Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring Has Sprung. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Here's hoping all is well with you and yours.

Had yesterday off and today as well so feeling a little more normal after all the extra days and hours. Tomorrow, I am being let loose on my own for the first time (my boss is taking the day off) so if any of you are watching Midlands Today tomorrow evening and hear of a woman having a breakdown in a charity shop, that'll be me, hahaha!!!

Thank you all so much about your comments on my recessed flower cards. I wanted to do something that I hadn't seen done before as I guess we all like to have a sort of signature thing.
Nice to see some new names back and I hope the familiar ones who are missing are ok.

Kate chuck, so hope you and Alastair are getting better.
Lesley, the hair is nearly waist length if I straighten it but it's a mass of curls, a cross between Kelly Hoppen and Wurzel Gummidge lol!!!
Jackie, my moment of glory featured on the CE blog on 2nd April.
Karen, I tend to use Lidl paper, which is 135gsm, for doing my Bitty Blossoms. It comes in the same colours as the card but you get 50 sheets in the pack. Anything over 200gsm I find too thick. 

Now, I must apologise for the picture above. It was a card I made to send to my cousin in Malaysia and it had to go in the post pronto and I had forgotten to photograph it. I, therefore, had to make do with the lighting available at 7.30am that morning.

As it was travelling a distance, I made it flat and by cutting the aperture, it kept the weight under 20g (clever or tight. . . . . . you decide lol!!!)

White pre-scalloped card blank (6x6)
SB Medallion 4 (outer edge for aperture)
John Lockwood Daisy Corner Stamps 
Card-io Mum's Garden Stamps
Woodware sentiment stamp
Selection of Memento Dew Drop inks

Simple but great for batch making or posting cheaply.

I have mentioned to John about him designing some sets of smaller floral stamps as I do love using the tiny ones. He did seem quite keen on the idea so fingers crossed.

If you don't mind, I'm showing a couple of pics from the garden as it looked so pretty in the sunshine yesterday.

Evergreen Clematis (Apple Blossom)

Tulips (Monsella)

Camellia (Donation)

Forsythia (variety unknown)

Mr and Mrs B the resident blackbirds are taking mouthfuls of grapes from the bird table so there are obviously babies in the nest. Hopefully, they will do well this year and the spiteful magpies won't upset them again.

Well, off to meet Nesta at 8.30 at a local cafe for breakfast and a catch up, then shopping, then hopefully a spot of crafting. . . . . . . .then a yoga and meditation session to try and calm myself for tomorrows solo flight hahaha!!!(Don't worry, I won't be attempting to get my foot behind my neck, although I know it will fit in my mouth at times, lol!!!)

Keep everything crossed for me folks, that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. . . . . . send positive vibes please.

Well, if I don't lock myself in or raise the shop to the ground, I'll see you later in the week lol!!!

Be good

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    Love, love, love your beautiful card Mmmm!!! might just nab! that idea for a card I need to post off.
    Brilliant pictures of the garden, ours is still in deep hibernation. Our little Cherry Tree has loads of buds ... when will bust open ... well hopefully soon. Nothing else is showing face yet.
    Have a great breakfast with Nesta and a good day shopping.
    Patricia xxx

    1. When I say shopping guys, I mean grocery not pleasure lol!
      Ang x

  2. Pretty,pretty,pretty, just a very beautiful fresh looking card , i love the little flowers too Ang,
    Have a lovely day.
    Elaine H X

  3. Hi Ang, this card is so pretty, and a great idea for the flowers round the aperture. Have a great day today, relaxing. Tomorrow you will be fine, I'm sure you are ready for it. Take care. Bx

  4. Morning Ang,

    Stunning card, love all the flowers, so pretty and flat so fabulous for posting lol! Good luck for tomorrow I am sure you will be fine, whether the shop will be is another matter!!! Good that they trust you so early on that's always a good sign. I'm sure you will enjoy this job better than the last.

