Sunday, 7 February 2016

Back to Christmas.............

Good morning folks. Hope everyone is ok. My, wasn't yesterday a bleak and miserable day; well it certainly was in this bit of The Pond.
I'm at work today and at time of writing this (Saturday eve) I don't think we're in for great weather today either. On the upside, I'm in again tomorrow and then off for a few days as I use up my holiday before April. I'm hoping to get in a bit of crafting as I have been time poor of late.

Now for today's offering, I'm back to my Christmas cards, if you don't mind. 
I still like to make the ones for posting, even though I am tight fisted, cheap, postage concious! So I was rooting through my stash for inspiration and came across this embossing folder and had a lightbulb moment.............emboss and bling!

Cream card 
Couture Creations Rudolf embossing folder
Various colours and bits of bling

Simple, but effective I hope, great for batch making and still feeling that you have put a little love into a card for someone.
A friend did ask if I could make a few for them to use this year for their postal cards so I may tackle that sooner rather than later as I can see me forgetting until the last minute lol!!!
Talking of friends, Nesta has asked me to pass on her thanks for your best wishes.
She is much better now and thinks you're all lovely.......which of course you all are!

Well, that's me for today folks.
Hope this coming week treats you all kindly.

Ang x

Ps.....I will always get round to visiting you. It may be like buses when you get 3 visits at once, but I promise I will get there lol!!!


  1. Hi Ang,
    Simple but STUNNING card,.....beautiful. Who wouldn't love to receive this!
    Love Janet
    From Wakefield

  2. Very effective Ang, they look lovely.
    I was outside this morning at 7.30 Making sure everything was tied down, the wind was horrendous. x

  3. Morning Ang,
    Great cards for batch making, love them.

  4. I love this card Ang, i am on the look out for this Embossing folder ready for later in the year, makes a very lovely card i think .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Good morning Ang,sorry if you have bad weather again. Here I woke up to blue skies and sunshine. Haven't poked my head out yet but the sun is really warm through the window. Trouble is it makes me feel I should cut the grass. Seems to be getting higher and higher with the wet and mainly mild winter. Bad enough doing the last cut at the beginning if December without starting again in February. Very nice e embossing folder and as you say great for batch making. Don't work too hard today and enjoy your time off love from Jackie xx

  6. Very elegant Christmas card. Like the touch of gems to make it 'pop'. Zx

  7. Great card Ang, love the idea for a Batch Making.
    Now the thing is, will I remember this in 10 months time???
    Patricia x

  8. A great idea Ang, I'm with you when it comes to reducing postage costs. A good card for batch making. Just my changing the colours of the bling, you'd have a totally different look. Very windy last night ( the weather....not me lol !!) but nice ans sunny, but cold today. Janice X

  9. Simple and fabulous -- what a great idea -- really is elegant looking. You are giving me such great ideas!!
    Anyone would be thrilled to get this card Ang. And I do so agree with you about the postage!
    Sandy xx

  10. Very effective, great for batch cards Ang.

  11. Hello Ang, just perfect, love the embossing and the little bits of colour, I'm not into making fat card either this year unles of course I'm delivering them by hand. Dreich here today, speak soon, Kate x

  12. Hi Ang
    What a lovely idea - love the cards, especially the golden ones! By coincidence I made a Christmas card yesterday too! I made it for a blog challenge for The Craft Barn - three little stockings hanging up to reflect the theme of 'triplets'! When I first read the challenge, I thought it was all about Striplets! My offering would have been completely off key. Hope you have some good days off, enjoying yourself and spending some quality time crafting. Best wishes, Anne O

  13. Wht a lovely embossing folder Ang. It makes a ver simple but stunning card.
    Can't believe so many bloggers are on to Christmas cards .Great idea as it saves the last minute rush.
    Enjoy your days off.
    Love Val x

  14. This is a very elegant card I love it I totally agree with you re the postage

  15. Hi Ang, a great idea for Christmas so quick and pretty too must search this folder out.
    Nancyd xx

  16. I'm on skinny Christmas too! Great make Ang. Jx

  17. Hi Ang,
    brilliant cards and fab designs too.
    Yes you are right these are such a good design for batch making, and no your not tight as postage charges are so over the top.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Beautiful cards Ang. What a great embossing folder, I have the Cuttlebug version of this and I'm pretty sure it's still in the original packaging...hmmmm. The bling is brilliant and bravo to you for keeping it postage friendly (my hubby wishes I had that same budget-friendly bone) tee hee. Wishes to you :)

  19. Hello Ang,
    Great batch making card and as we are all concious of postage charges, this is ideal. I am trying to make 6 C Cards a month to help alleviate the rush - managed that for January, but only 1 so far this month. But this is the answer to my prayers, thanks.
    Maureen xx

  20. These look great, Ang. Ideal for batch making.

    Anne (Northampton)

  21. Hi Angeles,

    Fabulous card, like you say great for batch making. Sorry not been on for a while as we have new stuff for Sheena, cant say much but Im sure they will sell out, so have missed some of your fabulous creations and they are all fabulous. Thank you for the lovely comments you have left on my blog, much appreciated.

    Take care

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  22. Sorry this comment is late but we had no line or internet for a week.
    Lovely card Ang
    Nancy x