Monday, 27 March 2017

Swirls and Snowflakes & Crafty Purchases . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. How is everyone today? Apologies to anyone awaiting an email or blog comment from me over the past few days as our internet has been playing silly beggars. Its been like Russian Roulette as to whether there is a connection. I will make amends in the next couple of days as it seems to have settled as I type this.

I still appear to be in rhythm (anyone whose seen me dance would never have thought I'd be saying those words lol!!!) but still got puffy feet and still getting breathless so will be getting in touch with my Arrhythmia Nurse today. May need the water tablets upping, which will be interesting as I may just need to just take a magazine, sandwiches and a flask with me and stay in the bathroom for 4-5 hours lol!!!

I did manage to get over to Daisy's to see John on Friday. I took him some lunch, so he was a happy boy and could just go home afterwards and crack on with his prep for his upcoming demos. I did go a bit nuts over the sales stuff (photos at end) but couldn't resist.

Now, today's card is all white (even in a Michael Barrymore sense) with just a hint of silver. Didn't think this one needed a sentiment, even though I'm always telling John off about not putting them on his cards lol!!!

White card
Silver mirror card
CE Frosty Swirls embossing folder
SB Snowflake Pendant 2013 dies
Silver Krylon Pen

There is a certain crispness about a predominantly white card, I think. 

FoxyG and Wendy, hope you enjoyed your get together surprising your Mum.
Maureen, you always make my cheeks quiver (the ones on my face, with laughter). Yes, Patricia, she is a one but in a good way, lol!!!
Jenny, you're quite right, I have enough bladder issues without jumping up and down lol!!!
Jackie, hope you had a lovely break with your Mum.

Ok, confession time. Here's what I bought on Friday . . . . . . . . . . .

And . . . . . . . . . .

I know, I know, I have the EEC First Edition pad mountain but I hadn't got these ones (well, I do have Family Ties but only the 12x12). I didn't mean to leave the prices on but those stickers were not budging easily and I wanted to get them photographed.
Now, the prices on the stuff is the 50% off price. These items were then half priced again so anything priced £5 was actually £2.50. You can see why I was like a kid in a candy shop now.
Everything in the 2 photos came to £26 . . . . . . now that did excite me!

Of course, Mr D surveyed my purchases with a quizzical look saying "Why have you bought all those pads when you don't use the shelf full you've got?" Crafters, forgive him, he's still learning, bless him.

A marvellous start to the new F1 season, especially not having to put up with a smug Hamilton in the post race interviews (sorry Wendy but I just can't take to the fella). 

On that note, I shall wish you all a happy week.

Ang x


  1. WOW Ang
    Didn't you do well the paper pads are yummy .... so pleased to hear your still in rhythm and saw John too.
    A great card too and not all cards need sentiments xxx

  2. Morning Ang, glad to hear your rhythm is back on track. Lots of goodies. Lucky you. Men will never understand our need to buy more stuff lol!! Janice xx

  3. Love your card Ang and lots of yummy goodies here.xx ♥[aNNie]
    I have Candy..x

  4. What a bargain. All that for £26. Amazing! Wendy and I had a lovely time. Out for food and drinks Saturday night, went to mum's Sunday morning, then went to the park with Noah and Aurora. Great weekend. Only had a short time together as I was away last week until Friday. Keep well. X Gill

  5. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, Ang! You got some really good bargains there. I love First Edition papers too after winning some in a Trimcraft competition.
    Another lovely card today. Glad to hear things are going well.
    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Hi Ang Stunning card ,you did so well with all your purchases cant wait to see what you are going to do with them .
    My Tinternet has been playing up too would not let me get to my E/mails , but all sorted now.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Ang,
    pleased you are still wotking okay.
    Love your card.

