Thursday, 4 May 2017

Language of Flowers 7. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well with you and that those having difficult times are managing to stay strong.

I have been feeling better so managed to do a bit of gardening on Tuesday..... well, I actually hacked a load of brambles that had taken up residence last year so there is now a 4ft pile of them on the lawn. Needless to say, Mr D was not impressed when he got home, partly because I had been too active and partly because of the pile on his precious lawn. 
Also managed to have lunch with John yesterday as he was over my way so it was nice to catch up over a Maccy D (lettuce, onion and gherkin do count as part of your 5 a day don't they?).

Nesta and Davey are still away. Davey sent me some photos of the beautiful wisterias in Japan. He said it was ok to show them so they are at the end of this post.

Now, another of John's show samples and this time its the Peony rubber stamp. If I am allowed favourites, it is this one and the lily. I thought this was crying out to be decoupaged so that's what I did. In fact, I think this was the first of the samples I made and not a single die cut in sight!!!

White, lime green and fuchsia pink card
John Lockwood Peony stamp
John Lockwood sentiment stamp (double stamped to create a shadow effect)
Couture Creations Tied Together embossing folder (de-boss side)
Spectrum Noir alcohol pens
Memento Dew Drop inks
Dovecraft teeny pink bling

I really enjoyed making this as it turned out just as I wanted. I realise it my be a bright colour choice for some of you but after I coloured the peony, I just ran with the pink and green theme. My colouring could be a whole heap better but I'm still learning lol!!!

Now, here are Davey's pics. The first wisteria is 150 years old. Isn't it amazing?

It apparently covers an area of 1000 square meters. . . . . . .wow!!!

The racemes are beginning to open on my lilac and white one so I'll post some snaps when they are more fully open. My pure white one has racemes forming as it flowers a little later.

Anyhoo, time for a homemade frangipane tart (its Wednesday evening scheduling, rather than me troffing cake at 6am lol!!!) and a cup of Tetley decaff.

Enjoy your Thursday and thank you, as always, for your kind comments.

Ang x


  1. Hello Ang, love the bright colours on your card, perhaps they will prompt some Spring sunshine. The wisterias are beautiful. Glad you are feeling better. I would kill for a MaccyD, but we are trying to cut out all carbs and junk food to get hubby's diabetes completely under control. Maybe I can sneak out during my lunch hour. Take care. Bx

  2. I love your colouring Ang the colours are great.
    So pleased your feeling a bit better.
    The wisteria are amazing xxx
    Take care xx

  3. Lovely card. Glad you've felt better and able to meet John.
    All my wisterias are poised to come out - they were one of my husband's favourites so always special for me, especially now. Hope the cold wind doesn't spoil them.

  4. Morning Ang,
    Love your card, the photos of the wisteria is amazing.

  5. Card is gorgeous Ang, Wisteria looks amazing.

    Re John, I cant get him, I will have to call him when I get in UK to arrange next wednesday!!!!

  6. You little tinker,you are supposed to do as you are told ,but so pleased you are feeling more able to do what you like doing .
    Beautiful card Ang i like the bright colour choice and the Wisteria pics are a WOW .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang

    I love peonies, they're my second favourite flower, first being poppies, and they inspired my blog name too!

    Your card is a gorgeous vibrant colour, so beautiful

    I am going to show Mr F the wisteria as he loves to see it covering walls etc.. I think he may feel a tad jealous but I'm not moving to Japan so he can grow it like the ones shown LOL

    Homemade frangipane tart... mmmmm delicious

    Take care Ang

    June x

  8. Beautiful card and colouring Ang. Love it. Actually I coloured one of these yesterday with my Distress crayons. Haven't tried decopage yet. Must try that next. Thank you for the inspiration. Take care with the gardening.

  9. Hi Ang what a pretty card and I love the flower its beautiful.

    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  10. Hi Ang a beautiful card, John does do beautifull stamps, and you ​have coloured beautifully.
    So glad that you are feeling a bit better but I agree with Mr D. That you should not be doing too much too quickly, or you will end up feeling poorly again.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Ang, beautifully designed and coloured, your colouring is brilliant, and I love the deep shade of pink you've used, it's a gorgeous floral image.
    Hair not cut, in a French Braidwood, you take care, Kate x

  12. What a gorgeous card, Ang - I love it.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Anne (Northampton)

  13. Hi Ang your card reminds that stamping is not just for flat images and the decoupage certainly adds impact. Next door to me have a wisteria in flower at the moment but it looks nothing like Davey's beautiful picture. Hope you have been resting the last couple of days love from Jackie xx

  14. This is stunning Ang! It's like a little piece of spring exploded out my computer screen! The colour palette is so vibrant and fresh, just love it! Beautiful flower and I adore how you have built up the layers to create dimension, genius bit!! Another stunning creation my friend!!

    So for some reason, they have torn out every single flower bed in the park and around the lake. I don't understand why, but I found it really depressing this spring without a single daffodil or tulip anywhere in sight. So I have decided to redesign my patio and build myself a little private garden oasis so I can enjoy flowers whenever I want to. I have never had a garden before, so I am overly excited for the construction to begin!! Hope you aren't overdoing it out in your own garden. thinking of you and sending hugs :)

  15. Hello Ang,
    Love this card. The colours are fantastic and they really appeal to me.
    Glad you felt well enough to tackle the jungle. I did ours at the end of last year, and have kept on top of it until a few weeks ago but feel it might be back to square one soon as everything is growing like mad.
    George took me to a local shop yesterday. Believe me being pushed in a wheelchair by my beloved is not for the faint hearted but I'll recover soon. Think I'll leave it for another week or two before I try that again ha ha.
    You take care, don't try to overdo it and keep on taking the tablets.
    lots of love
    Maureen xxx

  16. Oh Sugar - I think your coloring is really good! Beautiful card!!
    And lovely pictures too!!
    Sandy xx

  17. Your colouring is beautiful Ang It's such a pretty card I love the pink and green mats
    Good to hear you were able to do some gardening BUT don't overdo it young lady x

  18. You mean to say you coloured this!! It is exquisite and I love the pink just my cup of tea. In fact I'm off to make one now. Cheers Mrs A.

  19. Just caught up and love the card. So glad you are feeling well enough to garden - never mind the lawn, it will keep growing! xx


  20. Yep, they totally count as part of your five a day! I'm sure strawberry ice cream does too! Fab card, love how you decoupaged it. Cara x

  21. Lovely flower image coloured perfectly Ang! And the wisteria is absolutely gorgeous. Have you heard the expression "Make haste slowly" Mrs D? Just watch out and don't be too eager to get things done. I know it's difficult when the sun comes out and you see things that need doing but just be cautious!! Christine xx