    Have a great breakfast and shopping day with Nesta.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. This is a really pretty card Ang, and a great idea if weight counts for posting. Hope things pan out on your first day I/C and you don't go into meltdown! .... As if!!!!! Hugs Christine xx

  6. Morning Ang, such a pretty card. I do love those cardio stamps, but as yet, haven't succumbed to buying any. A good idea to try and reduce the weight of cards to post.
    Have a good day at work today. Janice xxx

  7. Lovely card Ang, so pretty. Love the tulips,so unusual, xxxx
    Loving Johns new stamps too, seen a couple on Julia Watts blog, xxx

  8. Ang, just love your card? It's simple but very effective, yes we have to think of the cost of posting? Your card will be well received its beautiful. You will be fine tomorrow just chill!!! Enjoy your breakfast and shopping trip with Nesta, say hi to her from me. Hazel x

  9. Sorry me again, your photos of your garden make me jealous, like Patricia's ours is still sleeping. Can't wait for it to waken up and add colour to look out at. Hazel x

  10. Good luck today Not that you'll need it! Thanks for the tip re making the flowers In fact it's about time Llidl had some paper/card on offer again It's never stocked on a regular basis at my local Your card is pretty I have to post a lot of my cards so I'm always conscious of having to do flat cards to keep cost down Pretty little stamps and keep nagging at John I had a brill day at AP John is lovely and I had a nice long chat with him Not being a stamper (yet) I succumbed and bought one (his of course!) Plus dies,bling, CE card, Phill's kits I daren't add it all up!

  11. Morning Ang,
    What a great card, love the stamping, I do love these small flower stamps so keep up the nagging.
    Don't do shopping myself , can't stand it I have mine delivered so much easier.
    I'm sure you will be fine tomorrow.

  12. Hello Ang, I love this card, it's clever stamping using lots of colours stops it from looking like a flat card. We also have Blackbirds nesting two pairs and I csn watch them from my chair collecting food for the little ones. Enjoy your day off. X Ros

  13. So lovely to see some cards again, after being in France for nearly five weeks in the middle of nowhere with no internet access. The piccys of your garden are beautiful too. so glad to be back. Lynne x

  14. Bit late here, so I can send positive vibes for today! Love all your garden flowers, my Clematis died in the two very cold winters we had, and I haven't replaced it. I've always wanted a Camelia, but not achieved it yet. As for the card, I love it! I have lots of Cardio stamps, so it would be more a question of trying out the colour scheme. Inspired to do the cut out and get under the weight restriction too.

  15. Lovely stamping on this card. We are all having to think about post costs, it's horrific at times.
    Good luck with your solo day in the shop, but I am sure you will be fine, it's always best on your own.
    Janice W

  16. Gorgeous card Ang!! Beautiful collection of colours and flowers, and I love the medallion window!! So lovely to have your flowers blooming, it was such a long icky winter this year!! I have rum on my next shopping preparation for good-weather-daiquiris!! lol hugs :)

  17. Hi Ang, what a gorgeous card, love your apature design, and all those lovely little stamps.
    Your own garden blooms are beautiful.
    We are feeling a bit better thankfully, energy still depleted though,
    Hope all goes well with the shop, hugs Kate x

  18. Hi Ang,
    What a great idea for those "flat" cards we have to do. I won't, of course, copy your idea (ha ha, believe that, you'll believe anything!).
    You'll be fine tomorrow in the shop. I don't live in the Midlands so you have nothing to worry about!
    Maureen xx
    P.S. Love the photo's of your garden. The colours are so pretty. My daffs, muscarri and tulips have just opened and are gorgeous, I love the spring flowers.

