Monday, 6 June 2016

The 14 Cards of Lockwood. . . . . . . . Part 3

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a lovely, warm and sunny weekend.

Hello to FoxyG, Wendy's sister. Thank you to you and everyone for your kind comments. Still getting tired moments but Mr D is looking after me when he's not at work and Nesta is keeping a beady eye.

Now, we have another card from John's shows. I did a couple like this to show how versatile the stamps would be for smaller cards and for those who like to do a bit more in the stamping department, rather than just die cuts.

Bright white card
Amethyst card (Both CE Foundation card)
John Lockwood Nasturtium Elements stamps
Sue Wilson Rococo Striplet (with a circular portion cut out)
Cosmic Shimmer Frosty Lilac PVA pearl
Presscut Square dies
Grape Jelly Memento Dew Drop ink (First and second generation stamping)

Isn't it a pain when different light makes the same card look different colours? I bet David Bailey never has this problem lol!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Ang x

Ps......I had no choice but to wave off Mr D to the supermarket with a list again yesterday. As I had the rudements of a roast dinner in the freezer, I rang him whilst he was shopping to ask him to get a bag of Tesco Value Yorkshire Puddings (sacrilege, I know, but I'm not well lol!). He returned with...........Aunt Bessies Roast Potatoes!!! He claims to have misheard but amazing his hearing was intact when I also reminded him to get cake for his lunchbox!!!
And I'm to avoid stress lol!!!


  1. Morning Ang, another gorgeous card they were all beautiful. Glad your feeling a bit better hope you enjoyed your roasties and didn't miss the Yorkers too much poor Mr D I'm sure he tries his best.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi Ang, a really beautiful card, love the stamping around the die cut element. Hope you had a nice roast dinner. Take care and rest. Bx

  3. Lovely to have a small card - most of mine need to go in the post. Glad you're improving. I'm sure Mr D is doing his best.

  4. Hi Ang
    Hehe you do make me chuckle, i just bet Mr D fancied Roasties , when i ask the other half to pop in for something he gets 3, yes 3 bottles of vinegar he brought home one day , i ask you ?
    Beautiful card Ang loving the color and great idea using the striplet , i would never have thought of that .
    Take care Chuck , keep resting.
    Elaine H X

  5. Good morning Ang, beautiful colour in one if my favourite colours. I am sure the roasters taste nice and you did not miss the yorkshires to much.
    Enjoy the day,
    Hazel c uk

  6. Good morning Ang,
    Men and shopping!!!
    Anyway your card is brilliant, love it.
    Patricia x

  7. Sorry I've not visited recently but for some reason my blog list hasn't been updating properly when people post which has meant I've missed several of yours. However I've caught up now and see you've been busy making some great samples for John - love to watch his shows. So sorry to hear about your health scare, do take care and hope things settle down soon.

  8. Beautiful card Ang. Glad you're feeling a tad better. Hope your roast was delicious - we had prawn salad!!!

  9. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card. Hope you are feeling a bit better.

  10. Good morning Ang great card and such a clever use of the stamps. Do you use one of those gadgets John Gentleman Crafter used to demonstrate? If not it is even more marvellous!! I'm feeling sorry for Mr D but things can only improve with practice so keep sending him out.......Love from Jackie xx

  11. This card is so elegant, Ang.
    Take things steady.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Northampton)

  12. Oh Ang, I'm having a good chuckle about the shopping, men! I hope hubby enjoys his cake.
    Gorgeous card and fabulous colours. I love the design with the stamp and how you've used the die to create a mandala.
    You take care and speak soon, Kate x m

  13. Looks gorgeous, Keep well as you can, xxxx

  14. Loved the stamped effect. Sorry you missed out on the Y. Puds.

  15. Loved the stamped effect. Sorry you missed out on the Y. Puds.

  16. Beautiful card Ang, love the purple tones!! Sending hubby to the store is always a stressful situation. Whip Cream is not the same as as Miracle Whip you know!! lol. healing hugs comin at ya!

  17. A smart and elegant card, Ang.
    Take things easy and enjoy being waited on.
    From the tub!

  18. Wonderful design - smashing card!! Bravo!!!!
    sandy xx

  19. Hi Ang, love the card, especially the stamping. Stamping is something that I don't do.....mainly because I'm no good at it lol !!! My husband has selective hearing too.....never hears anything I tell him lol !!! Janice xx

  20. Hi Ang,
    what a wonderful and really great card.
    I love your wonderful stamping, and the lovely clean design.
    Did you do the wonderful circle of stamping freehand ?
    Isn't it amazing how DH just hear what they want to hear.
    My hubby says the same about me.
    Love and big get well wishes.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Hi Ang! Love all the stamping on this card! Lots of love went into this one! Potatoes or Pudding he at least came home with something you could eat! LOL! Keep Calm and rest up!

  22. Love the pattern building on this and the fab colour. Hope the shopping improves! Cara x

  23. Oh Ang,
    If you are married to a man, there is no way to avoid stress and your Consultant should know that!!! "He who should know his place, but doesn't" got hearing aids a couple of weeks ago, after much nagging and complaining from me. He doesn't wear them all the time - he says that he doesn't need to!!! They are the only hearing aids in the world that work when they are in their boxes on the sideboard, and the TV is turned up to ear splitting levels grrrrr.
    Enough about me. You will settle into a routine and gradually come to terms with the shock of your diagnosis. Just take your medication, take life as it comes, and don't get your knickers in a twist. By the way, I love the card - I'd heard that you taught Bailey all he knew ha ha.
    Granny Maureen xxxx

  24. You made me smile with Mr D's shopping antics! Poor you Frustrating I know I get something similar with my OH He'll say "do we need any of that" but makes sure he picks up a crate of Guinness
    I love your card and what a clever idea to cut a circular part of the Striplet I need to think outside the box more

  25. Hi Ang a lovely card. I was catching up on some of jonhs shows last night and he was showing the cards you had made. They were gorgeous.
    I'm glad your feeling a bit better shame about Mr D selective hearing lol.
    I will be having the same problem soon. I am having an operation tomorrow so could be out of action for a while I'm preparing myself for so.e of the issues you are having although I did try to stock up on food on my last shop xxx

  26. Oh Ang I have just been able to get Google to let me comments, I have to say very good of them to tell me someone aboard had my account! Seeing it's myself it's a bit hard to get them to understand then they let me get back in and then take it away when I have written a long comment.
    Sorry to hear you had a nasty scare, please take it easy ok he brought back roast potatoes at least you can use them up. A tesco direct order might just be needed?
    Love your samples for John's show, they are brilliant.
    Take care Hazel xxx

  27. Wonderful card and I got to see it presented on Hochanda by John.

  28. Good morning Ang

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of how you made this beautiful card.

    I love how you've stamped behind/around the die cut. It really is a stunning creation! I hope John has put it in a frame or at least on show in his craft room!

    June x