Thursday, 24 April 2014

Duck Egg. . . . . . .Thank goodness I didn't lay it!

Good morning to you all. Hope all is well across The Pond. Have we all put on half a stone and got pimples after choccy chomping? Cheesy puffs are all gone but 90% of my choccy remains, although Mr D is circling like a shark. He's got enough of his own eggs to munch on but he has eaten the one above which I laid. . . . . .I mean made for him.

Now I said made, I melted bars of chocolate, poured them into two large egg moulds (in 3 layers to stop the chocolate running down the side) then glued the two halves together using more melted choc, after popping some teeny tiny eggs in the middle. Didn't have any fancy foil so its Tesco's tin foil I'm afraid covering. A few pics to follow, I'm afraid.

This is the naked egg. . . . . . 

Don't think Cadbury will be offering me a job any time soon hahaha!
And this is what it was filled with. . . . . . . 

Now I obviously put more than 8 teeny tiny eggs in. I had put them in a fresh bag (you don't know who has been manhandling them in the shop of if the pack had been dropped on the floor) and saved these for me to try. I then realised I hadn't photographed them before I sealed them in the egg, hence the photo above.

The box. . . . . . . . 

Don't worry, I won't teach any of you Grannies how to suck eggs (pun absolutely intended) as I'm sure you will all know how to make a standard box. All I did extra was cut the frame from the SB Decorative Labels 25 (this does not cut around the edge) out of the front panel, and backed with acetate and then added paper on the other three sides from the First Edition Desert Blooms Pad. I made a little stand piece, which you can just see in the bottom, to stand the egg in.
I used the cut out piece from the front to write my message on and stuck it on the back.
I edged the lid with purple ribbon and popped on a bow and pearl.
This is the top. . . . .

I wanted to keep it quite simple as I didn't think Mr D would appreciate too much frillyness so I know its not as ornate as our John's creations but it suited its recipient.

Bless him, he was quite chuffed with it and I felt quite pleased with my efforts. I did add a Hobbycutz bunny to the front of the egg, just before I gave it him but forgot to snap it with the rabbit.
Gail, I will drop you an email later. Time has not been my side the last few days so apologies for my tardiness. Look forward to seeing what you come up with using The Striplet. 
Jackie, don't get me started on the BBC and the Red Button. Hope you managed to catch up with the GP but it wasn't as edge of the seat as the last.
Lesley, C&C don't do anyone any favours with their horrendous postage. For £7.99 I would expect it to be hand delivered by Dean Wilson, lol!
Jacquie, hope you had a nice break. Not many days left of your hols now so enjoy what's left.
To all tempted by The Striplet, go forth and buy! For those who have given in, enjoy. There is no cure for Stripletus Overuseus. Attacks arrange from a mild need to stroke it (steady!) to a full blown cutting frenzy. A rub down with an anti-static pad can take the edge off but you'll never be the same again.

Will be back soon with Mr D's Easter card, which coordinated with the box (I know, I'm sad) and a pic of Wendy's goodies. Been working extra hours this week so have been chasing my tail a wee bit and forgetting what's photographed and what's not lol!

Be good.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, my goodness when you said you had made Mr Ducks Easter egg I just thought you had made the box not the egg as well. Well done you, no wonder you are short of time. Love your box and yes I can't see him wanting a frilly one. Well off to get to work, then meet up with Patricia for a chat. Flybe still haven't got the time table up for November, most annoying as I would have love to had it all booked by now. Never mind . Hazel xx

  2. Oh! My! Word! Ang, fantastic, absolutely brilliant, love it. Obviously Mr D did as well seeing it has "Gone" ........ !!! I hope he has kept the stunningly beautiful box??
    Love the box might keep that idea to use in the future.
    Off to have breakfast then meet Hazel for a good old catch up on face to face chat.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Morning Ang, this is fabulous, great creation, you did do very well and glad that your efforts were appreciated.
    I am back at work now Ugh! Only 5 weeks till half term lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Hi Ang
    You are one very talented Lady , no wonder Mr D was happy with your egg and box { You did him proud }

