Sunday, 11 May 2014

Green Pearls. . . . . . . .Rise of The Striplet

Good morning my paddling chums. Hope you are all being good and enjoying this duck weather lol. Can't seem to make its mind up here. . . . .throwing it down one minute, sunny the next. Feel like I should be on a bit of elastic between the house and the washing line!
Been a bit of a grrr week. First, my oven has gone on the blink (won't get above about GM4), then my printer decided to spit its dummy out of the pram (and its paper all over the floor) and then Mr D's printer decided to throw a wobbly in sympathy with its friend!!! (I know it probably seems strange that we were a 2 printer family but I had one when I was doing my OU courses a few years ago and Mr D had one for when he was teaching as we had separate studies to work in).
So new printer purchased and now on the hunt for a new cooker/oven.
Thank you for all your kind words about Dad. Its not a recent bereavement but I think because I was still in my twentys and lost both Mum and Dad within 3 years of each other, it makes me sad. Still, enough of the sad bit and on to happier things.

Now, today's card was born out of the piece of card I had left from this card here. I liked the look so thought I would make another bi-fold card, 14cm x14cm.
Now, what die could I use? Hmmmm? What about. . . . .nah, not that one. Or I could use. . . . . . .maybe not. 
I'm sorry, it was calling to me. I tried to tell myself "walk away from The Striplet" but to no avail.
I Hougied the base card into thirds and then cut The Striplet as a border along the entire bottom edge so I had a card like so. . . . . . 

The Striplet does not match up to the exact length so I had to hang the end off the cutting plate of the GC so it left a border at the end rather than cutting through.
On the front page, I used a piece of paper from the First Edition Hideaway pad to pop above the border and cut through the centre of this with the outer edge of the SB Medallion One.
I then stuck the FE paper to the page with some white 3mm satin ribbon along the bottom and stuck the cut out of this onto the page below, lined up with the aperture.

I cut three of the daisy shaped flowers from the SB Bitty Blossoms set and inked through the die with Spun Sugar DI. I then shaped the flowers with my Hougie scorer and stuck them together, slightly offsetting each. I then stuck this to the cut out piece as per above photo. I then added a ring of John's pearls around the centre.

I thought the front needed a frame so I cut the second largest SB Blossom Three die from cream card and then cut the SB Medallion One out of the centre. I then foam padded this, lining it up with the aperture, onto the front.

For the last page, I cut one of the SB Fancy Tags Two and topped it with my sentiment, stamped with Shabby Shutters onto the centre of a SB Fancy  Framed Tags One.
I finished off with a teeny bow and some more of John's pearls, coloured with a green Sharpie. . . . . anyone who read John's blog the other day will have seen that a few of us use white pearls as they can be coloured with a variety of permanent markers to any colour you like.

And that, as they say, is that. I think its quite pretty (hence all the photos, sorry) and hope you like it too.

Barcelona GP today so glad I don't work Sundays. . . . . . hope you enjoy it too Jackie D. Lewis in pole again, getting to be a habit. Sad remembering Ayrton Senna last week too.
Oooh, and Tina, I try and get around the blogs as and when I can (sometimes late) as I try and make time for "visiting" my chums. I've made and met some fabulous friends through the blog so its nice to keep in touch and see their amazing creations too.
Finally, congratulations to our Lydia who has won a card from Sue Wilson. I'm lucky enough to have won a couple from emailing C&C so I'm sure you'll be thrilled with your prize.

 Have a happy day wherever you are paddling today.

Ang x


  1. Love the green pearls! will it work in black and can i do something for tomorrow with them (wonders to self) Love the bifold and have been trying to copy your last striplet bifold card. To be honest I prefer the back page of this one the simplicity of the sentiment and beautifully placed die cut however It;s a little green on the front for me! John xxx

  2. Good. Morning Ang,
    Love, love, love, this stunning creation.
    The shape, the Die cut border ...... Mmmmm!!! absolutely brilliant and your wonderful,flower.
    Now my "striplets" are out of their packaging, I just LOVE using them.
    Have a great day watching the GP, nothing much planned here so might just have a paddle.......hope the pond has been heated!!!

    Patricia xxx

  3. Good morning Ang, another stunning bifold card, love everything about it, and I for one don't mind you using your "striplet die" it's a beautiful die so you keep showing us how many different ways you can use it. Enjoy your GP. Hazel xx
    P.S. Patricia, Kate and I are booked for November again.

