Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Merry Christmas Lockers . . . . . . .

Good morning blogging chums. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Had a bit of a rough couple of days but nothing new there so chin up (and I have a fine selection of those to chose from at the moment) and onwards. 
Yesterday was a good day so managed a trip to Tesco with Mr D and a bite to eat at the local pub.

Flash was also out and about yesterday morning, cutting a fine figure in his pyjamas, Croc sandals and . . . . . . . . rubber gloves!!! No, I haven't a clue either lol!!!

Now, back to the card. This Christmas creation is actually the card I made for John Lockwood. Always puts me in a cold sweat making him cards as you feel the pressure to perform (in a manner of speaking lol!!!)

White, aqua and platinum card
Silver mirror card
Docrafts X Cut Reindeers Pattern embossing folder
SB Snowflake Pendant 2013 die
Cosmic Shimmer Frosty Aqua PVA Pearls
Dovecraft sentiment
Grey Flannel Memento Dew Drop ink

Apart from cheese and Jelly Babies, Mr L is partial to a bit of aqua and silver and, at Christmas, a prancing reindeer or two so, I knew this embossing folder had to have its maiden voyage for this card. The card measures about 7.5" x 7.5".
It seemed to go down very well (I trust John to tell me if he thinks its naff lol!!!).

Talking of John, he has started to feature cards with a spot of colouring. I recently bought the 4 Spectrum Noir sets of markers (the brights, darks, pastels and lights box sets) for a bargain, with the intention of using them to colour my pearlage or gems and the odd spot here and there, at which John had a chuckle.
So, I thought I'd give a bit of colouring a bash. Its not really something I've been bothered about, though I do admire the skills of some of you colouristas out there.
Here is my first effort with markers (I think I've done a couple of cards using water colour pencils ages ago)

Its an old Kanban stamp and about the only one I have with any colouring potential lol!!
Didn't think it looked too bad as I haven't a clue about shading and all that mularky. 

And here's my home made storage for the pens. . . . . . . 

I needed smelling salts and a lick from a St Bernard when I saw the price of pen storage so I started thinking about what else I could use. In a Heath Robinson moment, I thought of plastic downpipe (as you do) and had a chat to my next door neighbour who is a plumbing and heating engineer. They have bought a new house at the bottom of our road and have been doing major renovations on it and as luck would have it, he had some spare plastic extractor fan ducting, that was better than downpipe, and he even cut it to size for me.
I've stuck them together in twos with red liner tape and stuck some white card on the backs. I did have a few extra pens knocking about that didn't fit so I'm waiting to see if Leo gets any more ducting or if not, apparently its only £5 for a metre (which is roughly what I used in the above) and he will happily cut it for me again.

Anyhoo, that's enough waffle from me. Hope you have a happy Wednesday. If the forecast is right, I shall have some washing dancing in the breeze.

Ang x

P.s.  Thank you June for your comment about the card they showed on Hochanda. It has been on the blog here if you wanted more details on it.

Maureen, never had an accident but witnessed hundreds eh? Lol!!!

And, the crispy duck was extremely yummy.x


  1. Wonderful card Ang, yes John does love his prancing deers!!!
    Great post today, xxx

  2. Hi Ang
    So pleased you enjoyed your crispy duck .
    Johns Christmas card is beautiful i really do think he thought so too { i know about the cold sweat when making cards for my blogging chums Hahaha. }Hey your colouring is great Ang lovely shading too .Well done on your neighbour for helping you out and i'm not meaning flash with the rubber gloves , the mind boggles so we wont even go there lol..
    Hope your good days continue
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  3. Morning Ang,
    Gorgeous John card. I have the Kanban rose stamp, haven't used it for ages, you have inspired me to rummage for it and do a bit of colouring.

  4. What a gorgeous Christmas card Ang! I adore that reindeer embossed pattern, and the blue snowfall must have just taken forever to create, so beautiful!