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Egg and box are gorgeous Ang, takes me back to when my boy were little and I used to make their Easter eggs, happy times. xxx

  6. So glad Mr W does not read this as he would really think he was given a raw deal this year. A special easter egg indeed.
    Janice W

  7. well done Mr Duck is a lucky man .Laura O

  8. Wow - what a fab Easter egg (very brave) I wouldn't dare attempt making a choccy egg but it obviously went 'down' very well!! When I looked at the mini-egg bag I thought you had been raiding it before putting the remainder inside ;) xx luvin the box it is fab and as you say not too fancy for a male recipient - brilliant and a keeper xx hope to hear from you soon but understand that you are really busy so when you have a minute to draw breath xx GailT xx

  9. Morning Ang,
    What a clever lady to make the egg yourself, Mr D must have enjoyed it if it's all gone,

  10. Really like your hand made egg - what a labour of love. No man in my life now, that I could give one too, but at least I get to have my choice of TV programmes all the time, LOL. No, Dean doesn't deliver! I don't mind the C&C shipping so much on something big or heavy, but all that money for one DVD, or one Die really grates on me, and I look all over the place to try and avoid their costs.

  11. Hi Ang what a lovely thing to do for Mr. Duck, Alistair got a Thorntons. I'm pleased he enjoyed it. The box is beautiful, I love those papers too. Off to work now, boo hoo!!, hugs Kate x

  12. Creative and yummy too. Nice combination. Love the box. You are quite the handigal. (Pun intended) very well done.

  13. Hi there Ang. my oh my Mr Duck is a lucky boy. To think you actually made the egg as well!!! Over and beyond the call of the wild I'm thinking but I am very impressed by it and the pretty box you have made as well. Still haven't got around to seeing the GP but as I know who won now I don't think I'll bother. I have now used my striplet with one of the ruby wedding anniversary cards I was asked to make and I must say I am very pleased with the end result so I think it will be getting some more airings. Don't work too hard, best wishes Jackie

  14. Hi Ang
    What a great box and egg! You've used labels 25, which is a firm favourite of mine! Mr Duck must have been very pleased!
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  15. Well Mr D must have totally love this Ang because its all gone LOL The box is fab! have a great weekend! huggles Sue xx

  16. What a beautiful Easter Egg Box!! Hugs and blessings!!

  17. Supper egg. Will tell you a story in a Mo.
    I must admit I thought twice at putting the tin can through my Grand Calibur which I bought last Christmas (cos the handle flew (literately) off my big shot).
    I fetched the big shot back out of the shed (where I was keeping it for emergancies and held the handle on whilst putting it through. Must admit it went through with no probs and would probably be ok for the claibur but will let someone else do the honours first! I used to make chocolate eggs years ago but got cured of it!!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Wow Ang! Lucky Mr D! I would die for a chocolate egg this big! Beautiful packaging too! I've been rationing my Easter chocolate so i don't overdo it. Have a great day.

  19. Oh my giddy that egg huge or is the cup small...yummmmmmxxx

  20. Hi Ang. Back in the land of Google again. Love the egg box and the die. Still haven´t eaten my Maltesers egg but have eaten the 5 yummy bunnies that came with it. I´ve cut down from my 1 packet of maltesers a day addiction to only eating chocolate on a Sunday when I probably eat a weeks worth!! Roll on tomorrow.

    Love Val x

  21. Oh, my, what a good Duck wifie you are, Mrs. D!! If I were to even buy my Mister a large egg, let alone make one, he would surely suspect I was up to something really nefarious involving the candy seller at the grocers!! Mr. Duck is a VERY lucky ducky!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  22. Just too yummy Ang, also love the box. I am trying to reduce my chocolate intake but it is sooo good for me. xx Flora

  23. Wow what a yummy project and fun to enjoy.

    Hugs diane

  24. Well I knew you were talented - just how long did it take you to make this delicious looking egg! Your box is wonderful!
    Sandy xx