Saturday, 16 July 2016

Number 9 From John's Shows. . . . . . . . .

Good morning lovely guys and gals. Hope everyone is fine and dandy?

I will utter that familiar phrase . .  . . . . . .I've been in hospital again. I'm getting fed up saying it so you lovely folk must be getting fed up reading it lol!!! I'm working my way around your blogs bit by bit so please bear with me.
Guess its going to be one of those things until I see the cardio specialists, which will now happen following my Echo scan yesterday.

Anyhoo, on to nicer things. As you can see, I'm still working my way through the samples I made for John's shows last month. I need to get my crafty butt into gear and spend some time in the craft room again. 

Now, this another fairly CAS (well, for me) card featuring triple stamping. Sue Wilson and John have done tutorials on this if anyone is not familiar.

Bright White and Amethyst Foundation card
John Lockwood Larkspur Elements stamps
Tied Together embossing folder
Presscut Squares dies
Frosty Lilac PVA Pearls
Mei Flower ribbon
Coloured CE pearl
Grape Jelly Memento Dewdrop ink

I love purple and lilac so enjoyed making this one.

Before I tootle off, I wish happy travels to Darnell whose fab blog is here and who will be flying across the Atlantic later today to meet with some of us lucky folk on her UK Tour lol!!!
Hoping to meet Darnell a week tomorrow along with some more of her bloggy chums for a bite to eat and a bit of crafty chatter.

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend with hopefully a little sunshine to warm us is July after all lol!!!

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.

Ang x thoughts are with the poor souls and their families who have been affected by the latest tragedy in Nice. 


  1. Morning Ang, I've only done this stamping technique once, but it looks really effective, so I really should do it again. Beautifully designed card. Take care. Janice xx

  2. Hi Ang, love the card, stunning design. Hope everything gets better. Yes, thinking of all the people affected by the horror in Nice and Turkey.Take care. Bx

  3. Gorgeous card Ang. You better get yourself sorted !!!!!

  4. Beautiful card Ang! I love the purples, my new favourite colour thanks to Pion Design! Great embossing choice and that triple stamping technique makes a fabulous focal point. Take care of you and have fun with your crafty buddies! hugs :)

  5. Hi Ang, you must really like NHS food that's all I can say! Didn't bother with the Motorcycle Museum again since I was badly let down my pal yet again........ (Just as well you know I'm joking!) You really will make it one of these days missus. Just take care of yourself and get well! Lovely card - but it's purple so obviously I would like it. Hugs Chrisitne xx

  6. A great card Ang using my all time favourite embossing folder.
    I have tried triple stamping once but it didn't work for me but as the Sat practice makes perfect lol..
    Get well soon.
    We've just been moving furniture around today in preparation for my mother in law returning to her home she's been in hospital for three months fingers crossed they will release her next week.
    Hugs to all xx

  7. Aaaaaah Ang, what are we to do with you???? Seriously though, I hope they come up with something to help you, fingers crossed.
    Your card is lovely, gorgeous colours and that bow is fab, take care of yourself, Kate x

  8. Beautiful Ang - done all in white these would make fantastic wedding cards too!
    Do let us know as soon as you know about all of your test results. You know you have a big fan club and we are all praying for you.
    Sending you good vibes!
    Sandy xx

  9. Lovely card Ang, I like purple too!
    Nancy x

  10. A beautiful card and a beautiful colour too.
    I hope there is better news soon with regards to your health.
    From the tub! Jennie

  11. Hi Ang. I love your card and the colour.
    Do hope they can sort your health probs out soon.
    Love Val in Spain x

  12. Must try the triple stamping technique- so many to have a go at. Love this embossing folder and it looks even more special in the colour you've used.
    Thinking about you, hoping you get some positive news soon.

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  14. Hi Ang, sorry got the fingers in a knot.
    Lovely card, purple and lilac one of my favourite colour combinations.
    Hope that your health issues are sorted out ASAP as it must be quite worrying for both you and Mr. D

  15. Morning Ang,
    Love the card. So sorry to hear that you are still having problems. Just hope they sort you out soon.

  16. Hi Ang,

    Oh so sorry to hear you have been back in hospital my friend, I really hope they sort you out soon, must be so frightening. i am here if you need to talk, vent of or whatever lol!

    Fabulous card hun, love the design and of course the colours.
    Enjoy your time with Darnell, just had a look at her blog she seems like quite a livewire, fun Lady just like yourself so I know you are going to get along lol!

    Now get plenty of rest hun and don't worry about blogland we will still be here, you cant be any worse than me right now its one group of samples after another at the moment so I don't have much time to do any of my own but I am loving it, went to one of her workshops last Sunday and met a couple of other members of the DT had a fabulous time, never laughed so much in ages I think she wished we weren't there as we disrupted the whole time lol! Apparently they had a very quiet Saturday and I must say the other tables were quite quiet on the Sunday just our 'naughty' table as she called it!!! The other members are fab its a brilliant DT to be on, all so supportive.
    Anyhow enough of me, you get better soon hun.

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Poor darling, hope you get better soon, thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers...BEAUTIFUL designed creation, colours are stunning and such a lovely card...xx

  18. Beautiful card and colours Ang ,in and out of Hospital is not funny mate hope they get you sorted soon.
    Just got back from a couple of nights away ,{ need to get some undisturbed sleep Ang }
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  19. Ooh Ang So sorry to hear you've been in hospital again I hope they can bring your cardio appt forward Perhaps Mr D could have a word with GP and Cardio secretary
    Today's card is lovely I may try this triple stamping with Serif lol! Take care xx

  20. What a beautiful card!! I hope you feel better really soon. Hugs!!

  21. Great card. Sorry to hear you've been forced to eat hospital food again. Hope things calm down for you soon. Cara x

  22. Hi Ang,
    Beautiful card, I love the design and the colours.
    Glad you've had your echo, it's amazing what they can tell from them and hopefully they will get a lot of answers. Your results will be ready soon and then the next process will begin, and treatment decided. Good luck and enjoy your day away with Darnell and other friends.
    Maureen xxx

  23. Your stacked and textured and beribboned card is utterly gorgeous, Ang! I'm sorry to hear you ended up back in hospital. I hope you can see the specialist soon and get on proper medication to make you all better! I look forward to seeing you soon! Love and hugs, Darnell