Monday, 9 May 2016

Silver Anniversary. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning guys and gals. Hope this find you full of the joys of Spring. Beautiful weather again the last few days but I think we may be in for a spot of rain mid week.

Welcome to Sylvie. Thank you for pressing the button. Sylvie is a team mate over at MAWTT so you can see what we have been up to on Thursday when our next DT post is on the blog.

Poor Mr D is still in a bit of pain and his cheek is still swollen, bless him. Soft foods are still on the menu but hopefully he'll be chewing like a good un again soon. 

As for me, the diagnosis is Achilles Tendonitis. I have to now go for a podiatry assessment for something to alleviate the problem but still rest it in the meantime. 

Now, my friend from school Elaine and her husband are celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary this week. I remember their shiny youthful faces when they first met each other (ah, those carefree teenage years) and here we are now, older but not necessarily wiser lol!!!
So, along with the Silver Wedding rose bush gift, this is the card I made for them.
Apologies for the top photo. Trying to get a great angle with mirror card with the card standing up, was a nightmare.

White card
Silver mirror card
Platinum card (Lime Tree)
CE Tied Together embossing folder
Presscut Square dies
SB Captivating Squares
SB Adorning Squares
John Lockwood Flower Hearts Elements stamps (Happy Anniversary)
Hobbycraft stamps (Silver and little flourishes)
Silver embossing powder
Silver ribbon (Mei Flower)
CE big pearl bling
Teeny silver bling (Mei Flower)
Slightly larger bling (Dovecraft)

I loved playing with the bow on this. I always find it easier to use a glue gun with this type of bow and yes, I thought I'd be different with 2 sizes of bling on the intersections of the embossing.

Right, hot chocolate has been placed beside me (I'm scheduling this) so time to tootle off.

Hope this week is kind and gentle to you.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, this is a smashing Siver Anniversary card my friends we have just left in Australia has their Golden coming up in June so I think i will trying to duplicate this as I really like it.
    Nancyd xx

  2. What a pair you are I hope you both a speedy recovery.
    I've been nursemaiding my poor hubby this weekend he has food poisoning I've decided I am Definitely not cut out to be a nurse.
    The card is wonderful and I agree it's a nightmare to try and photograph mirri card.
    Have a great week xx

  3. Hi Ang. The Duck household seems to be having some bad luck lately. Keeping you in my thoughts for some fast healing. This Anniversary card is so gorgeous. That bow is amazing. Take care and get well.

  4. Hi Ang, hope you and Mr D get some healing soon. Love your card, the different sizes of bling is very effective. Take care. Bx

  5. More than stunning Ang. xxxx

  6. Ang sorry to hear you are still a lame duck. Excuse the pun and poor Mr D too.
    Love this card gorgeous bow.
    Margaret M
    Forgot how to spell my name for a moment must be getting old!!!

  7. Hi Ang
    Beautiful card , i love it and your friends will too.
    I do hope Mr D will be feeling better soon { i really don't know why we have to have teeth , trouble when they come and trouble when they go , after all if we never had em we would all look the same, Gummy eh ? ha ha just a thought }
    Just take care chuck and keep resting.
    Elaine H X

  8. Morning Ang, glad to hear hubby is on the mend, and that you've had a proper diagnosis. Hope you can get sorted out now and recover better. Love the card, I too have problems photographing Miri card, but you've done a good job here. Great design. Janice X

  9. Stunning silver anniversary card. It will be cherished. Mirri card really is a b***** tophotograph isn't. Usually comes out black so youhave done a great job. Hugs to the poorly pair! I can see you wearing high heels to shorten the tendon and allow it to rest ... lol! ( Okay, maybe just a pad in the heel of your shoe - spoilsport!) Take care. Christine xx

  10. Hi there Ang, what a beautifully elegant card, I love everything you've done here and I'm sure it will be treasured.
    Poor Mr.D, I hope he is more comfortable soon, and you take it easy too.
    Kate x

  11. Morning Ang,
    A really gorgeous card.

  12. Hi Ang really beautiful card..hope hubby's mouth is a lot better and you get some relief with your foot soon lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxx

  13. Beautiful, Ang. Hope you both feel better soon. At least, you now know what you are dealing with.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. This is just stunning. Hope your ankle improves quickly. Cara x

  15. WOW!!!!! This is just gorgeous Ang!! Love the panels, up and down, wow, what a 3D card!! The mirror paper is so lovely against the stark white, stunning!! Sending hugs to you and Mr D.

  16. Stunning Ang I love the different sized bling you have used too - great effect

  17. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous card today, and photographed beautifully!!
    Sorry that you are still having problems, but now they know exactly what it is, hopefully the treatment will soon get you back on your feet.
    As for Mr D, I hope he soon recovers, ooh just the word Dentist and I cringe.
    Take care the pair of you, and get well soon to you both.
    Maureen xxx

  18. Hi Ang, a beautiful card, and one that will be well received I am sure.
    Hope that your and Mr. D have a better week this week

  19. Hi Ang,
    what a very beautiful Anniversary card.
    I bet they love it.
    Super designing as always, and that bow is outstanding.
    Sounds like a long old haul with your health probs.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. That's so pretty Ang. Keep resting....

  21. Beautiful and elegant! Lovely card!

  22. Wowza, Ang, this card is a gift unto itself! I can't stop staring at it to soak up all the amazing details!! It sounds like you are in for a long recovery with your ache heel itis. Hang in there, my friend! I'm glad to hear that the Dude Duck will soon be able to quack again!! Hugs, Darnell

  23. Stunning. Love the image and gorgeous colours....enjoy your weekend.xx ♥  {aNNie}