Thursday, 8 May 2014

Green Pearls Next Time John. . . . . .

Good morning Duckadees. How's it hanging? Been busy at this end of The Pond again but hey ho. Does tend to cause bouts of Craftus Interruptus but a quick rub of The Striplet usually takes the edge off.

Hello to Lis who kindly left a comment on my last card. You are more than welcome to come and paddle anytime, there's room for plenty. In fact, thanks to you all for leaving such lovely comments. It really didn't take too long to punch out the flowers and Lesley, I hope the reply I left to your question made sense.
Welcome home Patricia. Sounds like The Pond is dryer than your hols. Hope that next months visit is better.
Ooh, before I forget, glad to see Sue (Snowqueen62) commenting on John's blog. I'm hoping that this means that her son is better. Sue, if you're reading, I'm sure I read, maybe on Sue Wilson's, that your son was in hospital? (I may be completely wrong, if so, shoot me now!) Hope all is now well.

Now, I should explain the strange title to today's post. Our John asked on his blog the other day, if pearls came in another colour and a few of us responded by saying we colour the white ones with various pens to have whatever colour we like. I also said, my next post would show a card with green ones.
Well, Blogger had other ideas and I can't upload the pics for that card at the moment. I tell you, Blogger has been a little minx lately, not letting me comment sometimes, deciding what pics I can upload. If Blogger had a wrist, I would slap it!!!
So today's card is different and if you're reading this John, the green pearls will hopefully feature next time.
We have been invited to a Diamond Wedding do in June and I needed to make an acceptance card. I could have sworn I had an acceptance stamp but could I find it? No!!! So I improvised and turned it into a "thank you for the invite" card.
I cut a piece of 300gsm Limetree Crafts white card the same width as the SB Tapestry die and twice the length. I Hougied the card in half then ran it through the GC with the Tapestry die (just the front of the card).
I then cut the embossing die from the SB Botanical Swirls and Accents set out of silver satin card and also one of the SB Fancy Tags from white card (onto which I heat embossed the sentiment in silver)

I wrapped some silver Mei Flower satin ribbon around the centre, keeping the join to the front as I stuck the silver die cut on top of the join and then stuck the sentiment on top of that. Bit of AB bling added here and there completed the look.
Simple but fitted the bill (well, actually, Bill and June as its their party lol!!!)

Hope you all have a lovely day. Sad one for me as its a cemetery visit for the anniversary of my Dad's passing. . . . . Don't know where the time goes or why it doesn't get any easier but what's a duck to do? I usually pop into the craft shop near there on my way home as it makes me stop blubbing and think about something else.

See you all soon and be good.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, your card is stunning, love how you have done the two die cuts length wise very effective. Hope your visit to your dad's grave isn't to bad for you, and as you say taking your mind off the sadness by going to the craft shop is ok.
    Hazel xx

  2. Good morning my friend (((((hugs))))) to help!!

    A beautiful card perfect for the occasion. Love everything about it especially the wonderful background. My goodness "diamond wedding" what an achievement.

    Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang! Gorgeous card! Wish it was my anniversary so I could receive this card. Sorry about your Dad. It has been three years since my Dad died and I still miss him every day. Still "retail therapy" makes for a nice diversion

  4. Hi Ang
    Such a lovely card ,your friends will love it , and the Tapestry is another die on my wish list { sigh }.
    Sorry your day is a sad one just try to think of all the Happy Times and the love you shared , i find it helps a little .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi Ang,

    Stunning card, love it all, so delicate. beautiful.

    Will be thinking of you today. Coming up to the anniversary of both mine in the next couple of weeks so I know how you feel.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Beautiful card Ang, great design, xxx

  7. Oh Ang. This is such a beautiful card. Love everything about. it.
    Such a sad day but I´m sure you´ve got a store of happy memories which you can think of today. Take care.
    Hope you´ll tell us what you bought in the craft shop.
    Love Val x

  8. Sending happy thoughts to you for your sad visit. I know how you feel and it it doesn't seem to get easier.

    But your card today is beautiful. Enjoy the visit to the craft shop and hopefully a bit of retail therapy will do the trick. Hugs Christine xx

  9. Here's a BIG HUG Ang, and kind thoughts for your Dad's Anniversary, I hope you manage to get through the visit, and have lovely memories in your thoughts.
    Good idea to visit the craft shop.
    Beautiful card, Love the dies you've used and such a wonderful design, Hugs Kate x

  10. Hi Ang, it's my friends diamond wedding anniversary today so 1954 must have been a good year. My thoughts are with you today as you paddle around in this awful weather. Yesterday I learned of my aunt's passing then an hour later my nephew rang to say I'm going to be a great aunt in November, think I prefer just the aunt bit though. Loving what you have done for your thank you card, I have a lot of Mei satin ribbon and it always looks so stylish, with best wishes Jackie

  11. Hi Ang,
    Love your card, very stylish, Hope won't be too sad today, just remember the happy times.
    I too had to make a Diamond wedding card, and I used the striplet die, I was very pleased with the card, and so was the lady who asked me to make it.

  12. Hi Ang just trying to do some catching up but being wary not to stay on the lappy too long darn migraines! love your beautiful makes this one is stunning..lots of huggles Sue xx

  13. Fab card and perfect for the occasion xx thinking about you today and it really does get easier - it takes time but it does - honest xx can't wait to see what you purchase from your local craft shop xx GailT xx

  14. Another gorgeous card Ang, although I am not trying to play catch up by commenting on all the gorgeous cards I have seen I just had to say your teeny flowers, totally stunning. As for dad's remember the good memories, I have a few of mine even after 45 years. Flora xx

  15. A stunning card, really lovely,


  16. Hi Ang

    I Can't believe how many wonderful crafting ideas I am learning from all the blogs, and I have to say, a big thank you for the tutorial on today's card. I love it. Just so new to all this, please tell me how span your day. Thank you again Ang

    Tina X

  17. Sorry Ang, that should have read, plan your day. You have so many blogs you follow, how do you find enough hours in the day to reply, and make cards .

    Regards Tina X

  18. Hi Ang you brightin my day and my mind (which is on a bit of a holiday for many weeks) I know how you feel about your Dad and as others have said think of happy times,I am sure he would be happy to have a very talented daughter like you.
    Wow Wow spectacular card I love the soft Miri card,your friends will be happy to receive this.
    On my card front is " off the Wall" weeks of looking at Sues blog,trying to find craft stuff as my craft stuf ,was put some place,and now no one knowers where anything is,but a bit of progress today,I have every colour under the sun,I need white hammered card,but what do I not have ,white card,so might have to go to plan B, I have put card etc,in the computer room,as when I get up tomorow I will have forgotten it,it is not alsimers thank goodness,my brain had to cope with a lot in 4 months,so enough Irish blader for now .

  19. Excellent. A very stunning thank you card.

  20. a lovely card today and like you I colour my pearls with dufex markers ,Laura O

  21. Fabulous and incredibly elegant Karen x

  22. Just to say Thank You for making me feel welcome in your pond.
    Your card is lovely and delicate, elegantly unfuzzy.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lis x

  23. Oh my garters, Ang, that is no doubt the most elegant and beautiful "thank you for the invite" card anyone has every received by anyone anytime anywhere!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend and that Booger Blogger stops mucking about in the pond!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. You are really turning out some fancy and beautiful cards - I really did not realize that ducks could be so elegant!!!!! You are on a roll Ang.
    Mr. Blogger (and it must be a man) drives me absolutely nuts sometimes.
    sandy xx