of that already hahaha!!! 
Sadly Val, he's more Sad Brit than Brad Pitt, lol!!!

Anyhoo, today is time for another challenge at MAWTT and this month Amy has chosen the theme. . . . . . . .Halloween!
Go take a peek at what the other girlies have come up with and don't forget to enter your spooky creation too.

Now, I don't do Halloween. We are the miserable folk who bolt the gate. We used to get sweets in but most of the kids just turned up in a mask without making any real effort so we thought blow it, we won't bother anymore.

So, I thought, what have I got in my stash that I can use. I then remembered I had a pumpkin lasercut from my days on the Hobbycutz design team and blinged it up with some orange glitter that has a gold interference.

White card
Orange card
Black Funky Foam
Hobbycutz pumpkin laser cut
X Cut Alphabet die
Orange glitter
Black pearls

As I had decided to cut the "Boo !" from black funky foam for dimension, I thought I would use part of the rest of the sheet as the black layer below the orange card, rather than black card and foam pads.
I think it turned out quite well, but it was tricksy cutting the aperture as I did it by hand and the foam can squish out of shape easily.
Those are score lines from the edge of the aperture to the pearls, just to add a bit more interest.

Well, that's as much Halloween as I'll be doing this year but if its something you go in for, enjoy!!!
Don't forget to check out MAWTT and I hope you will join in the Spookfest.

Be good.

Ang x

Ps.............Karen, I have quite a collection of Piggins, currently in a box as they are dust magnets.


  1. As always Ang, a hilarious post - had to scroll down to catch the full story, but by the sounds of things scrolling down is the last thing you should do! Super halloween card my dear, love the funky foam dimension and I so hope you that you still buy all the sweets for Halloween, that way you can treat yourselves once the gate gets bolted! Have a good week, Jx

  2. Hi Ang
    Loving your card ,so clean cut and to the point the glitter on your pumpkins really lifts them { haha just read this back and i am not being rude honest ? it depends how you think about it OOps im saying no more } .
    Have a good day.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  3. Fun stories Ang and a fun card. Love the pumpkins and boo . Zx

  4. Hi Ang,
    Back from the hols to reality via a few hospitals....long story, had a problem with my eye half way through and was referred to hospital in Montenegro. Scary. So that rather curtailed what I could do but now local eye hospital then said nothing to worry about and had the cheek to mention it happens as you get older......but I'm ok. Been catching up on what you have been up to in my absence. Voyeurism is a interesting pastime (!) I don't do Halloween either but I love what you have done here. Very clever. Love from Jackie xx

  5. HI Ang, Great card and one I think the children would love. Also fun blog.

  6. Make a nice Thanksgiving card too - if you are American - which you are not! It's actually a great pumpkin laser cut and the orange glitter does a superb job - had to think of some other way to say that it lifted it ... lol! Hugs Christine xx

  7. Hello Ang,
    Love your Halloween card, I'll "borrow" your idea if I may as I make a lot of these cards for friends children and grandchildren.
    I've had such good laugh at your comments, and the replies from the ladies who are all trying to be "polite" about lifting, scrolling down and voyeurism.
    There certainly no need for you to go out, your neighbour has given you enough "treats" lately!!!!
    Maureen xxxx

  8. Hello Ang, super Halloween card, great design. Never made one, never needed to realy.
    We do get a few of the little ones in on the night and they are so funny, so we don't mind and they do dress up, the jokes are as old as the hill but we still laugh.
    Cid is gorgeous, she looks a delicate wee soul, Kate x

  9. Boo to your too Ang!!
    sandy xx

  10. Hi Ang,
    what a great card.
    I love those fab glittery pumpkins they look fab.
    Great use of funky foam for the letters too.
    I must remember that.
    Hope you are not working too hard, and managing to get some me time.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Great card Ang. You do cheer me up, we will have to get together in December with John and have a laaaaaugh. xx

  12. I love your description of Flash - Sad Brit - brilliant! I sort of like Halloween - a lot of Salsa do's at the time have party's and yes OH and I do dress up! Other than that I'm not a huge fan Fortunately we don't (usually) get a lot of Trick or Treaters and it's normally young kids with their parents
    I love your card, the colours, the lay out and great use of Funky Foam I'm being ignorant now- do people actually send Halloween cards like at Christmas or are they usually invites to parties?

  13. Hi Ang, this blog post really gave me a giggle this morning. Love your card, the dimension with the funky foam and the laser cut is brilliant. Take care. bx

  14. Brilliant Ang. Not all spiders and webs , makes a lovely change and can be sent to older friends and family. We are lucky the school hold a disco and all the villiage children are encouraged to go to it. X

  15. Morning Ang,
    Like you I don't do Halloween, but your card is cute. Love your posts Ang you always give me a chuckle.

  16. Great card Ang. I love your inventivness. I dont like Halloween either and its quite big over here. Fortunately the urbanisation I live in doesnt have any children. Its actually nicknamed Gods waiting room, so you can imagine the ages of the house owners lol.
    Have a good weekend.
    Love Val in Spain x

  17. I can always guarantee a good chuckle with your blog Ang. Love the card, but I don't do Hallowe'en either.

  18. I'm another one who doesn't do Halloween but your card is great, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. Love your CAS design
    Hugs Carole x

  20. Great card, love the pumpkins. Can't wait for the next instalment on your neighbors "exercise" routine!!!


  21. Great card Ang!! Love the pumpkins! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  22. Hi Ang, I haven't been by for a while but always enjoy reading your blogs. Great card, and a good idea to use the foam as a layer. Janice xxx

  23. A lovely card,I do like the use of the funky foam - but I am like you and don't really 'do' Halloween. xxx

  24. Is it wrong, Ang, that after the the first bit about Flash, I stopped mid-read and searched on Flash to catch up on all of your previous comments? Okay then, I guess I'm a bit of perv myself! It's one thing to see flashes of hanging bits and another to see a man in a pink and fluffy robe and slips. I think the latter would be more disturbing somehow. But, I'm not one to judge. After all, I feel the most comfortable ... oh, best to stop.

    Awesome memory of yours to remember these cool punkin' cuts, but my fave part of your card is the cool scored lines ending in period punctuation! I'll be stea, er, borrowing that genius design element!!

    Thanks for stopping by! It's good to see you!!! Hugs, Darnell

  25. Hi Ang! Well this card is certainly the most CAS I have seen any of your cards! Do love the fun foam letters - they are quite the fad now aren't they! I am finally caught up on your blog posts and up to date on the "Flasher" story! Have a great day with no morning surprises!