  4. That border looks fabulous Ang. I have some coloured pearls but mostly use my Promarkers on white ones. We are actually a three printer family so I don't think two is strange at all. We have a laser b/w and two HP inkjet colour printers - one upstairs and one downstairs in my craft room. John tends to use his lap top upstairs in the lounge so it makes sense to have a printer on the desk there otherwise it's up and down stairs like a yo yo. Lovely weather for ducks so I'm sure you are enjoying it - not!!! Hugs Christine xx

  5. What a wonderful idea for your design.
    Weather will change for the better on Tuesday as I am bringing the Spanish sunshine with us, xxxx

  6. Morning Ang,
    Love, love, love your card. was matching and cutting the striplet difficult? Yes I seem to be lucky on Sue's blog in the last few months I have won two comment gifts and now the card. I also won on Julia's as well. I'n not usually a very lucky person.
    Enjoy the GP, we have the our family coming for lunch today so may not get to watch it.

  7. Hi Ang. This Striplet die is having a magic effect on you as your cards keep getting better and better. Love todays creation. The fold is great.
    The Chinese shop has some new larger pearlised gems, They are so shiny and pretty. Bought a lot in case John finds them and empties the shop!!!
    Big big match for Liverpool this afternoon. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.
    Enjoy the GP.
    Love Val in Spain x

  8. Good morning Ang, and another "lovely" day for paddling. Very breezy here all night. Most interesting card and I don't blame you for getting the striplet out again it works so well with your three part card.
    Printer problems are a nightmare, it took me ages to get a new printer as I couldn't find one for ages that would print on card when my old Epsom died but all is well at present with my HP. I'm intrigued now by Christine's house, lounge upstairs - is it one of those upside down houses they feature on the TV??
    And congratulations to Lydia as well on being picked, I have been lucky as well as I came home yesterday to find an art deco stamp sent from Docrafts from their monthly draw.
    Anyway here's hoping for a good Grand Prix this afternoon, I wondering if Lewis and Nico will have it all their own way.
    Best wishes Jackie

  9. Hi Ang
    I am loving the striplet die and tend to be using it all the time, so the more styles and ideas you come up with the better as it is nice to see other peoples ideas .
    Im loving your fold and very pretty flower

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  10. Fab card and luv all the components you have used including the Striplet!! what a good idea to use the blossom die as an outer to frame your flower - well impressed - luvin the 'green pearls' too - at the risk of sounding daft what is a Sharpie pen? - is it alcohol based? not heard of them - maybe I need to get out more - enjoy the GP xx GailT xx

  11. Hi, love the way you've used that die, it looks amazing, as do those green pearls Sounds like you've got a visit from the gremlins, hope you get a new oven soon but its a good excuse to indulge in take aways lol. Hope you're having a good weekend
    Claire xx

  12. Hi Ang,

    WOW! This is a stunner, love it all. How clever you are with this striplet, must look into buying one or some decorative background as that is what is missing from my stash lol! Any excuse to get one lol!

    Sorry only just read my e-mails, glad you received the stamps and a good home they shall have.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Fabulous shaped card design.

    Hugs diane

  14. This is an excellent aperture card. Extremely well done. Nice tutorial too. Color, Form and Function, A++++.

  15. Well Ang yet another stunner, I love everything about your card, it's a wonderful design and love the flower as the focal point, great shades of colour too.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, hugs Kate x

  16. lovely card great use of the striplet die again ,Laura O

  17. Race was good except I couldn't watch at the end because I was too nervous about Lewis and Nico were going to drive into each other, grr! We live where the team is based too.
    Beautiful card and thank you for sharing it with us. Love your striplet creations Karen x

  18. oooo Ang!!! this is gorgeous I absolutely love this card:) everything about it is fab..lots of huggles Sue xxx

  19. Super card and love the way you punched the strip...then folded the card....xx

  20. Oh I like the tri fold card. Haven't tried coloring pearls. We got six inches of sniw on Sunday night. Really looking foward to spring. Have a great day Ang.

  21. What a lovely card! This weather is crazy, have an umbrella in my bag constantly at the moment!x

  22. Great card Ang, love the design and fab bling. Flora xx

  23. Oh, Ang, you did do a lot with your little feathered wings to make this extraordinary card! It is a work of art, plain and simple! I don't mean the card is plain and simple, because, of course, it is the opposite of that. I meant, plainly and simply speaking, this car ... oh never mind. I LOVE IT!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. Another beautiful card!! Who makes the Striplet die??

  25. Wow - absolutely gorgeous - love that lacy die cut border at the bottom - a work of art! Enjoy your weekend, Ang!

  26. Wow! This is one fancy card - I always swear I am not going to get so far behind but I always do!
    sandy xx