Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Happy Anniversary 2016 Mr Duck. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. I've not had a great week, to be honest, with an A/Fib issue most days but trying to ride out the storm at home rather than going into hospital as long as my pulse stays below 120 (I have a monitor).
I should have my Echo results shortly, as the department has been without a typist for 2 weeks but she is back now and will hopefully send my letter sometime this week (NHS cutbacks I guess that they can't draft another typist from somewhere else)
Mind you, there's lots worse off than me so its naughty of me to grizzle.

Anyhoo, on to happier things. Today is mine and Mr D's Wedding Anniversary. He's not at work but I shall see how I feel before we decide what to do with the day. He would be happy parked in his chair with a bacon sarnie in one hand and a sudoku in the other, watching re-runs of The Bill on Freeview but it would be nice to have a pootle out somewhere for some fresh air for me.

Cream, black and red card
Sue Wilson Cygnus Gemini die
SB Twisted Metal Tags and Accents die (Cut twice for shadow effect)
SB Medallion One die
SB Fancy Tags One (Framed-but without the frame lol!!!)
X Cut Circles die
X Cut Alphabet die
CE Swirling Hearts embossing folder
John Lockwood Flower Hearts Elements Stamps (Sentiment and foliage)
Black and red ribbon
Black PVA pearls
Black Archival ink

PHEW !!!

Now, I know its very ornate for a fella but Mr D has been faithfully by my side these last few weeks, even when he's been completely exhausted trying to work and stay awake all hours when holding my hand at the hospital in the wee small hours, so I felt I needed to inject a bit of grandeur and make it special to show my appreciation (without involving chocolate or Toad in the Hole)
Not easy when the mojo has sent a postcard from Madagascar saying its not due home any time soon so I understand it may look a little OTT or die cut heavy for some of you.

Hopefully, Mr D will like it and bless him, he did agree I could schedule this for 6am still, even though he probably won't have seen it himself by this point (Hopefully, we are both looking at the inside of our eyelids at 6am)

Thank you, as always, for your kind and generous comments. Hope today brings you all happiness, whatever you are doing.

Ang x

Ps.......Maureen, I have now amended my last post and put names to the faces on the pictures. Apologies, it was remiss of me not to do it previously...........good luck making out any faces on that blurred snap lol!!!


  1. Lovely card Ang. Hope you feel okay to do something today, and congratulations.

  2. It is beautiful and he will love it! I sometimes despair of teh NHS. In some regards it is brilliant, but badly lets itself - and it's patients - down. Anyway hopefully you will get teh results of the echo and they will be able to form a treatment protocol for yoi. Chin up kidda! Christine xx (PS Had a bit of a bad week myself - look at my last post!)

  3. Ang this is gorgeous, I,m sure Lee will love.
    Have a lovely day whatever you decide to do but DONT end up in hospital. xxxx

  4. Awww me little Duck , i do hope you get your letter soon this week and you get sorted .
    A very lovely card for Mr D not OTT for me ,and i am sure Mr D will love it .
    Hope you have a lovely day .
    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi Ang, happy anniversary to you & mr duck, hope you manage to go out somewhere together. I personally love the card, great colour combination, and love the die cutting along with the stamping. Hope you feel better very soon. Chin up and rest as much as possible. Janice xx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Ang, Great card, I am sure Mr. D will love it.
    Sorry that you are still not feeling good, hopefully they can sort out your medication and get you back on your feet soon.

  7. Morning Ang,
    Poor you, you have through the mill lately, lets hope they get you sorted soon. I think I told you my hubby has has AF for a number of years and once his meds were sorted he keeps very well.
    Love the card, Happy Anniversary to you both, enjoy the day.

  8. Yay, Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Doodah, Doodah!! May you have many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many more happy years together! He is a prince of a fella, but then you are a princess of a gal, so it's all fairsies! I hope you get your results soon, honey. Waiting is the WORST!! Keeping you in my prayers! Love and hugs, Darnell (Oh, Lord, where's me bloonmin manners? Your card for your mister is fantastical!!)

  9. Congratulations to you Ang and Mr Duck, enjoy your special day

    Love your card as I'm sure Mr D will also

    June x

  10. Absolutely stunning card Ang and Happy Anniversary to both you and Mr. Duck.
    Your card is beautifully designed and the colour theme is gorgeous. I'm sure hubby loved the card. I hope you can do something nice today, but just take it easy, hugs Kate x

  11. I'm sure Mr Duck with just love that card - Congratulations to both of you and I hope you are having a lovely day. Great use of Sue Wilson Dies which are always good to use for special cards

  12. Hi Ang and Mr Duck,
    Congratulations on your Anniversary today.
    I love this very stunning card, and the design is spectacular.
    I bet Mr Duck loved it.
    Not sure you need Mr Mojo back from his hols as you have made such a wonderful card with out him.
    ssssssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell him I said that as he may not come back at all. LOL.
    So sorry to hear you are having more health issues.
    I do hope you will soon be A 1 again.
    On another note I have got the dreaded 24hr blood pressure monitor fitted again today as they said the darn thing last time wouldn't read out. Boo Hoo.
    Hope you have a wonderful day together and have gone somewhere nice.
    Big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Wow, a big Happy Anniversary for you and Mr D!! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and you were able to get out of the house (although I agree with Mr D, can't go wrong with a bacon sandwich)! What a fabulous card. Love the colours, very striking. Not over the top at all, but you arm must have been tired from all the cranking of your die machine. Well worth it. hugs :)

  14. Love it. Fabulous project. Love the goodies and papers used..xx

  15. Wonderful card. Hope the AF calms down. Hugs, Cara x

  16. Happy anniversary to you both.
    I hope you got out of the house and enjoyed the day.
    The card is an absolute stunner I am sure Mr D loved it xxx

  17. Hi Ang. I hope you were able to do something a bit special for your anniversary. The card is beautiful.

    Look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  18. Hi Ang, playing catch up on the blogs, I think this card is beautiful and made with lots of love, I am sure Mr D loved it. Hope you had a great day together and I hope you start feeling loads better soon. Bx

  19. Lovely card! Happy Anniversary! Feel better soon! Hugs!