Thursday, 11 May 2017

Language of Flowers 9. . . . . . . .

Good morning guys and gals. Hope all is hanging well? 

I have been gadding about in this lovely weather . . . . . . . I feel the urge to gad when I'm feeling well. Not major gadding, just to the local garden centre or retail park.

Will be gadding to the dentists on Friday morning as part of one of my teeth decided to fall off yesterday. Thankfully, its one of the back teeth so fortunately, I don't have the look of Steptoe about me (well, not in the dental department anyway, lol!!!).

Hopefully meeting John for lunch today. The lure of a 33% off voucher at the Harvester was too strong for us. At least it should, in theory, be a healthier lunch than the Maccy Ds last week, with the lovely salad bar.
Have been chomping on yummy cauliflower couscous for the last couple of days. I just blitz the cauli florets in a food processor and add grated carrot and radishes, diced cucumber, chopped baby corn, sultanas, pistachios, flaked almonds and a dressing of EV olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Its lovely topped with diced feta cheese.......ummmmm!!!
All chomping now on the right hand side until I've visited the dentist.

Now, enough of the cookery lesson. Today, we have number 9 of John's show samples. There are only 11, so don't think its like the Christmas overload again lol!!! (though, I think there are still a couple of festive ones lurking I'm afraid).

White and pale grey card
John Lockwood Michaelmas Daisy rubber stamp
John Lockwood sentiment
Spectrum Noir alcohol markers
Teeny bling

Hadn't done the triple stamping thing for a while so thought I'd see how it looked with this gorgeous stamp.
When I do it, I tend to invert the layers rather than having the centre as the top layer.

Littlelamb, I think these stalls cost in the £100's as it is a regular event run by Excalibur.
June and Maureen, I'll take some snaps of current blooms on the lilac and white wisteria but it is now padlocked and has a 24 hour G4 Security Patrol. My garden isn't that big but I suppose its all relative. Its about 6m wide and about 25m long.
SuzzieQ, thank you for reminding me about all you paddlers being Duckadees. Its a long time since I used that expression lol!!! Truth be told, one of the reasons I wanted to buy this house was the wisteria lol!!!
Jenny, I am very concerned about the effect Brexit is going to have on the foam pad industry so I may have to get rid of my shares lol!!!

Well, th th th that's all folks. Be good and see you soon.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, wow this card is gorgeous, love the inverted style. My last foray into triple stamping was a while ago too, time to try it again. Your couscous salad sounds really yum, we have it too, and I normally serve it with oven roasted veg like courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. Have a great day and enjoy your lunch. Bx

  2. Good morning Ang,
    I absolutely LOVE your stunning card. I have done triple stamping but not this way. I love John's stamps this is one of my favourites, oh! they are all my favourites.
    I must try your recipe, I do make Caulifour Rice lots and use it rather than ordinary rice, I also make my or Coleslaw. Mmmm all this food talk is making my tummy rumble ... off to have some breakfast.
    Have a fantastic lunch, pass on my good wishes to John and remind him we need him back up here in our neck of the woods ... soon!!
    Patricia xxx

  3. Cold miserable day here today. Just put the light on and it's not 5pm yet or winter till June 1st.
    Lovely card like Patricia i have never done triple stamping that way must try it.
    Glad you are feeling better hope it continues.
    Margaret M

  4. I've never tried the triple stamping so will have to have a go. This card is gorgeous.
    Have a great lunch with John - laughter all the way I guess.

  5. Love it Never tried triple stamping inverted or otherwise
    Your salad sounds devine Having to have watched my diet since I was nine years old (diabetes) I am sick of lettuce
    Enjoy your lunch with John and say Hi from me

  6. You are a Darling ,you make me smile and i always know when you feel well as the vibes bounce of my old lappy screen .
    Beautiful card Ang and lovely colours you have used { afraid i haven't got the patience } enjoy your lunch with John ,i will be trying your couscous it sounds delish .
    Just had the thumbs up from Andrew treatment is going ahead .XX
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Ang,
    Gorgeous card, love the triple stamping effect.
    Pleased to hear you are feeling we. Enjoy your lunch.

  8. Morning Ang, fabulous card, I love the way you have inverted the layers on this card, gives it such a different look.
    I think I will be giving your Cauliflower couscous a try as it sounds delicious. Enjoy your lunch with John

  9. Hi Ang, what a super card. The triple layering s so effective. Not really a fan of couscous and cauliflower and all that dicing sounds like a lot of effort!! But I'm sure it is delicious. Have a nice lunch today, love from Jackie xx

  10. Morning Ang, great card. I've done this triple stamping before, but not going downwards (if you know what I mean!!), I've always built the card up. Janice x

  11. Ang your card is really gorgeous - beautiful and yet simple at the same time or should I have said fancy and simple at the same time.
    Your salad sounds delicious!!
    Sandy xx

  12. Mmmm Ang,
    Don't know what I like the most, your card or recipe!!!
    The card today is a belter, and I'll have to give triple stamping a go, when I can get back into my craft room. It's a bit awkward at the moment although I did try one day last week.
    I'm definitely going to give the recipe a try, it sounds delicious although George would give it a wide berth.
    Good to know that you are feeling much better and are gallivanting and socialising. Enjoy your time with John and go easy on the falling down stuff - look what happened to me and that was just after two coffees ha ha.
    love Maureen xxx

  13. Hi Ang

    I'm still tittering at your comments. There's nothing like a bit of gadding when you feel up to it :)

    I did think I'd clicked on Delia Smith's blog (has she got a blog) at first and was impressed with the detailed recipe LOL

    Mr F will be very disappointed re padlock and G4 security.... when do you go on holiday as he is willing to 'watch over' all wisteria

    Your card is so beautiful. I haven't done triple stamping for a while and I do prefer to invert my layers (it can be quite painful otherwise!)

    Enjoy lunch with John

    Take care

    June x

    PS... I must start being sensible when commenting on your next post! x

  14. Hi Ang,
    You gad about as much as you can, and it's lovely to hear you are enjoying some respite from you health probs.
    The tooth sounds nasty though.
    Also the cost of the treatment is an arm and leg nowadays.
    Your card is very stunning and beautifully created.
    All that triple stamping looks stunning and very beautiful.
    Your colouring is ace.
    Hope you enjoyed your lunch with John.
    Your recipe sounds very yummy!!!!
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  15. What a fabulous card, Ang. The last time I did triple stamping was a workshop with Sue Wilson a long time ago. I must look out the instructions!

    Glad to hear that you have been out and about.

    Anne (Northampton)

  16. Gorgeous card Ang. Have never tried this. Must I. The near future. If that is how much the stalls cost Ang I am not surprised there were less stallholders. They need to make a lot of profit to be able to pay for a stall at that price. Mine was just a little one about 20 miles away. Hope you enjoyed your lunch with John. Sure you did.

  17. Just beautiful, love this technique. Cara x

  18. Get you, you old gadabout! (Well maybe not quite that old ... lol!) I really love this card. Fabulous colour. It's ages since I've done either triple stamping or inverted whatever it's called - mind's gone a blank! Now that really is old age!!

  19. Glad to see your gadabouting Ang! The card is fabulous ..I'm on a slow countdown for Doncaster with Soupie! it takes me weeks to recover lol xx huggles Sue xx

  20. I have never seen this done inverted before and I'm loving your result. Love the colours. Must give it a try. Hugs Mrs A.

  21. what a gorgeous card Ang, Ive only tried the triple stamping once- maybe I should try it again. xx

  22. So sorry I am way behind on commenting. Love the triple stamping inverted - gives is way more dimension! Have a great day!