Friday, 4 December 2015

Four Cards and an Envelope.................and Prize Winner

Good morning everyone. Well, my post is like Four Weddings and a Funeral but without the swearing (maybe), Hugh Grant (gladly) and great poetry (sadly).
Hope you are all ok? I still have my "itis" so my sympathies to all of you who mentioned that  you are suffering from your own itises. Have a couple of days off in between working days so I'm trying not to lift or stretch (easier said than done as so many things you go to do automatically),

Mr D has performed his husbandly duties (steady on ladies!) and pulled one of you (down girls !!!) from the bowl and the winner of my 300 Post Paddle Prize is......................................drumroll
Sue J (Olliesmam)
Congratulations Sue and thank you for your lovely comments and support.
I think you have my email so if you'd like to email me your address, I shall forward some goodies ooop North for you.
Thank you to all who comment, I am eternally grateful for your visits but blame Mr D for not picking you lol!!!

I would also like to welcome Amanda to The Pond. She has a fab blog and is a friend of our Kate. Thank you for paddling.

Now, you may think you have seen this card before and you'd be right. It was featured on my last post for the HOC blog hop but the lighting was so bad on the photo, I only used one photo on the post and said I would re-do the photos. I have changed the snap on the blog hop post.

These are the entire collection of re-done snaps and hopefully the lighting now does the card justice.

The parcels are all at staggered heights, flat, 1 foam pad and 2 pads to give a bit of dimension. I also tied some gold thread around them with little bows, which was very fiddly as the thread is so fine.

Cream card
Pink pearl card
Gold mirror card
Burgundy card
Papers from MHK Designs
SB 2012 Holiday Tree die
Presscut Large Square Nesting dies (an excellent set of dies)
SW Snowflake Lattice embossing folder
Cosmic Shimmer Pastel Pink PVA Pearls
Gold thread
Teeny gold bling

A few of you liked the offset tree. My automatic instinct was to plonk the tree in the middle but then I thought it would look less contrived if I didn't.

 I cut a burgundy "shadow" for Mynn's lovely paper that I cut the tree from to make it stand out a bit.

I wanted to show all the pics, without now adding to the hop post so I hope you don't mind.

I have also included 3 pics of some Hunkydory cards. I had to make 3 in a hurry as we were visiting friends and at the last minute, realised we wouldn't see them again before Christmas so being tight, I wanted to hand deliver the cards rather than post all 3.

A few folks had done some HD cards recently and I thought its a shame I've got all these packs so I dipped in and added my own twists, like some embossing, die cuts and some lovely snowflake peel offs (shhhhhhh, don't tell Lockers) from Lidl.
I used the whole background cards for them as it made it quicker and the backgrounds are so pretty, just offsetting the folds and trimmed to fit 8x8 envelopes.
I also like to zhuzh up the envelopes, as you can see.

Thank you for bearing with this picture heavy post.

This morning, I shall be going the Duty Free sale at the NEC with Nesta and stocking up on perfumes and face creams and maybe the odd handbag.............

Whatever you are up to, have a great day and a brilliant weekend.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, such a great selection of cards, love the envelope too. Well done Sue on winning the prize. Have a great day all. Bx

  2. I love the Christmas tree card, Ang. Have a great day with Nesta.

    Anne (Northampton)

  3. Morning Ang,
    Like you I had some old Christmas kits I think mine were Kanban I used a few up last year and donated the rest to the local Brownie group. Enjoy your day.

  4. Oooo i love a nice perfume and Handbag i do , wish i was going with you ,choose well Ang.
    Lovely cards Ang the navy one looks beautiful with all the white snowflakes and a great envelope , have been using a few peel offs myself ,but we wont tell anyone else eh ?
    Congrats to Sue you are in for a treat .
    Take care Ang
    Elaine H X

  5. Fab cards Ang love them all. I too use peel offs (shhh) lol.
    Enjoy your day, don't spend too much!!!
    I Have annual leave today so I'm going shopping with my daughter to Westfield . Hope to get the last few Christmas presents xxx

  6. Stunning card today-I love it.

    Congrats to Sue. If you find any Radley handbags please keep quiet as I'll be very jealous!!!


  7. Hi Ang, wow you are spoiling us today not only are you giving out a "paddle prize" but giving us four beautiful cards as well. Congratulations to you on reaching 300 followers and to Sue J on being the lucky winner of your prize. I am sure you will soon be celebrating 400 followers.
    Have a great day shopping

  8. Gorgeous collection Ang, seems you've been a busy gal. That reindeer image is incredible, love love love that one!! Hope you can ditch your itis soon, big hugs to you :)

  9. Wonderful Christmas cards Ang and such a beautiful envelope!
    Sandy xx

  10. What a lovely collection Ang. I am sure I have that same collection of HD bearing in mind I could probably outdo HD themselves with the number of their kits in my stash. I actually started Christmas today as the scouts collection had to be in and I had to send two to Australia. However they were all bought ones and very light for Australia as the post charges are so high now. Hope you had a lovely day with Nesta and your itis didn't stop you opening your purse!! Take care love from Jackie xx

  11. Hi Ang, what beautiful cards they are all gorgeous really like the idea of the tree off the edge have never thought to do that must do one as I think it is a great idea. Hope you enjoyed your shopping.
    Nancyd xx

  12. Morning Ang, your previous photos didn't do justice to your lovely card, these photos are much better. I too like the tree off set. A friend of mine does lovely cards that are off set, but I tend to plonk everything in the centre and have cards symmetrical. Hope you start to feel better soon and can rest up a bit (fat chance this time of year) Janice xxx

  13. Beautiful Christmas cards!! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  14. Hello Ang I'm back from my hols! The Internet is so bad (at times) in Cuba so didn't bother So I'm enjoying catching up I live your recent posts especially that Autumn one Very clever to put the embossed leaves behind the aperture The baby card was lovely I loved that embossing folder you used and the Chrismassy one - beautiful I liked how you off set the tree Makes me regret selling that die now! Sorry to hear about the itites Hope you're on the mend

  15. Love the Christmas tree Ang using one of my favourite embossing folders. I too have loads of HD stash, but used very little this year. Maybe I'll start in January and use some of it!
    Hope your purse isn't too light after today at the NEC!

  16. Hi Ang, just trying to catch up now we are back home.
    Lovely to hear that Ollie's Man has won the candy.
    Gorgeous selection of cards, I don't think I've seen the Hochanda one.
    Washout for the craft fair, I've never seen rain like it, so I didn't come home with pockets full of dosh, but had a brilliant few days nevertheless, Kate x

  17. Hi Ang,

    Fabulous card, love the design, great idea with the presents.

    Glad you are getting a little better with the itis!!!

    Snowflake peel offs...Sacre Blur (cant spell) JOHN, OH JOHN You need to do something about this one ere!!! Lol! Seriously cards are fabulous, I am really behind this year, at present doing more for Sheena then hopefully get family Christmas cards done, everyone else is having to make do with bought ones this year, shame on me I know but hey!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  18. Hi Ang,
    I loved the first card last time, but now that you've worked out how to use your camera properly - it's fantastic ha ha, and your other cards aren't half good as well!!!!
    Hopefully your itis will push off soon, so that you can enjoy your Christmas without it rearing it's nasty little head.
    Enjoy your shopping spree, and remember - spend, spend, spend.
    Maureen xxx