Sunday, 15 May 2016

Flat Golden Wedding. . . . . . . . . .The Card Not The Celebration!

Good morning folks. How is everyone? Well I hope?

I should clarify for those concerned girlies who told me off about "hobbling" last time, I still have to re-fuel and de-fuel (ie get to the kitchen for a drink and to the loo for other things) lol!!! I promise I haven't been discovating or doing Zumba lol!!! (In fairness, I didn't have the energy for those things before the ankle went to pot)

Anyhoo, a big ol' hello to Daisy Chain. Very kind of you to click the follow button so thank you and welcome.

Now, Nancy D mentioned that there was a golden anniversary card required to go Down Under so I thought I would show the cards I made recently for some friends who were celebrating 50 years of marriage. This is the one from me & Mr D and as it was being posted, I kept it relatively flat, though it was 8x8. I also made one for Nesta, which I will show next time, but hers is a bit more ornate as she was seeing the happy couple and could hand deliver hers.

Cream card
Gold mirror card
Anna Griffin Flourish Emblem die
Sue Wilson Rococo Striplet
SB Fancy Tags 3
Presscut Squares
SB Grand Ovals
Anitas number peel offs (Sorry Mr Lockwood)
Mei Flower teeny gold bling

On the layer under the "50" the Rococo has been cut into cream card 3 times but offset rather than lined up straight. On the photo above the ingredients, I took the snap before putting the 50 topper on so you can hopefully see what I mean.
You can also, hopefully see that the oval has been cut from the centre of the Anna Griffin die cut. I did this separate to the mirror card as I don't like to try and cut too thick a layer through my GC. You just have to keep everything crossed that you've lined it up properly lol!!!

Hope this gives Nancy and some more of you lovely visitors a bit of inspiration.

Well, time for the Spanish GP today (Hope Jackie D is managing to watch). The tickets for Silverstone in July arrived on Friday..................I'm soooooooo excited. I think Mr D is hoping that my ankle is better by then as he's not looking forward to piggy backing me about a mile from the car park lol!!! Thank goodness we're in a grandstand so at least we get a seat rather than trying to see over folks heads standing on the grass.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang,
    Sorry to hear you are still hobbling, hope it improves for you soon.
    Great G/W card.

  2. Gorgeous golden card Ang. I bet it was hard work keeping fingerprints off all that mirri card! I hope the heel/ankle/foot/leg keeps improving. All the best. Christine xx

  3. Morning Ang, glad to hear that you are resting that ankle. I like what you've done with the card, lovely idea cutting through the front piece (Anna griffin) to reveal a different die underneath. Enjoy the G.P. Janice xx

  4. Hi Ang, this card is stunning, love the layout. Rest your ankle, and enjoy the GP today. Bx

  5. Hi Ang
    A stunning card beautifully done , the recipients will love it .
    Keep resting Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang sorry I've been missing for a while, life has been a bit full on lately but I'm home now and ready to sit down at 12 to watch the GP. I remember your flower card it still looks so good as do the cards you have made recently. Sounds as though you and Mr Duck have certainly been in the wars all week but hope things are improving now. Just love the picture in my mind of you in the hedge though! Bye for now Jackie xx

  7. Beautiful A lot of my cards have to be posted So it's lovely to see an ornate card withouts lots of embellishments Enjoy the GP later and of course Silverstone Ate you going for the week end? My future son in law went a couple of years ago with a good friend of mine The weather was soooo bad they spent half the time baling out water from the tents Not enjoyable!
    PS have you treated yourself to the new big blossom die yet

  8. Love this one Ang, very classy.
    Enjoy the GP. xxx

  9. Gorgeous Ang, that gold paper with the white accents... WOW!! Love your work with fancy die cuts, I have a collection of hundreds of die sets and the most I have the patience for is a leaf or two! lol. BTW, your post title made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard, you crack me up! Hope you have a lovely Sunday, Mr J and I are off the local conservation area to check out what that's about! hugs :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this stunning card. It's my parent golden wedding in October so I'm on the hunt for ideas as obviously I have a reputation to uphold with them!
    I'm planning on making them a scrapbook using a heartfelt creations flip fold album base. I just need to figure out how to steal some of their wedding photos to copy without them noticing!
    Enjoy the Grand Prix with your foot up!
    Cara x

  11. Beautiful Ang and definitely one to try and replicate.
    Enjoy the GP.
    Love Val x

  12. A really smart card, Ang!
    From the tub!

  13. Gorgeous card, love the die and paper used....perfect...xx

  14. Great race!! What a climax. I know Lewis is your main man but made such a difference with him and Nico taking each other out like that. Love from Jackie xx

  15. Hi Ang, gorgeous card and such pretty dies you've used, I'm sure it will be loved. Take care, Kate x

  16. Gorgeous card Ang. Hope you enjoyed watching your race. Have a great day.

  17. Hello Ang,
    I am so happy that you've posted this lovely card. I have that Anna Griffin die and whenever someone asks me what it is, I can never tell them, I don't think it came properly labelled, but then again at my age I can't remember a lot of things!!!
    I'm sure you will be fine at Silverstone in July. Just keep Mr D on his toes running around after you, and all will be well.
    Take care, I hope his mouth is O.K. now.
    Maureen xxx

  18. Hi Ang, a gorgeous card thanks for thinking about me and showing it I'm very grateful, hope you manage silverstone alright just be careful.
    Nancyd xx

  19. Another pretty gold card - you are on a roll!
    sandy xx