  19. Hi Ang sorry I'm a bit late Mondays I'm out all day and had a lot to do before I went this morning. Hope you had a good day with Nesta even if it was only grocery shopping. This card I'd so pretty just love all the little flowers around the aperture and as you say a great way to keep the postage costs down. Your garden is looking so pretty. I have only cut the grass since I have been but I have been so lucky as it has been full of spring bulbs both back and front. Lovely patch of hyacinths outside the front door which smell wonderful, lots of daffodils and the tulips are now appearing. I have to say long hair is not how I imagined you, funny how we build a picture in our minds. Anyway have a good day tomorrow,you'll be fine, love from Jackie xx

  20. Hi Ang,
    oh what a really great card.
    Love the superb stamping, and the fab designing of this.
    It is just right for posting abroad, as I have just posted one to New Zealand, and gosh what a cost for a flat card, and I couldn't believe how much it had gone up since last year.
    It took all my reserve not to add anything that was bulky as you know me Ang.
    Less is never my more, but you have cracked it here with this superb design.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Lovely card-perfect for posting.

    The photos of your garden look great, things just starting to wake up here. We are a bit further "up north " than you but not quite as far as the Scottish crowd.

    Good luck at work tomorrow-doubt you'll make it on the North West news so I won't know how things went!!!


  22. Hi Ang
    What a lovely card. How do you obtain the feel of randomness alongside ensuring a consistent balanced pattern? I've a set of cardio stamps but I seem to end up with a pattern that looks artificial. I think your idea of an aperture is very clever. Perhaps this will help me! LOL! Best wishes, Anne O

  23. HI Ang, late today, but had to comment. Love the stamping and the aperture on your card today. Your garden photo's are lovely, seem to be a bit ahead of us here in Lancashire, we have had a lovely show of daff's and now the tulips are following. I also love watching the birds in the garden, they are so so busy at the moment, I have a rag doll cat and have to groom her regularly, I put all her collected hair outside and it is lovely to see the birds collect it to line their nests with:) Good luck for tomorrow, you will be so popular with your personality and great sense of humour. Regards, Linda.

  24. this is gorgeous and has inspired me to get my stamps out
    Carole x

  25. Oh Ang, your posts never fail to make me smile, brilliant as always and I love your card. Hope all goes well with you in charge today, I'm sure you will recount any incidents in your usual hilarious style! Love the card by the way, a super design and I hope your hubby will be pleased with his new stamps which will no doubt be arriving any time soon! Good luck today, Jx

  26. Hi Ang. What a beautiful card. I love how you create your cards using these little stamps, so pretty, and how clever designing it round the having an aperture to cut weight down for posting as well! You will be fine in the shop so no needto stress about that. Take care

  27. Morning Mrs D - luv this card and tight NO - clever YES and it extremely pretty xx hope yesterday flying solo went well and although we don't get Midlands today I think we may have heard something so guessing all is A-OK xx love your garden photos - I have some that I have taken on holidays to print and use as backing papers - got the idea but not put it into practice yet!! xx GailT xx

  28. I'm sorry I didn't see this in time to cross my whatsit for you, Ang, but I'm sure you aced your solo flight as any self-respective duck would! You are too hard on yourself! I love your spring wreath and love the idea that it makes the card less expensive to post, too! You are a clever sausage!!

    Thank you for sharing you pretty posies, too! Everything is gorgeous and colorful here as well. It truly is the best season of rebirth and joy amongst the flora and fauna. Well, except for the nasty-a$$ birds who prey on other nests, but we won't give them any press here! I'm sorry I've been a stranger, life and all that. I've missed everyone. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  29. Hope your solo was success! Pretty card... and cleverly executed. Ang!
    hugs, Asha

  30. Beautiful photos, love that tulip in particular and your gorgeous card displays spring feeling too...though it's coming winter here but still short sleeves lol...and the flu...ugh....all's as good as can be here, thanks for asking, dad is not well again and a roller coaster begins....xx{aNNie My Personal Blog}

  31. Ooh I missed this little beauty and your stunning garden. The card is so pretty, I tried those stamps once and made a real dogs breakfast with them! Your flowers/plants are looking wonderful Mrs Duck! Michelle x

  32. Stunning card, love the flowers, and your design. Gail xx

  33. Hi Ang! Somehow I missed this post. I love this flat card. No it's not cheap to mail a flat card. It's just beautiful. Your flowers are amazing. Have a great day!