Thursday, 29 June 2017

Live For Today . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Is it wet where you are? I think our moment of Summer was last week.

Another dear blog chum has had some sad news so to all of you that are having to cope with sadness, I send virtual hugs.

It's a bit of a quicky today as I have my Cardioversion follow up appointment with the Cardiologist today. Its been 3 months now since I had it, so I'm guessing he may take me off my antiarrhythmic tablet. Double edged sword as without it, the A/Fib may return (quite a high chance) but its a nasty drug and he doesn't like someone of my tender years being on it for longer than 6-12 months. I've done 6 months so we shall see what he says.
Also got a mammogram on Saturday. Never had one before but they have dropped the age you start having them so I've had an appointment. Heard varying degrees of horror stories about them (being wedged between house bricks and bruising to name two lol!!!) so I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Now, this is another one of the samples I made for John's shows at the end of last year (there are a few more to come).

White, sky blue and cobalt card
SW Indian Ocean Background die (centre one from set)
SW Mauritius die (centre one)
John Lockwood Fern Frames Elements stamp set (leaves and sentiment)
Memento Dew Drop inks
Thin white ribbon

A simple looking card that I think you could get away with for a fella.

According to Chef Lockwood, after he finished laughing at my pate pebbledashing, I should try adding some cream next time to stop it turning solid. Not sure when or if there will be a next time. Maybe I should leave it to folk who know what they are doing lol!!!

Anyhoo, I'm offski. Keep everything crossed for me being manhandled over the next few days. . . . . . . now, if Daniel Craig were doing the examinations. . . . . . . . . 

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, your blog posts are always entertaining, well apart from sad news that is and medical appointments. Mmmmm, mammograms are not pleasant, but I guess worth having. Love this card, a beautiful layout. Take care and I hope all goes well today and tomorrow. Bx

  2. Best wishes Ang. Hope everything goes well. Mammograms are not the most comfortable thing to have done but better sore than sorry. WakeyL

  3. Good morning Ang, well your post certainly brought a smile, made me chuckle actually. Sorry to hear about your friend, we need to remember her as well.
    Mammograms are a necessary evil.
    Oh! on to your card!!! of course as always it's brilliant, cutting all those little windows takes patience but it's been well worth it.
    Patricia xx

  4. Hi Ang
    Daniel Craig is it ? it would be Alfie Boe for me Corrrr.

    A lovely card i do like the colour and style of this card.
    I hope all goes well for you with the follow up appointments , as for the mammogram ,the pressure doesn't
    last long .
    Sending Hugs to all who need one
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  5. Morning Ang on yet another wet, cold and miserable 'summer' day!

    Sad news about your blog chum, life can be so unfair for some

    I do hope you get the news you want today when meeting your cardiologist. No good at all Daniel Craig being involved, your temperature, heart rate and everything else would be through the roof.... as it would for me if it were Aidan Turner or Hugh Jackman!

    Love the design and the colour combo of today's card and I can see it being ideal for a man

    Good luck with your appointments dear lady

    June x

  6. The best way to practise for a mammogram is to stand in the kitchen with your top kit off. Open the fridge door, bend over so your left boob is in the fridge door, now bend more to the side so your back aches. Close the fridge door on your boob, press quite hard for a minute or so. Now change position and do the samewith the right one. The effect is very similar. Good Luck at all your appointments!

  7. Blimey, you needed some patience to do this card, Ang. It's a beauty.
    I made the candle from John's workshop yesterday. It turned out really well but the image for the card was not really good enough to use. I will have to try again.
    Good luck with the appointments.
    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  8. Oh my goodness I'm laughing at Andrea's description of a mammography procedure, wouldn't give it a go myself.
    It's uncomfortable, but thankfully we get them.
    Now your card is stunning, how on earth do you think of the designs, you talented lass.
    Good luck for today, hope all goes well, will email this evening, hugs Kate x

  9. Morning Ang, so sorry to hear about you friend, and sending hugs to all.
    Ang what a laugh you and the comments above have given me this dull rainy day. Love Andrea's description of the Mammogram.
    Your card is beautiful and gosh it must have taken some time and patience to make.
    Will be thinking about you today and hope everything goes really really well.
    Hugs Wendyx

