Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Language of Flowers 5. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is well and best wishes to those who are not so good.

The weather has certainly taken a turn. We may have to fire up the heating again. I had hoped to get a potter in the garden bit I'll wait until its warm and dry again.

Bridget, your Paddle Prize is on its way. Hope you enjoy it. I will offer another one when the followers number gets to 150.

Now, just a quickie today as I'm scheduling this and I've got about 3 hours of TV viewing ahead (I do love my Real Housewives and there's a new series of South Park too, hurrah!!! Just thrown a late tea of Quorntage Pie down my neck (Cottage Pie but using Quorn) so I can prise the the remote control from the grasp of Mr D who wants to watch Bear Grylls (I don't know why, as the nearest he gets to survival techniques is when I've been away with the girls for a weekend and he has to heat something in the microwave lol!!!).

Anyhoo, a tryptich using the honeysuckle stamp.

Cream, orange and yellow card
John Lockwood Honeysuckle stamp
John Lockwood sentiment (double stamped for a shadow effect)
CE Jacobean Floral embossing folder (on the de-bossed side)
Spectrum Noir alcohol markers

I know that honeysuckle come in different colours but mine is yellow and pink which is why I've gone with that colour scheme.
I also know that I've got a long way to go with my colouring lol!!!

That's me for today. I will be back on Thursday with my DT card for MAWTT so you all take care and be good.

Ang x


  1. Hello Ang, love the design of this card, and the way you stamped the sentiment Must give that a try. Beautiful colours. Must admit, I've never seen a yellow and pink honeysuckle. Thank you again, am looking forward to my happy mail. Take care and enjoy your tv shows. Bx

  2. Hi Ang! Love these pretty flowers. The tryptich idea really helps them stand out. Every once and a while you throw in a word that baffels us Yanks. What is a quorn? Have a great day.

  3. Hi ang
    Nothing wrong with your colouring on my laptop , this card is beautifully done love the design too.
    Elaine H X

  4. Morning Ang,
    A great card, love the panel look.

  5. It's a lovely card Ang, but the honeysuckle is my least fave of his new stamps, xxx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Ange and your colouring is fabulous, beautifully designed, I love the tryptich design it's so elegant.

    Bitter, freezing here, Kate x

  7. Morning Ang, a pretty card, but I am not good at colouring so mine would not look anything like this.
    I hope you give Mr. D. plenty of warning when you are going away as working a Microwave is a very technical occupation not to be taken lightly, but if he has had the required course, I am sure he will be fine. Take care Ang.

  8. Hello Ang,
    Love the card today. Honeysuckle is one of my favourite flowers as it smells so gorgeous.
    I need oxygen very quickly. George has been ironing (only the 2nd time in his life) and my electricity bill will be enormous. It has taken him 2 minutes to iron a pillow case - oh dear!!!!
    Hope things are ticking over nicely Ang, and that you are not experiencing any discomfort.
    love Maureen xx

  9. Oh Ang! This is beautiful, really gorgeous. I love the colors!!!!
    I have several shows I like to watch but they are at night.
    The only time I watch TV during the day is during football season and stock car racing season. Which is now!
    I hope all is well with you Sugar and once again, your card is stunning.
    sandy xx

  10. Hi Ang

    This is a gorgeous card and I love John's latest flower stamps. I'm awaiting my order delivery :)

    June x

  11. Lovely card Ang. Beautiful colouring. Your Quorntage pie sounds interesting as being a veggie I eat a lot of Quorn. Hope you are ok. Take care.

  12. I really must remember to put my glasses before peering hard at an email. Squinting at it with no specs meant that it looked like monkeys swinging through the trees.
    Specs on and it's a fabulous honeysuckle and beautifully coloured too.
    Sorry for the oversight or should it be no sight!

  13. Hi Ang,
    snap quorn cottage pie for me for tea also.
    Oh your card is so super and wonderfully coloured too.
    Love your wonderful design.
    Wish I could grow honeysckle mine starts off okay in the spring and then it just dies off before it flowers.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  14. That's the colour of my honeysuckle too! Fabulous card. Hope you're keeping well. Cara x

  15. Love your card Ang! love the smell of honeysuckle too...our heating has definitely been fired up a few times this week it's been baltic!!! Hope your keeping well lots of huggles Sue xx

  16. Just stunning I love the individual panels.

    Hugs Diane

  17. I love your card but I'm not sure about this particular stamp of Mr L's

  18. What a lovely way to use a stamp. I'm sure there are loads more out there which would look great treated like this.
    Like quorn cottage pie too. Have you tried chicken quorn risotto?

  19. Another beautiful panel card, Ang. I have made one for my Mum's 90th birthday next week - hope she likes it.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. Lovely card And! Love the panels, so effective!

  21. This is a really pretty triptych Ang. I love the stamped flower. I love honeysuckle so this is a definite winner with me! Christine xx

  22. Gorgeous Ang!! Love this flower image and I adore how you split it up into three sections. Your colouring is fantastic and your colour palette is so bright and cheery! Lots of wonderful layers, adore the embossed layer!! So elegant and summery, love love love!!! hugs :)