Friday, 4 October 2013

Part Deux .. . . . . . Return of the CAS Duck

Good morning everyone. As always, I hope you and yours are well. Here's hoping that high pressure makes an appearance along with the sunshine again.
You will be relieved to know, the onions are now safely in their jars, phew!!!
Trust me, nothing would delight me more than shop bought jars of good old Haywoods but Mr Duck has always loved home pickled and when his Dad passed, I (in a moment of madness /kindness. . . . . delete as appropriate) said I would continue the family tradition. Note to self. . . . engage brain before mouth in future lol !!!
Thanks for your tales of your homemade goodies. I do lots of baking throughout the year as I love cooking and read cook books like novels. My Christmas cake for this year was cooked last year and is in the freezer. I do a Nigella Christmas cake and it freezes fabulously so every other year, I cook two at the same time and freeze one.Its mainly because I'm tighter than a ducks oojit and figured that if I'm having the oven on for the best part of three hours, it may as well be worth it.
I love watching the Great British Bake Off but the problem is Mr Duck keeps saying "Oooh, you haven't made that for a while" or "That would be nice to try" Case in point was the choux buns on this week's episode so guess what I'm doing at the weekend. In fairness, they are easy peasy as I do mine with just fresh cream as a filling and choccy ganashe on the top.
I hear you cry "Why don't you let him do it?". . . . .  because I like my house and don't want it turned into a charred ruin lol !!!
Gee wizz, sorry I've waffled on, back to the important stuff . . . . . . .
Maggie, welcome back. Hope Mr O'Leary didn't stitch you for any excess baggage.
Sue (Snowqueen62) good luck with all that decorating. It made me feel tired just reading about it. I like making lime curd but its a shame it has to be eaten up so quick.
Annie, I'm not sure about Oz having the best fish and chips, unless you have a British chef of course hahaha !!!

Now, today I'm showing the other four cards in the box set. I did them the same way as the one on the previous post only I masked different bits to get different patterns. 

I also did a little stamping on the flaps of the envelopes just to snazz things up a bit.

Have a wonderfully marvellous fantabulous day and lets be careful out there !!!

Ang x



  1. Good morning Ang, just how many strings do you have to your bow???. Not only do you make beautiful cards, jewellery, pickle onions you bake as well!!!. Now when I say I bake it's the easy stuff ok I use to make my Christmas cake, but now I don't have to bother doing that as Granny C ( girls granny) makes a lovely little sized one just for us. ( mental note to ones brain ) that might not happens this year after earlier this year when she came to look after the dogs while family went skiing and I kind of fell out with her - I ended up looking after her and the dogs. My other excuse for not baking so much now is you have to eat it and waist line doesn't need it.
    Any way another two beautiful cards for your box and I like the way you have stamped the envelopes. I can see Patricia doing that on her envelopes for Oriel. Gosh it's 6.43am I'd better go and get to work - yes another early start and I have already been told it's the same Monday and Tuesday next week, roll on I was going to say Wednesday but that's a middle of the night get up job, so Thursday before I can wake up when I want. Have a good day. Hazel xx

  2. Good morning Ang,
    I just absolutely LOVE these beautiful cards. Might just have to have a wee go at something like this. They are so delicately elegant.
    No I won't be doing the envelope thing, my cards are in their "cello" bags, in the box which is all tied up and sitting on my bag ready for "take off"
    Wow! Your talents know no bounds, I used to do all these things but now I never seem to get all the extra time I (must have) had in years gone by. I still make my Christmas Cake. I make square cakes, make 2 ice and decorate one the other I cut into slices wrap in cling and freeze. I take out a slice when needed, that usually lasts till about Easter.
    Off to get ready for a day in the Tearoom.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxxx

  3. I agree with Hazel, my waistline does not need the baking, after losing 2st, if I bake I eat,so I dont.
    Cards are gorgeous and would make a lovely boxed set for a gift. Xxxx

  4. These are all so pretty Ang. Love the way you've done the envelope. They certainly would be lovely in a box as a gift.
    Like you I love looking through recipe books and watch all the cooking programmes but to be honest I really can't be bothered making the effort just for myself and usually end up with a weight watchers meal in the microwave.

    Enjoy your day and the weekend.

    Love Val x

  5. I have to agree with the others about the cooking , i too am on a diet losing just over 4 stone ,if i so much as look at a cake i can put 2lbs on so no ,no more baking for me .
    Your Cards and envelopes are lovely such a nice touch .

    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang,
    Pretty cards, love what you have done on the envelope. Yes I too like to bake, I make 3 Christmas cakes one each for us and our two daughters. Apple and blackberry pie last night for dinner, lovely.
    Have a good ay.

  7. Hi Ang, love the cards, so pretty.

    Love reading your funnyLOl! Know what you mean about men baking and the mess, I have to admit I don't do a lot of baking, I have to be in the mood! I prefer to make cards lol! I do usually bake a Christmas caek though, never thought about freezing for a year good idea. Perhaps you can post the recipe sometime?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Beautiful Ang, love the stamping and the little bit of decoration on the envelope just adds a special touch, have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  9. Hi Ang, John is a fabulous cook - you ought to taste his porridge and cornflakes. Out of this world!! Lol! Fortunately I love cooking, and especially love to bake. Just as well since John now has nutrition problems so I cannot buy cakes, biscuits etc. Anyway, your cards - they are great. Love the masking technique which makes them all different. A lovely gift. Love from Christine xx

  10. Gorgeous Ang really pretty and I love to bake hubby loves a slice of homemade pie or cake LOL and the grandchildren devour my baking and I love to see that :) have a great weekend huggles hun Sue xxx

  11. Gorgeous cards and box set - luv the stamp and how you have used the same one but got the different effects very nice xx GailT xx

  12. What a beautiful ensemble!!! Love it!!

  13. Evening duckie,
    Lovely cards again today, what a smashing set. Nice shades of pink, classy touch on the envelope too.
    Mr O'Leary didn't get rich out of us I'm glad to say. With case and 2 hand luggage we had 200g spare - lucky I didn't buy too much at Hobbycraft! Fair play though, Ryanair staff were very good, hubbie took a tumble on escalator and cut his hand quite badly. He is a good cook and does a smashing roast - Sunday tomorrow - yum!

    Happy saturday night
    Maggie x