Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Striplet and The Easter Egg. . . . . . . .

Good morning to you, one and all. Hope everyone is well, although I was sad to read on one of the blogs that Ita is not doing so good and may have to go into hospital again. Ita, if you still have a paddle and read this, hope you start improving soon chuck.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my foray into egg making. It wasn't the tidiest of creations but when it didn't touch the sides, it didn't really matter lol! Yes, Mr D has kept the box (sensible lad) but I dread to think what he may keep in it; slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails maybe.

Now, this is the card I made for Mr D for Easter and the egg box was made to match (sad, I know).
Its an A5 cream card base and I started with a faux purple layer with marker pen again. I topped this with a smaller layer of paper from the First Edition Desert Blooms (12x12) pad.
I was then deciding what to do on top when I thought about cutting an oval for an egg. This then went a bit further when I realised the Couture Creations Compassionate embossing folder had a pattern, in parts, that resembled the markings you normally get on an Easter egg.
So, I cut three descending sizes of SB Classic Ovals from Lidl chocolate coloured card then ran them through the embossing folder. I shaped them to curve around slightly and foam padded them together.

A bit of Cadbury Purple ribbon from Mei Flower, triple bow and a pearl finished it off nicely.
Next, I cut a strip of cream card to go across the middle and cut The Striplet (just when you thought it was safe. . . . . ) out of the right hand side, in the middle. This was stuck flat to the card and topped with my "egg"
I then heat embossed the top sentiment using bronze embossing powder. The "Easter" is actually a Hobbycutz embellishment that comes attached to a rabbit.I nipped off the rabbit with a craft knife (that's what I stuck to the Easter egg before I gave it to Mr D) and Versamarked the "Easter". then heat embossed this in bronze as well. Popped both on the card and voila!

Mr D liked it , almost as much as his real egg. Hope you do too.

Now then, I have have photographed Wendy's Pond Blogaversary Prize and was going to put the pic on today but Mr D seemed to think it may be rubbing it in to everyone else, a bit like Jim Bowen on Bullseye. . . . ."Look at what you could have won" I hadn't thought about that as I suppose, normally, the goodies get displayed upfront (trust me to be different). What does everyone think? More to the point, will it spoil Wendy's surprise? I shall be guided by the majority.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend folks and lets be careful out there.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, a beautiful card "of course" the card and box had to match.
    The use of the Striplet Die is brilliant. Now mine are out of the packet I have used them lots.
    What a fantastic "egg" I love the texture .... clever girl.
    I would wait till Wendy actually receives her goodies then show us what see got.
    Not paddling today just need to go out to the garden to get "wet".......!!
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  2. Good morning Ang, oh I love your card, I like how you made the egg??. As for showing what Wendy won I would wait till she receives it, as you are right it would spoil her surprise. Enjoy your day. Hazel xx
    P.S. Had to laugh at your description of " Horse Vaulting" Beth will love it when I tell.her.

  3. What a lovely easter card, the embossing on the egg is fabulous xx

  4. Fab idea for Easter card and it does look like real choccy egg.

    Yes it will spoil my surprise!!!!!. xxxx

  5. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card, what a clever way to make the egg too, I must say you always make me smile with your posts so keep them coming Ang.

  6. Hi Ang
    What a fantazzy Easter card , looks good enough to eat, very clever !
    Yes i would love to see what Wendy has won , after Wendy has seen it .
    Have a lovely Sunday .

    Sending lots of love and a speedy recovery to Ita . xxxxxx

  7. Good morning Ang, just loving how you have created the design on the egg, Another example of looking at what we have in a different way for you to see the pattern in your embossing folder like this. In the fullness of time I would love to see Wendy's present - but not before she has of course!! Have a nice Sunday, we have some blue sky at the moment so hopefully it will stay that way as it seemed as though winter had returned yesterday. Best wishes Jackie

  8. Stunning card Ang, so love the egg, looks so real! What else could you use to set it off other than the striplet lol!

    Would love to see Wendy's prize but only after she has received it or seen it, only fair lol!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Hi Ang. LOVE the card and of course another use for the Striplet. Waiting for mine to arrive.
    Maybe Wendy will put the prize on her blog or you when she has received it.

    So sorry Ita´s not so good.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Val x

  10. What a terrific and realistic egg. And a striplet die!! (I love mine too)
    Janice W

  11. a fab card and another great use for the striplet .Laura O

  12. Love the egg and the card as a whole. excellent work.

  13. Hi a very Big Thank you ,you have. Made me laugh something I did not do this week,I can not eat,thus have been using protine drinks,now can not keep them,down,I eat a hot cross bun this morning,progress,as I am possible going back to Hospital to be tube fed,and hope this does not happen,and now have Vertigo,so spinning walls,etc., I think I should have a large G. And T. I am suffering has hit me now,
    Triggered by me driving to the local shop,(a Bridge to far.) my driving was not great,
    Forgot I would need a trolley,came to the meat counter,and O.Joy,I got sick,staff were very good,but of course my brain sent messages to me to cry,and cry I did,I insisted on driving home,got here ,I was very happy to be home,and that has started mind blowing stuff,I have to see some mind Doctor lol tomorow,
    Sorry for going on,I love your Card the Striplet Embroidered,is a fantastic Die,and yourself and John have giving us all great ideas,.Sue I know is overthe moon,
    Poor woman I sent her an e.mail to day,her blog is being destroyed ,just my Opinon ,and hope we can do something to help.
    Thank all of you for the support,it is great.
    I was going to write a book about " having to sit up for 7 months,and there is not a lot you can see" but now I think,10 things not to do in the Local Supermarket
    Thanks Ang

  14. Fab card and absolutely luv how you have made the Easter egg so effective and the perfect colour ribbon (for me anyway) as it is my all time favourite chocolate xx I have used my striplet die now - made a card for my Niece whose birthday was yesterday so I will post it in the next couple of days xx will get around to e-mailing you sooner rather than later but really do not know where the week has gone xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  15. This is fab Ang! just looking at it made me want choccy lol huggles Sue xx

  16. Your chocolate Easter egg on the card looks very real. Beautiful card and so glad Mr. D liked it and his egg. Have a great day Ang.

  17. Wonderful Easter card and your chocolate egg looks good enough to eat right now! You are so clever Ang!!
    Sandy xx