  10. Morning Ang,
    Love your card.
    Hope all goes well with your check up.

  11. Hi Ang, hope is all going well with your appt today. I think the sentiment just about sums everything up doesn't it. Mammograms are nowhere near as uncomfortable as they used to be though it probably depends on the nurse but I love Andrea's description!! Such a lovely blog family we have. Love from Jackie xx

  12. You will be just fine. Just BREATHE!

  13. Hi Ang. Hope everything goes well with your hospital appointment today and the mammogram on Saturday. Bit uncomfortable but necessary as I well know. Brilliant card today. Sorry to hear about your blog friend. Take care.

  14. Lovely card I hope the appointment today goes OK Mammograms are uncomfortable but OK My most embarrassing thing about them is because as I'm quite small in the boob department and have a bit of a tummy, we had a giggle wen radiographer was trying to get boob under the machine and not excess flab!

  15. Hi Ang,
    yes I too hope all goes well with your appointment.
    Your card is excellent and a super gorgeous design.
    Love the colours and all those cute windows.
    Now About the Mammograms if your well endowed in that department it can be quite uncomfortable, and yes your description is quite right.
    My last one the radiographer was a butcher, and I have a strong pain threshold, and she brought tears to my eyes.
    The poor lady in the waiting room outside I did feel for her as maybe it was her first time, and when she saw me wipe the tears from my eyes she said is that bad then.
    Hope you don't get a butcher like I did, and to top it all she was not a bit sympathetic either.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hi Ang! Love your "Peek a boo" card. So pretty! Good luck with the boob squish! I had mine a few weeks ago - it wasn't too bad.

  17. Hi Mrs Duck,Love the card,patience must be your middle name.Chef Lockwood is right in general about cream,but my pate doesn't need it. If John is near to you,he is doing a workshop near me in July and I would be happy to make a pate for you and John if he eats pate,so you could try it.I just don't know how close you are geographically.Plus I would like to prove to Mr D that he wouldn't need a dentist when it is made properly. Love for now Barbara D xxx

  18. This card is stunning, love all the details. I hope your hospital appointment went well and that all is ok. X

  19. I hope John appreciated the effort you put into this card. What a lot of patience.
    Hope appt goes well. Loved Andrea's description- so accurate.
    I've had two stressful days as I received a call yesterday to sayMum who is 96, had fallen over so I had to post haste to Norfolk (130 miles). However after being well checked by paramedics and a nurse all is well apart from bruising and she's now with me for a week.

  20. You are in my prayers and thoughts hoping everything continues well - Ang your card is so very pretty. Blue and white - looks so sophisticated!!
    Having a mammogram is not so bad - hold your breath and it will be over before you know it!
    Sandy xx

  21. Oh Wow so much work in this lovely card.
    Hope all your appointments went well.
    Hugs Margaret M

  22. Super card and love the colours you chose for it.

    A mammogram can be pretty uncomfortable but everything flops back into place very quickly and put away all tidy!

    Hope all goes well with the hozzie.

  23. Hello Ang,
    Really like this card and sentiment. Lucky John having you to make samples for him.
    Don't worry about the mammogram, as long as the technician's hands are warm it's over and done with pretty quick. I am now of an age when it's not considered necessary to have one - I don't know whether I'm pleased or not!
    We'll find out about the Cardio appointment on your next post but I hope all went well,.
    love Maureen x

  24. Hello Ang,
    I have to say your card is lovely! I would never have thought of doing that!
    As for Mammograms - they are necessary and over in no time flat! Oops maybe not flat! However I'm fairly small!! Lol!
    Have a lot bel weekend, love Myra x

  25. What an amazing card Ang! I am loving this pattern with all the little ovals, and the way you lifted the panel off the background creating a completely 3D card!! Fantastic design!

    Mammogram, ugh! The rumours are not exaggerated, one of the worst things in my book. Have you ever seen the ending of 'The Terminator' when she kills the robot by squishing it between two hydraulic metal plates? Just saying! lol

  26. Love Pamellias comment about terminator - mammogram!!!1 LOL
    Wonderful card and such patience die cutting all that. xxx