Friday, 1 April 2016

Oldie for Friday. . . . . . More Daffs

Good morning lovely blogging folk. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Got a busy time at work coming up after a few days off so thought I would squeeze in an oldie for Friday as some of the other gals do as I haven't shown one for a while.

As you were all so lovely about Nesta's Easter card and it daffodils, I had a look through my files and found the one I made for her a couple of years be honest, I like this old one better lol!!!

Ingredients (that I can remember)
Cream card 
Yellow card
Orange card
Green card
HC Sunkissed Fleur die
SB Carnation Creations (leaves)
SB Scalloped Oval 
Card-io daffodil stamps
Variety of inks

Thank you, as always for your kind comments and its lovely to see some new names and also some old friends commenting (Lesley, have you been unwell chuck?)

I know how time can be very scarce and precious so your visits are very much appreciated.

Over to Birmingham with Nesta for lunch with some friends today.............always nice to catch up with chums over a tasty morsel or two..........talking of which (the morsel, rather than tasty) Flash was mowing his front lawn (that's not a euphemism for anything, it was his actual grass lawn in front of his house lol!!!) in Mrs Flash's dressing gown (Elaine, calm yourself, next door still isn't for sale as yet).
I'm guessing, now that the weather has warmed up, we will be seeing more of him out and about (but hopefully not too much of him that's out and about, if you catch my drift)
Always reminds me of when Nesta says "its nippy out" and I reply "well put it back in or you'll get arrested"

On that note, have a great weekend and be good!

Ang x

ps.........none of this is an April Fool.


  1. I was enjoying your prior post and your beautiful card and before I commented, I went off to visit Kate. When I came back, you had popped in with this - another beautiful card!

    I've actually been here for several minutes. I've been laffing too hard to type! You, my dear, are a hoot and a half! I don't know how you get anything done with all that exhibitionism flapping in the breeze! As far as it being nippy out, over here we (well, some of us) just cut to the chase and say, "It's nipply out!" Can't wait until the day when I, too, can lunch with you at Brum! Oh, BTW, April Fool's IS happening at my place in a coupla hours with a certain bunny card!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Gorgeous card, love daffs.
    Dont know what to say about him across the road!!!!!

  3. Another great card Ang I love the stamping.
    What a great start to the day reading about flash I cannot stop laughing.
    I look forward to the next instalment!!!
    Have a great weekend
    I was lucky enough to win tickets to ally pally next weekend will you be going Ang? Xx

  4. Hi Ang, love this card, so pretty. And thank you for the great laugh about Flash. Have a great day. Bx

  5. Another lovely card Ang. With Flash in your neighbourhood, you'll be getting coach parties soon, particularly if you're prepared to make cakes for them!

  6. Morning Ang, really sweet card, love the daffodils, so fresh. If "him across the road" is already out and about in the almost next to nothing, what's he going to be like in summer? You'll have to keep your curtains closed lol xx Janice xx

  7. Morning Ang,
    My what a treat you had, are you on tender hooks each morning waiting to see what flash has in store for you? thanks for the laugh.
    Love your daff card, so pretty.

  8. Daffs are always so cheery and this is another pretty card.

  9. Hi Ang
    What a hoot ,i was so getting excited thinking you were going to say ," come on over Elaine next door is up for sale " Doh and him in his wifes dressing gown too, i miss all the fun i do .
    Lovely card Ang so nice and fresh for April { these months are flying by }
    Take Care Chuck
    Elaine H X

  10. Good morning Ang such a beautiful card. I think I have said before to you I must get my card-io stamps out. I will make no comment about Flash but thanks for the laugh! Have a good lunch, my best wishes to Nesta. Love from Jackie xx

  11. Love the card,so bright and fresh! Thank you for the giggles too!
    From the tub!

  12. Hi Ang,
    nice to see you posting an Oldie again, and this one sure was a beauty.
    I love everything about this superb card, and just remember it from before.
    I am inspired to have a go at creating your daffs, but need a daffs stamp to go with them I think.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Oh geez Ang, you just reminded me that it's April Fool's Day! I hate it, pranks are for juveniles! It's a day for men to have an excuse to act like children! Oh well, love your card! Gorgeous flowers as always. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I have sent you a very late email. Apologies and hugs coming at ya!! :)

  14. Another stunning card, I can't have a favourite between them. I'm hoping that the neighbour's wife isn't very petite if he's borrowing her dressing gown... Cara x

  15. Hi Ang,
    You never cease to have me in stitches, today being no exception, you are a tonic!
    Love today's card lovely bright fresh daffs.
    Love Janet X
    From Wakefield

  16. Do you think that maybe "him across the road" could be a cross dresser?? what a hoot!!
    I loved this card first time around and love it still, great Oldie. Have a good weekend and don't work too hard, Kate x

  17. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous card, love the daffodils.
    Flash mowing the lawn in his wife's dressing gown, well that's another way of getting noticed apart from his usual!! (I am being good and not being rude!!!)
    Maureen xxx

  18. Hi Ang
    What a lovely card. I love your daffodils, so realistic. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Had to chuckle at your tales of your neighbour. Makes me so grateful I have lovely neighbours all around me.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  19. Ha! ha! You always manage to brighten my days up Ang, thank you. Love your card even if it is an oldie, the stamping on it is gorgeous.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Another lovely card, Ang. Every time I start reading each of your posts I know it is going to be entertaining. This one does not disappoint!

    Anne (Northampton)

  21. wow this is fabulous. Lovely details and great image and colours.xx  {aNNie}

  22. This is beautiful Just as good as the other one I hope you enjoyed your lunch I can't remember the last time I went out for lunch with the girlies I must remedy that!
    I hope Flash keeps his bits tucked away

  23. What a pretty and colorful card!! Love it!

  24. Really lovely Ang. Daffodils are so pretty.
    The thought of Flash's bits could put me off my lunch.
    Take care Ang.
    Love Val x

  25. Heyyyyy Ang long time no comment lol gorgeous spring card loving the details on it lots of huggles Sue xx

  26. Hi Ang, a lovely Spring-like card, really brightens up the day.

  27. I don't see how anyone could make a more beautiful card - wonder if I saw this the first time!!
    sandy xx