Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Happy Birthday 2016 Mr Duck . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everything is well with you and yours.

I've been bobbing along quite well until yesterday but I think its because I overdid things on Sunday. When you're feeling better you feel like you can do more and so I did. Will have to rein myself in a bit.

Now, I know I have only just started the Christmas theme but I'm taking a small interlude. It was Mr D's birthday at the weekend so I thought I'd show you his card now rather than in a month's time lol!!!
Those of you that have visited The Pond for a while will know that Mr D is very fond of red and is a patriotic boy so I went with red,white and blue.

Red, white and blue card
CE Tartan Trellis embossing folder
Memory Box Alphabet dies
Presscut rectangles dies
John Lockwood sentiment
Hobbycraft scroll stamps
Memento Dew Drop Paris Dusk ink

The card is quite a biggy at approx 8"x10". The lettering is cut into the card that's why I love this alphabet set with separate letters so you can do this.

Mr D was very happy indeed with his card but we did have a chuckle about John's sentiment. The "question" bit is accurate as its always "why?" when I ask him to do anything lol!!! However, the "listening" bit is not quite so accurate lol!!!

Well, hopefully today I have woken up feeling better as I've things to do.

Thank you for your visits and comments and hope you all don't have too manic a week ahead in the run up to the festivities.

Be good!

Ang x

Ps......Didn't have a good night so haven't woken up feeling well, sadly, so I won't be doing much today except hoping the tablets kick in soon lol!


  1. Hello Ang, what a fab card for Mr D, I am sure he loved it. Take it easy and don't do too much too quickly. Bx

  2. A great card Ang and I love the colours too. The alphabet is wonderful
    Try and take it easy this week and have a great Christmas xx

  3. Fabulous card Ang, love the strong colours and those letters are fab too. Thank you for commenting on my blog (you forgot your email!) the Campervan is a stencil which is why you can turn it round, no flowers on the stencil added them myself but thank you again. Yes I don't seem to have that much time to blog now so I'm afraid its easier just to post the lot together tee hee!!!
    Hope you have a great day and an even better Christmas.

    Love always

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. A real mantelpiece showstopper! Hope you're feeling better this morning and able to do a bit but not too much...

  5. This looks fab Ang. Glad you are feeling better but do still take it easy, xxxx

  6. Great card Ang and I'm sure he loved it. I think you could be talking about John with the asking - and never listening!!!! Make sure you take it easier young lady! Christine x

  7. Beautiful card Ang love the colours and letters used.
    Just take it easy there's a good duck ,as we want you well all of the time .

    Elaine H X

  8. Ang, this is just amazing. How on earth did you get all the letters so evenly spaced and level?
    Hope you feel better soon - take it steady.

    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  9. Morning Ang,
    Love your card, must have taken an age to get the lettering perfect.
    Hope you are felling better now you have taken yomedication.
    Take care

  10. Hi there, oh it's so easy to do that bit extra when you are feeling better, just take it easy.
    Now as for your card, it's brilliant, fabulous bold colours and a great design, I did wonder if the sentiment rang true lol.
    I bought the alphabet die to make Damian's birthday card for January, great minds and all that, Kate x

  11. Hello Ang,
    Sorry that you've woken up "off colour", and hope that the meds soon kick in.
    Lovely card today, your spacing of Husband is amazing. It's Mr K's birthday on the 27th but for years I've just given him the same card every year but in a new envelope. He always opens the envelope and says "that's lovely, thank you" and pops it among the Christmas cards. I wonder when he'll twig ha ha.
    I couldn't, in all honesty, put that verse of John's in it anyway as like Mr D, he's the exact opposite of the sentiment!!!
    Take care, keep on taking the tablets, and if I don't see you before the big day, have a wonderful, happy and healthy time.
    Maureen xxx

  12. This is a stunner. No wonder Hubby likes it so much. Keep taking those pills and rest up. Hugs Mrs A.

  13. One delightful birthday card - he came close to having a Christmas Birthday.
    When one is feeling really well it is so easy to over do and you don't realize it until you have done it!
    Please take extra good care of yourself.
    Merry Christmas Ang!
    Sandy Claus xxx

  14. A great card for Mr D I bought these letter dies after seeing your previous offerings I love them Your patience at lining them all up is amazing I'd love any tips you have
    Take care Ang You must pace yourself, hard I know but we don't want to hear of any hospital visits especially at this time of year xx

  15. Great card - love the lettering as part of the frame. Also love the red, white and blue theme! Happy Birthday Mr. D! Merry Christmas to you both and take it easy Ang. Hugs.