    Love the idea for the marker storage, how clever of you! I do hope all has been well with you and Mr D. Sending belated New Years wishes to you both. hugs :)

  5. Morning Ang, lovely card for john, I hope he was pleased with it. I have a piece of white plastic guttering on my wall. I store ribbons in it. Works perfectly. Janice xx

  6. Hi Ang, your colouring is brilliant, looks to me that your shading is perfect you really should do more.
    John's card is lovely, smashing layout and colours, love the embossing design.
    Love your storage idea, though I can't think what it is you've used, Alistair will know. You're right about the expense of the storage trays, I cringe when I look at mine with all the pens, ssssh don't tell the husband,take care Kate x

  7. Hello Ang,
    Sorry you've had a few rotten days but pleased you've picked up. No doubt Flash can take the praise for that as I'm sure the sight of him wearing his marigolds is enough to warm the cockles of your heart!!
    The Christmas card is unusual and lovely. I haven't seen that EF before, or if I have I've forgotten all about it!
    Stamping and colouring is my thing, and your roses are beautifully coloured IMO (I've just picked that abbreviation up from my granddaughter who's 12!!!) Your storage idea is a brainwave, my daughter paid £30 to store my granddaughter's Copics. I store mine flat in very narrow A4 boxes which cost £1.99 and take 28 Pro Markers each which are displayed in colour order, so it's very economical. I have loads of dies, and to be honest rarely use them as I prefer to stamp (and not just my feet!!!) so any ideas you give are a great help.
    I haven't had many accidents but people around me seem to have lots ha ha.
    Maureen xxx

  8. Love this Christmas card and its lovely to see the non-traditional colours featured too.
    Well, your colouring is perfect for the rose, and I can't do light and shade for toffees (or a bar of choc) and Im very envious of those that can.
    Im glad you're are feeling a tad better and much in a pub is such a pick me up as someone else does the washing up!

  9. Good morning Ang glad you are feeling a bit better though Flash and his marigolds must help!! Love the EF you have used on John's card not seen this one before. As for your colouring - you've been hiding your light in the pond, looks great and such ingenuity in producing your storage for your pens. Mine are on a plastic box but fon't see tge light if day too often. I was going to get into colouring but just don't seem to have the time to sit and do it. Hope your washing stayed on the line!! Love from Jackie xx

  10. The card you did for John is lovely. Look at all those pearl drops you did. Awesome! Great job on the color blending on your roses. Your idea for your pen storage was brilliant. Thanks for the laughs when telling about the price for the store bought pen storage units. I agree! Take care my friend and stay well.

  11. Fabuuuulous card for Mr Lockwood Ange!!! and love the pen storage!!! hope your feeling better you know us A/F sufferers have to stick together lol xx and your colouring is great! lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxx

  12. Gorgeous card and I'm sure Mr L loved it
    Your colouring is beautiful I have some Chameleon pens but not used them I'm looking forward to John's feature on colouring
    Your storage is a brilliant idea I love it Plumbing items is on my list for B&Q As an oldie I get a discount on Wednesdays

  13. Great embossing folder Ang, amazing storage you made, very clever...take care.xx{aNNie}

  14. I'm sure John loved this card - it's great. Pleased to see your samples on his first show on Monday.
    Hope you've got over your blip earlier in the week.

  15. What a great card, Ang. I know what you mean about making cards for certain people - it is a worry! Love the colouring - I think I have that stamp somewhere so will have to search it out and practice my colouring too.

    All the best

    Anne (Northampton)

  16. Great card Ang, I am sure Mr L loved it. So sorry to hear that you have had a few bad days, perhaps you are trying to do to much on your good days, so perhaps you should take easy and let other people spoil you.

  17. Beautiful card! Love the pearl border!!

  18. Sorry Ang
    I missed this post. The reindeer is lovely and your colouring is great..I have that stamp too lol.
    The pen storage is a great idea xx

  19. Hi Ang,
    just catching up with your posts.
    Love this card and that embossing folder is ace.
    I don't know why you worried it's superb but I too get very nervous when I have to make a card for a crafter and John makes such wonderful cards but then so do you.
    Love your colouring if that wonderful stamped image of the roses.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Good morning Ang

    I'm just catching up with your posts as I've had quite a few days feeling a tad poorly.

    Love the colours for John's card, I'm sure he loves it too. Your colouring on the roses is gorgeous and I wouldn't expect anything other!

    Good storage idea for the pens too! My Mr F is making progress (slowly as he too is not well) with works in my craft room and when it's finished (I'm not holding my breath) I'm going to post a few pictures of it on my blog. YouTube has a lot to answer for! lol

    I hope you have a good day

    June x