Sunday, 24 January 2016

Shiny Happy Crafters..............

Good morning blogging chums. Hope all is calm in your bit of the world. 
I'm back to work today (boo hoo!) and doing extra days this week too (boo hoo hoo!) so with friends funeral on Thursday, its not going to be the best of weeks.

I was due to visit John last Wednesday for a catch up, exchange of Christmas pressies (yes, it had been that long) and possibly helping him prep for his Hotjohnda shows (yes, the channel has been re-named as he was on so many times last week lol!!!). However, during a chat on the phone the day before, his sniffing and coughing alerted me to the fact that he was not a well boy.
Now, friend he may be, but a germ ridden one at that, so I said I wasn't going to risk catching the lurgy by visiting and ending up spending the rest of my holiday in bed with tissues up my nostrils, sucking a Fisherman's Friend (they are throat sweets for those not familiar with the UK lozenge market and thinking I had an unusual cold remedy). But, as I had some of the stamps and dies he was using, I made some samples for John for the show to help.
These (and the Christmas pressies) were exchanged in a wet layby on the A4600 as John was en route to the studios so I dread to think what the parked up truckers thought as we ooohed and ahhhed over the bags and waving cards about (at arms length to keep away from the lurgy).

Now,this is one of the samples I made for John and a couple of you noticed its TV appearance.

Cream card base
Black card
John Lockwood Daffodil Burst stamp
SW striplet outer edge die
CE double sided sticky sheet
Double sided tape
Gilding Flakes (a random box of mixed leftovers)
Ranger black archival ink
Teeny gold bling
Krylon Gold Leaf pen

I do this slightly differently to John and Sue but John did actually demo it my way on his last show. I stamp the acetate, let the ink dry for a bit, then stick the sticky sheet on top of the inked image. I find by doing this, the ink stays sharper as its, in effect, stuck to the acetate so it cant smudge or fade off.
I then peel the backing off the other side of the sheet and pop the flakes on. The acetate piece is recessed so to add a touch more flaking to the edges of the next layer, I just ran some double sided tape around the edge and gilded that.
A run around the bottom black layer with the gold Krylon pen finished it off.

Hope you managed to see John's brilliant shows. I will be featuring my other samples over the coming blog posts.

Right, busy week so onwards........................

Ang x


  1. Great card Mrs Duck. Thanks for the quick tutorial of how you did it. I can see that the image will stay clearer your way. Hugs Christine xx

  2. Good morning Ang your card is absolutely beautiful and thank you for the tutorial. Hope you have a relatively easy day at work. Love from Jackie xx

  3. Morning Ang,
    A lovely card, and I did see your cards on John's shows.

  4. This is beautiful Ang
    Must get out my flakes and have a play
    Hugs Carole x

  5. Morning Ang, I missed John on hochanda the other day, but to be honest I haven't been watching any craft shows as all seem to showing nothing new. Love the card from Thursday for the MAWTT challenge. I've not been checking blogs for a few days as I was busy so hopefully will be able to catch up today. Glad your neighbour has covered up now.... Have a good week off and hope the funeral goes ok. Janice xx

  6. Beautiful card Ang, yes that image is so clear and sharp , i love it !, thanks for the tutorial , i can see me having a play singing " i did it Angs way " haha .
    Take Care on your busy week.
    Elaine H X

  7. Love that you've changed the channel name - genius! This card is beautiful I have John's butterfly stamp I'm still catching up on his shows but will have a go your way because the first one I stamped using Archival looks navy against white Perhaps if I put it against black it'll look black again! Don't tell John but I preferred your card to his lol!

