Monday, 17 October 2016

First Anniversary . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all fine and dandy?

Thank you for your kind comments. I am starting to feel better now and have started to venture out again in the last couple of days. Hoping to meet Davey for a coffee (decaff mocha chocca doodah of some description) this morning as we are both out at the doctors.

June and Wendy, I would have dearly loved a tot of rum in the blackcurrant but not allowed any alcohol at the moment. . . . . . not a big drinker but you know what its like when you're told you can't have something lol!!! The cold itself was quite tame. It was the effect it had on the rest of me lol!!!

Maureen, Happy Belated Anniversary to you and George. I hope that he didn't have too long a wait in A&E or did the red roses require surgical removal from where you put them???

Now, talking of anniversaries (how's that for a neat segueway into today's card lol!!!) here we have a couple at the opposite end of the spectrum, celebrating their first year as Mr and Mrs (still in that naive flush of happiness. . . . . . . I remember those halcyon days, hahaha!!!)
Nesta's neice and hubby celebrated their anniversary in the Summer and this is the card I made for Nesta to give them.

White and pink card
HC Decorative Lace Border
SB Adorning Squares
SB Dahlia
Presscut Squares
CE Swirling Hearts embossing folder
John Lockwood flower and sentiment stamps
CE Stitched Bunting Numbers stamps
CE Crochet Ribbon
Mei Flower satin ribbon
Dovecraft teeny bling

I tried to keep to a loosely similar theme to the acceptance and wedding cards I made last year (click here and here respectively to see these).

I have managed to spend some time in the craft room whilst on enforced rest (Mr D can be masterful at times, especially when he knows he can run quicker than me at the minute lol!!!).
I'm on a mission to start using some of the beautiful papers I have accumulated as it is a bit of a waste just gazing at them adoringly now and again. 
I'm also determined to get through the Hunkydory Christmas kits I bought about 4 years ago, then abandoned about 3 weeks later after being seduced by Sue Wilson caressing a Grand Calibur (It was like a Nigella licking chocolate off a spoon moment for the fellas).

Anyhoo, better tootle off and feed Mr and Mrs B. They now like tinned peaches as well as grapes and blueberries so must be the most pampered blackbirds in the area.
Mr D has had the odd mutter about them being better fed but being offered a fat ball (Maureen, leave it!!!) and a bowl of mealworms for his tea works wonders at silencing him.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope this week is kind to you all.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang
    So pleased to hear you are feeling better.
    A great card I love the embossing folder.
    Have a great day xx

  2. Ang, you sound much more like your old self which is good to hear. Love the card.

  3. Hi Ang
    So pleased your feeling well enough to go out and about ,enjoy your doo dah coffee.
    Beautiful card i love the pink, and a gorgeous background embossing .

    Talking of fat balls ,,,,,, i remember Andrew buying me a feeding station for the birds, with the seeds and fat balls as a present when we bought a Caravan , it took a couple of days for the birds to try it out , i was so excited to see them feeding and fluttering just a few yards from my window ,so i text Andrew with ,,,,,"Andrew i have two blue tits on the fat balls ,it's so exciting"
    he text me back " Mum what you like ?, don't be sending a copy of this to any male friends you have , for goodness sake ".
    However it gave him a good laugh .
    Take care chuck.
    Elaine H X

  4. Morning Ang,
    Pleased you are feeling a bit better, now don't go and overdo it.
    Lovley card.

  5. I thought it was a good sign when I saw your comment on John's blog and I was right. So pleased you are feeling better.
    This is a great card.

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Gorgeous card Ang, the design with those dies is fabulous, love the one that looks like lace.
    So pleased to hear you managed to get out, hopefully your appointment goes well and have a good catch up with Davey, Kate x

  7. Hi Ang, love the many the decorative border across the card too. Janice xx

  8. Great acrd Ang. Love the HC border. Note to self- must use mine more than I do! GLad you are feeling better. Take care and I'll drop you a line. Chrisitne xx

  9. Hi Ang

    Love this card. I know what you mean about being 'seduced by Sue Wilson' etc lol. When I first met her I couldn't stop myself from saying that she's the only woman I'd leave my husband for!!!!!! (purely for card making of course) To which her reply was "where are we going here June"? It's now mentioned every time I see her lol

    June x

  10. It's good to hear you back on form - with the funny stories at least
    Beautiful card Ang I think we have all been seduced by Sue W! I am so glad my friend decided to back out of going halves with me on a GC and I joined the journey of die cutting If someone gave me a ScanNcut for free I wouldn't turn it down BUT I much prefer the bevelled edge a die cut gives

  11. Hello Ang,
    Love today's card and the acceptance and wedding cards, they are all beautiful. Who is HC, as in HC border? I know when you tell me that I'll kick myself - I tend to do that quite often!!!
    It's so good to hear that you are feeling a bit better and are getting out and about. Hope you enjoyed your thingamy whatsit coffee with Davey (whose Davey, is he another admirer - whatever happened to Flash, was he replaced by Cif?)
    Thank you for your good wishes, George is recovering nicely now although the thorns from the roses took some extracting!!! I am struck dumb by the thought of fat balls. There is no comparison between them and peanuts ha ha!!!
    Oh you bring out the evil in me, but I do hope you continue to improve healthwise.
    Maureen xxx

  12. Hi Ang so glad to read you are feeling better. Hope you also enjoyed a mocha chocca latte thingy with Davey as well. I had a good chuckle re your comment about the Hunkydory kits. I've got them all as well along with I don't know how many other kits. The plan at the beginning of the year was to do one kit a month so I did not have so many to pack away before the builders moved in. Well, that idea didn't even last out January!! Oh well there's always next year. Anyway I must mention your lovely card before I sign off. Doesn't seem a year since you showed us their wedding card. Take care of yourself, love from Jackie xx

  13. What a gorgeous card! Love it!

  14. Just 'checking up' on you Ang, don't get here very often but at least I poke my nose in now and again. Love your card and the gorgeous colours. Keep on staying well, hugs your way.xx {aNNie}

  15. Honestly, Ang, I can't believe you've made this work of art out of any paper whatsoever! The whole sensational creation looks like it is made from fabric and lace. What a talented talented girl you are! I've been away again and I'm sorry to hear that you caught your mister's cold and it wrecked your havoc. What a relief to read that you are feeling on a more even keel at last! I do worry about you, you know! Take care - sounds like Mr. and Mrs. B should return the favor and feed you! Well, you know morphiphonically speaking. You have to use your imagination and picture them folding their wings around hot steaming bowls of hearty soup, not the stuff they bring back up from their gullets in real life. Oh, sorry. Too graphic when you're just having your tea? Oops. Lots of love, Darnell