Sunday, 21 February 2016

Fuchsia Jewellery..........Not a strange lampshade

Good morning folks. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thank you for your visits and the comments on my sympathy card. We all know how difficult they are to make but for a fella in his 80's it was a definite less is more.

After extra days at work last week, I'm in today and tomorrow and then I have a few days off to use up some leave. I was hoping to do a bit of crafting but a few appointments have cropped up so I shall have to play things by laid plans and all that lol!!!

Now, I know that there is a lampshade in today's snap but I found it quite an effective way of displaying my necklace to photograph're all probably thinking "the girls taken a knock on the head" lol!!!
The beads were one of my presents from Nesta for Christmas. When we went to the NEC in November, The Spellbound Bead Company had some lovely sets on display and I thought this may be a nice one to make for Summer (one can but hope that we get one lol!!!) so Nesta kindly got me the gear.

It was fun to make and inspired me to do another few bits of jewellery. Nesta and I also had a trip out to Lichfield (its only about 40 mins drive) to Spellbound's shop last month so I could buy some more bits so there will be more to come in the jewellery line, if that's ok?

I'm just waiting for the nice weather so that I can wear it as I'd feel a bit of a noodle wearing a fuchsia necklace in Winter lol!!!

Please excuse the picture quality of this shot as it was taken on my phone, through our bedroom window (not at its cleanest on the outside at the moment) and before my first steadying cup of coffee, at sunrise. We are lucky to have a south facing rear (as opposed to my southward heading rear lol!!!) so this was the view to the east. We also get to see some cracking sunsets too. Our Pamellia has been showing some beautiful ones on her blog so I could'nt resist sharing this.

Have a great Sunday and hope a nice week lays ahead of you all.

Ang x

Ps.........I hate to shatter illusions but no, Mr D did not have a romantic meal prepared for me upon my return from work last Sunday (Valentine's Day). I did have to cook myself but at least that way, we had something edible lol!!! 
I've given up trying to teach him how to cook................its like this pearl of wisdom from Judge Judy.............
"Don't try teaching a pig to sing. It doesn't work and only annoys the pig"
I may just get a stamp set made with that one lol!!! (Christine would buy it as she is the Quote Queen lol!!!)


  1. Hi Ang, you are so funny I always get a laugh from your blog. This set is gorgeous have been buying a few bits and pieces myself but not had the courage to do anything yet just been watching the makes on the craft channels going to the show in Glasgow next month and intending to get more stash and then will definately take the plunge (hope so ) .
    Nancyd xx

  2. WOW! and WOW! again, how gorgeous is your jewelery Ang ? so so beautiful , you need to get Mr D to take you to the Theater or to the Opera when you wear these beauties.
    Cant wait to see more of your jewelery.
    Love your Pic , not bad for a phone shot.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  3. Beautiful jewelery Ang - think you have certainly created fushia's - beautiful ones at that. Love the photo too - amazing colours, Jx

  4. These are stunning Ang, and your sunrise too, so beautiful, xxx

  5. Yes Ang, I would definitely buy your pig quote!! Now we haven't had pigs in the garden or field yet buu-ut........we had a flock of sheep last week!! Not from next door this time but the farm across the lane. I was thinking if they stayed long enough it might eliminate the need to cut the grass but I was a bit concerned they might get into the garden area so I rang the farmer and got them shifted. It all happens here kiddo!

    Anyway, now to get down to the business of your decorated lamp shade. (Sorry, couldn't resist, although it is actually a clever way to display the jewellery.) It is simply stunning!! Absolutely fabulous! I think you've got the message - I kinda like it! Hugs Christine x

  6. What a stunning Lampshade ... think I need one like that!!!
    LOVE, you wonderful jewellery, the colours and design are fantastic.
    Great Sunrise photo as well, love it.
    Have a good day
    Patricia x

  7. Morning Ang,
    Just stunning, you will look the bees knees when you wear them.

  8. Hi Ang. You clever girl, what a beautiful necklace and earring set youve made. You always sound so busy, I dont know how you have the time.
    Wonderful sunrise.
    I just love Judge Judy and that quote is one of her best. Perhaps you could get John to include it on his next stamp set?
    Enjoy your few days off.
    Love Val in Spain x

  9. Hi Ang,
    Beautiful jewellery, love fuchsia's. Why wait for summer be a devil wear it now! Lol
    Love Janet X
    From Wakefield

  10. Wow wow wow to the necklace and earrings! These might be my favourite to date, just love the rich purples!! Wow wow wow to the sunset picture, holy moses, I've not seen one quite like this. So many colours!! I'm hoping as the sun moves to the north end of the sky that I will eventually be able to get better shots! Sure glad you shared Ang! hugs :)

  11. Hi Ang just love you jewellery though why wait to wear it? That's the same as only having clothes for best - only they never come out of the wardrobe!! Mind you perhaps a range of jewelled lampshades for the boudoir could be a bestseller. Love your photo too so many colours in it. Have a good week - perhaps teach Mr D how to buy a ready meal and ping it? Love from Jackie xx

  12. Hi Ang, lovely necklace and earrings and a beautiful photo as well, you are spoiling us.

  13. What a beautiful way to showcase your gorgeous necklace and earrings. I think you are quite clever my dear!!
    sandy xx

  14. What a clever lady you are! The jewellery is gorgeous (and so is the photo).

  15. Hi Ang, love the way you've shown your gorgeous neckless and earrings. Very inventive!!
    These bead are so beautiful and so is your design, I bet they will look fabulous on you, but why wait to the summer, get them on now girl.
    Marvellous sunrise, great photo. Don't work too hard, Kate x

  16. Stunning jewellery and why not wear it now! It'd look stunning against a black top The photo of the sunrise is beautiful All I ever seem to see these days out of my windows is grey, grey and more grey

  17. Hi Ang,
    These are absolutely Gorgeous.
    When I was a small girl we had a big bush of Fuchsias in our front garden, I still love them!
    Love Nancy in Spain x

  18. Hi Ang, your jewellery set is beautiful, lovely colours. We love fuschias, and have one with very similar colours. The picture of the sunrise is fab. Have a great day. bx

  19. Morning Ang
    I have that Monday morning feeling today.
    I was so busy using my new watercolour pencils yesterday I didn't check your blog.
    The jewellery is stunning I love the colours and the lampshade does a great job of showcasing it. The photo is absolutely stunning I think we are often miss these beautiful moments as we are all busy doing other things xx

  20. Morning Ang,
    beautiful jewellery, love the fuschia design,would be lovely to wear day time or evening!
    Love your quote too!

  21. Sorry I am so late commenting, Ang - I have no excuse.
    What a beautiful set - lt's hope the weather improves soon so you can wear it!

    Anne (Northampton)

  22. Beautiful jewellery. Statement pieces that's for sure. x

  23. Hello Ang,
    I can't believe I didn't comment when I looked in on Sunday. The fuschia jewellery is beautiful, and what a brilliant way to display it on the lampshade.
    I've never tried jewellery making, and I feel that I'm a bit over the hill to start something else, but this is just gorgeous. I'll never use all the stuff I've got before I pop my clogs as it is!!!!
    Maureen xxx

  24. Hi Ang! Your jewelry is gorgeous. Love the purple shades. The sunrise photo is beautiful too! Have a great day!

  25. Hi Ang, stunning jewelry, love the colours.....perfect for me (hint, hint)LOL !!.
    Janice xx