Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Boxed card set . . . . . . . . . . al a'Duck

Good morning folks. Hope you're all in fine fettle. My hands and back are a bit achey as after my day at the charity shop yesterday, I set about peeling a few kilos of baby onions for pickling. I had already done the first brining, then scalded them so then came the horrible bit. They are now in their big bowls for their second brining thank goodness, but if I never see a baby onion again, it will be too bloomin soon. 
At one point, I was in pigtails,  wearing sunglasses and sucking a metal teaspoon to stop the onion tears. If the aliens had chosen that point to make contact, I think they would have jumped back in the spaceship and gone to another planet to further their search for intelligent life lol !!! Only the red cabbage and green tomato chutney to do now before I start on the mince pies (I usually make my own mincemeat too but time may run away with me)

Now for some messages for our sponsors. . . . . . . . . . 
Val, thanks for the tip about the chocolate. That extra calcium has got to be good for you.
Donna, so sad you don't have a ready supply of fish and chips but I'm sure you have other yummy stuff that we don't get over here (Butterfingers chocolate bars, Tootsie Rolls and Texan steaks spring to mind from my trips to the USA)
Jackie D, hope you have a fabulous cruise you lucky girlie. Eat, drink and chill in the sun!!!

Now, today's post is a bit picture heavy so apologies upfront. I was inspired by the lovely John ( his box of note cards last week and thought I would create something on those lines but more in a CAS direction. Then the lovely Patricia ( has been showcasing a set she has made too, so I nearly held mine back but think they're sufficiently different to run with it.
Sorry if I have overlapped. Mine are very plain compared to my crafty chums so I hope they look very different.
Today, I'm showing the box and one of the cards. I will show the rest of the cards next time. 
The card is a 5x7 white card blank from Hobbycraft. I used masking tape to create the area I wanted to have the pattern and stamped using odd little stamps I had in Victorian Velvet, Aged Mahogany and Spun Sugar distress inks. I stamped the sentiment, cut it out with pinking shears and foam padded it to the card. I then stamped a swirl either side.

I made the box using my Hougie (just a normal box) but before gluing the lid, I ran it through the GC with the SB Fancy Lattice die. I then attached some white organza ribbon to the bottom of the box so it could be tied in a bow on the top.

I then cut some flowers and foliage using SB Jewels Flowers and Flourishes, Carnation Creations and Foliage die sets and inked them with the same inks as per the stamping and Bundled Sage and stuck them to the lid. I then added little pearls, sent to me from my smashing chum John, to the centres of the flowers.

There are another 4 cards that have been stamped in different patterns. I will show these next time. 
Apologies for having to use flash on the photos but after my session with the onions, the light was not as good.

Hope you have a great day and take shelter in the Duck House if it gets too wet!!!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, now can I tell you what I do for Baby Pickled Onions!!!!! I buy them saves all that fuss. Mind you at this time of year it is good to be able to pop on the "sunglasses" ..... Thinking of you in your "outfit" brought a smile.
    I Love, Love, Love your beautiful card and box. Might have to re-make my box it is plain compared with your wonderful creation.
    Everything is just perfect.
    Have a fantastic day, hope you are over your aches

    Patricia xxx

  2. Good morning Ang. I see that big sister is on the same wave length as myself where Baby Pickled Onions are concerned - yes buy them already done, but seeing I can't stand them I don't even have to do that. Now the red cabbage and the chutney they are a different matter, home made is the best. You started my day off nicely with a smile and a little chuckle .
    As for your card and box they are both stunning the CAS card is gorgeous and so is your box. I love when Patricia gives me these kind of gifts just so useful.
    Yes 6 sleeps and we will be sitting in Glasgow airport waiting to board our flight.

  3. I love the way you have made the front of your card. Looks great. I'm really into CAS these days! Great box too.My consensus is the same as above - buy 'em! Fortunately we don't eat them so no problem. But I do love making jams, marmalade, pickling my beet. Can't beat the taste of home made. Love from Christine xx

  4. Love the card, so classy and stylish, Love the box and that die for the lattice is yummy much yummier than pickled onions. I used to pickle allsorts, eggs onions, beetroot, cabbage and make chutney and jam and marmalade, now I dont make any as no one eats it here as hubby no. 1 no longer around and my two boys have flown the nest, and I hate pickles. xxxxxx

  5. You paint a wonderful picture, made me laugh this morning. Love your card and box a wonderful gift idea I might just use this year.
    I don't do pickling as not eaten very much in our household, but I have made blackberry jelly, apple & blackberry pies, apple & blackberry crumbles, and am planning on making marmalade, lemon curd and tomato chutney so busy times ahead. Oh and decorating the hall stairs landing lounge and dining room next week during my weeks holiday (would much rather be in the sun somewhere exotic). I think I'll need another week off to rest lol! I forgot, also got to make 4 Christmas cakes too! OMG should have started last month!
    Hugs Sue x

  6. Hi Ang,
    You made me smile when I read your blog, I have done 6 big jars of onions and not shed a tear, but my husband was in another room with streaming eyes, also mixed fruit chutney and apple chutney just green tomato to go, most goes to the family for Christmas.
    Love your card and the box is stunning.

  7. Hello Ang, what a beautiful card, so very elegant and the box is wonderful, I would treasure them if I was the recipient. Your flowers are gorgeous as are your colour theme.
    Well done you with all your Christmas preparations, your well ahead, hugs Kate x

  8. Hi Ang well I had a right chuckle when I read your blog lol Your card is stunning and so is the box huggles Sue xxx

  9. This is just gorgeous!! Love everything about it!!

  10. Awesomely that lattice top...oh and the best fish and chips you will find in the world are here in Australia...and I mean the best lol..xx

  11. Oh you have made me laugh this morning Ang. The picture you've conjured up with your pigtails and spoon is like something out of "Signs."
    Many, many years ago I too went through all the rigmarole of Christmas makes - cakes, puddings, pickles etc., and then my daughter decided to train as a chef and happily everything is left to her now. I just have the pleasure of eating it all.

    Todays card and box are stunning. Love the way you've used the lattice die on the box and also the way you've masked off the card and stamped with tiny flowers. Beautiful.
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Val x

  12. hello Ang,
    taking refuge as you offered. Blustery and wet or the sun is shining here is SW France, we have a wet moment so I'm browsing all the creative lovliness on offer. Everyone seems to be on an elegant roll at the minute. Your card and box are beautiful, very impressive, thank you for sharing
    Happy Thursday
    Maggie x

  13. Hi Ang,

    These are lovely, less is more as they say but they do look rather professional so don't be disappointed. I shall look forward to seeing the others.

    You do make me laugh, I can imagine you sitting there in your pigtails etc lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Hi Ang,
    this is a great box of cards. I love that design your have done with the stamps on the front of the cards.
    Fabulous box to go with it too.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Absolutely beautiful babe, I love the complex simplicity of the card set! What a clever idea to mask off and use different colours!

    John xxx

  16. I have never in my life had baby pickled onions but you must really love them to go through what you did!!! your card and box will make a wonderful birthday gift. One that will really be treasured!