  8. Hi Ang,
    beautiful card and your embossing is so gorgeous it really pops.
    Really like that embossing oflder.
    Love the wonderful snowflake in the middle too.
    oooooooooooooooooo! I love your wonderful purchases and what super bargains they were.
    So glad things are continuing to be on an even keel with your health.
    Love and big hugs form my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hi Ang what a pretty card. Love the embossing and how it makes the snowflake 'pop'. Fab xx

  10. Hi Ang what a great visit to the sale some super bargains there. Your card is just right for posting and has lots of interest. Still away with mum and we have been having lovely weather even though she is asleep most of the time. Unusual start to the season firstly I heard Massa's name which confused as he had retired but now has come back then I saw a pink car. Pink!! Still was interesting to have a change at the front and the new drivers did well. See what happens next time. Love from Jackie xx

  11. Hello Ang,
    What fabulous news about your rhythm. Long may it continue - it never did Len whatsisname on Strictly any harm!!!
    Love, love, love today's card. You are certainly giving me some handy ideas for non bulky cards.
    Take no notice of Patricia, I never do ha ha. Do you know her birthday is the same date as mine, well the years are different and I'm not saying who's comes first!!
    I hope your improvement continues and the swollen ankles and breathlessness disappear down the loo!
    By the way, you've gone right up in my estimation on learning that you are not overkeen on the little bunch of *@?! that is moaning Lewis, although he speaks very highly of the both of us!!
    love Maureen xxx

  12. So glad to hear you are back in rhythm and do hope you stay that way. Even though I know you don't like staying in the bathroom so much, it sure is good medical science has something to help with extra water in the body.
    This card has to be my all time favorite!! Would you allow me to copy it!!!!!!?
    What does CE mean - I would love to have that embossing folder.
    And what does SB mean? That die snowflake sure is beautiful!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous card Ang!
    Sandy xx

  13. Hi Any so glad to hear that you are still ticking along to the right rhythm, and long may it continue. Love your purchases, they are my fast exactly so it's lucky i don't live near there as i would probably have spent way too much money.
    Your card is fabulous and whoever re dived it was very lucky.
    Glad you enjoyed the Grand Prix. I do agree that Mr H is very full of himself.
    Take care Any
    Wendy xx

  14. Lovely white on white card. Don't you just love that embossing folder? Looks good on vellum, too. That's quite a "haul" of crafting supplies at a great price. I understand about the paper. After three years of making cards, I am finally using some of that paper I have instead of just looking at it and saying "that's too pretty to use". Glad you are still in rhythm. You must keep that extra fluid off your body. Hope you are also elevating your legs as much as possible. Are you restricting all salt intake? I want you well and happy, Spring is on the way! Take care.

  15. Hi Ang, I am so pleased to hear that you are still in rhythm, good for you.
    Your card is stunning, the white and silver is awesome together, beautifully designed.
    Brilliant that you managed over to Daisy's, did you buy any paper pads at all????
    We had a wonderful weekend away at Gairloch, weather was marvellous, but I'm way behind with the commenting, you take care, Kate x

  16. Your beautiful card is like an expensive too-pretty-to-cut wedding cake, Ang! I love it!! I'm so pleased to hear that you still got the rhythm, baby, oh yeah, baby! What if the hokey-pokey really is what it's all about? And I love your stack of crafty loot! That's gonna make any crafty girl happy! I hope you got some wise wisdom and can get the swelling down without rupturing your bladder, bless. I assume they are rationing your salt as well? Not fun, but such is what it is. Now go pee and fondle your new pp pads! (There's a sentence a non-card-maker would NEVER understand!!) Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  17. So glad to hear you are keeping in rhythm and hope it continues. I love your card and agree that it does not need a sentiment. I'v got fourteen birthdays to make cards for in April, plus two Easter cards, a golden wedding card for my sister and three new home cards. Yes I could use some of the ones I have made already but always like to make new ones instead so it's going to be crafting all the way for a few days (or maybe weeks). Keep well Ang - its good to hear someone as positive as you.

    Marion xx

  18. Good morning Ang

    I love the 'frosty swirls' embossing folder you've used, it gives fantastic detail and the snowflake pendant just completes the card

    These men truly do not understand that we need these paper packs, dies, stamps, card stock, a bigger craft room etc etc lol. I must admit to having a gem of a hubby (a bit like yourself) he will, occasionally, query if I need another die set or whatever it is I'm drooling over. There isn't any need to answer him as the look on my face speaks volumes :)

    You sound a lot 'chirpier' (is that a proper word?) Ang, I hope it continues for a very long time

    June x

  19. Love today's card but it is so Christmassy with the swirls and the lovely central snowflake that perhaps it doesn't need a sentiment.

    Hope there's good news from Nursey!

  20. Hi Ang, love your card, it is really elegant. And wow, that was a good shopping trip then. Hope the call to the Nurse helped. take care. Bx

  21. A lovely card Ang. You certainly bagged some bargains. Glad you managed to meet John - he did so well on his shows with loads of samples.



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