Thursday, 5 January 2017

MAWTT January Challenge . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you fine and funky.

Its time for the first challenge of 2017 on MAWTT and the theme, that has been picked by the lovely Zoe, is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Something that you see in the sky!

Now, that should give you all plenty of scope to get those creative juices running.

As I still have lots of Christmas cards to share with you all, I chose to run with a snowflake as my thing you would see in the sky (rather than my undies after Storm Brenda hit my washing line lol!!!)

White and navy card
Silver mirror card
SB Intertwined Spirals (Love this die!!!)
SB Snowflake Pendant 2013 
X Cut Circles
Dovecraft sentiment
Memento Dew Drop Paris Dusk ink
Teeny silver bling

I hope that you can all pop across to MAWTT to see what the other gals have come up with and also, I'm sure that you have some wonderful creation that you can enter into the challenge.

Here's another variation of this card, slightly smaller, a lighter blue and different layer in the centre. 

At the dentist for a filling repair today so wish me luck as now I need to have adreneline free anaesthetic,  due to the A/Fib, which doesn't work as well as the normal one.

And before I forget, thank you Marion for clicking the follow button. It's very much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great day.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang
    I do like your cards , i personally think you could use this snowflake die all year round , it has a regal majestic look to me , i love it .
    Hope you go on ok at the dentist , Oooo i am getting a twinge now and then too, was hoping it would go away all on its own, but ,,,,,
    Take care Chuck.
    Elaine H X

  2. Do like this Ang. As you say, loads of scope for the challenge.
    It's great to get back to crafting again - been making thank you cards and now have several birthdays coming up.
    Hope you're okay,

  3. Hi Ang
    What a beautiful card! I love it. Good luck at the dentists.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  4. Morning Ang,
    Lovely cards.

  5. I do love your wit Ang, fab card too, xxx

  6. Hi Ang, another lovely card. Good luck at the dentist Ang.

  7. I'm glad I'm reading this is a last years Christmas card not you started on 2017 ones already and I'm also relieved that your knockers didn't grace a card! Lovely make as always Ang, and I hope the dentist goes well today, Jx

  8. Beautiful card Ang, you have made me chuckle this morning. Good luck with the dentist. J x

  9. Hi there Ang, love your cards, they are indeed gorgeous dies, fabulous colours and design. Keep well, Kate x

  10. Love this one, Ang and that is a great die, I agree and so is the one very similar by Becca Feeken. Useful all year round.

  11. Great card, Ang. Good luck with the dentist!

    Anne (Northampton)

  12. Hello Ang,
    Fab card and I love the intertwined whatsits die. I don't think I've seen that one before.
    Hope the dentist went well and you are keeping o.k.
    I got the all clear re my cataract ops and when I get new specs I can drive again. Mr K has warned all the neighbours and our local supermarket so that preventative measures can be taken by them!!! The dreaded bug is finally well on it's way out, just as well it hasn't taken me with it ha ha.
    love xxx

  13. Lovely colours on this gorgeous creation...fabulous design.xx{aNNie}

  14. Hi Ang, like Maureen this intertwined die seems to have passed me by but it has great impact. Hope the visit to the dentist went well love from Jackie xx

  15. Hi Ang, great card......hope the dentist went ok. Janice xx

  16. Lovely card and as others have said it is a very majestic shaped snowflake which could be utilised for other cards throughout the year Hope the dentist went ok

  17. Hi Ang, this card is beautiful, looking forward to the inspiration you bring. Bx

  18. Gorgeous card Ange! I'm the same as you I cringe now when I have to go to the dentist lolxxx Hope you are getting on okay all the best to you and hubby for the New Year xxxxxx huggles Sue xxxxxxxxx

  19. I'm nearly crying laughing at Janice's comment about your knockers Ang....... x