  8. Hi Ang, hope you don't mind me joining your blog, love what you create, you are very inspirational, I did see your card on john's shows, didn't he do well, standing there in his bin all day, sniffing and coughing, most people would have cancelled, shows how dedicated he really is!
    I love your card thanks for the tips about which side to put sticky sheet, thank you!!
    Sorry you have such a rubbish week ahead, looking forward to seeing some more of your show samples up close!
    Sandra xxxx

  9. Wow, this is gorgeous Ang! Love the gilding flakes, gotta get me some of that stuff. Whenever I try to stamp on acetate, the stamp always slides just a smidge, creating a smudgy design. You must have really steady hands to get such a perfectly stamped image! Tis the season for sniffles, hope your feeling better. hugs :)

  10. Hi Ang,
    John Is So Very Lucky To Have Such A Tremendously Talented Friend To Help Him Out In His Hour Of Need, I've Throughly Loved Each And Every
    "Creative Expression" Show That Hochanda Has Brought To Us.
    Your Card Is Truly Exceptional, Rich, Opulent Just So Very Beautiful Thank You For Sharing Your Talents With Us.
    I Don't Mind How Many Times "The Creative Expression Team" Are On Hochanda They Bring So Many Fantastic Tips And Techniques To Us I Never Get Bored Of Watching Them As They Are Are All Terrific.
    Take Care
    Hugs From Sam xxx
    ✂️ Carry On Creating ✂️

  11. This is gorgeous Ang. I,m afraid I may be the guilty one for giving John the cold, i did feel guilty watching him on TV coughing and spluttering everywhere. I hope he gave you my little gift too. xxx

  12. Beautiful!! I bet you wear make up and do your nails too. I was never the girly type - no make up - no nails. I am just not a fancy Nancy -- so gorgeous does not come easily to me Ang. But it sure does to you!!
    sandy xx

  13. Stunning card & I think you did the right thing not meeting up with John. Best to try & avoid anyone that has a cold, just in case.


  14. Hello Ang, I am partial to a bit of gold as my husband will tell you, so this really appeals!!! It's stupendous.
    I thought John had bought the channel as every time I switched on he was there, standing in his bin ha ha.
    Don't work too hard this week, have you managed to get time off work on Thursday?
    love Maureen xx

  15. Hello Ang what a gorgeous card, love the stamping and colours and the design is fab.
    I've not managed to catch any of John's shows this year so far, pity about his cold, but you're quite right not to let yourself catch it, take care, Kate x

  16. Stunning card Ang. I found my gold leaf during my massive clean up and rearrange. Which by the way is not anywhere near finished. How did I acquire so much craft stuff I wonder. Must get it out that is if I can find it again.
    Margaret M

  17. Hi Ang. This is stunning! Loved watching John create this on Hotjohnda, so much so that I have bought the stamp and some acetate to try it out.
    Glad you had a relaxing week off.

  18. I think I am going to have to borrow Jan's stamp to try this. The card is absolutely gorgeous. I like your idea of putting the sticky sheet on top of the inked image and I did see John do it this way and give you well deserved credit.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. Hi Ang,
    playing catch up again on my comments.
    I don't know where the time goes.
    I just must have slowed down so much.
    Well I suppose it's only natural when ones 67 in March.
    Your card is superb and I love all your gilding, and stamping too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. What a beautiful card!! Love the colors!!

  21. Hi Ang, as Jenny L says I'm later catching up but have been in Tenerife on holiday and the connection for wifi was rubbish so missed all the shows but have managed to catch one of John's and one of Julia's that was repeated over night. But I love you're beautiful card must try it this way.
    Nancyd xx

  22. Love your card, I have only ever used gilding flakes once, and think I got more stuck to my hands then on the card! You make it sound so easy.
    Take care xx

  23. Gorgeous card and I just love the use of the glilding flakes, never attempted them myself but love your result...classy ducky...xx {aNNie}

  24. Oh, my giddy garters! Your card looks like stained glass wrapped in a luxurious leather frame, Ang! But I am in the deep end of the pond without a paddle because I don't know who John. It sounds like your card was the star of a TV show?! Why not you? I'm so confused, but well done in any case!

    I'm sorry you've lost a friend and I hope the send-off was a fine one today. Mwah! Hugs, Darnell

  25. Hi Ang,,

    Sorry not been around my PC died as in in repair (on PC at work lol!) saw your card on the shows, brilliantly stunning girl. Wise move to pas cards at arms length, does not sound like John was well at all lol! Or was it Man Flu?!!!

    Anyhow got to keep it short but hope all went well yesterday.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  26. Hi Ang, lovely card, thank you for the tip about putting sticky sheet over the stamped image, will have to give it a try.

  27. Hi Ang! Love this card! Your guilding technique works great! So sorry about the loss of your friend. Take care.